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Feb 24, 2023


your mental health will be so bad
Feb 13, 2023

Not bad but not good

The classes are good until you get absolute muppets in your class who dont know how to shut up and some of the teachers dont take the kids shit seriously
Former Student
Jan 10, 2022

Prioritized those who did not need help

If you care at all about your education go someplace else.
Mar 7, 2021

Really awesome and unique school

Really diverse and accepting school. I've loved my time here, the teachers are awesome and the special events that are held are super fun. There can be bullying problems but every school has that.
Former Student
Feb 17, 2021

Former Student

not good school

The teachers are mostly nice, but they almost offer no help to those who really need it, they favour top students. Bullying is a huge problem within the school, I was stabbed and told to kill myself several times, constantly being harassed everyday for a WHOLE YEAR, nothing was done. Not a single thing, I was only put on suicide watch and nothing happened to the people harassing me, they were just given a warning. Drugs are also such a bad problem, people would skip class to smoke weed and cigarettes in bathrooms or in secluded areas, people even hid alcohol in their drink bottles. A lot of the students are awful, and school does nothing for bullying at all. Also kind of racist, I was called the N word several times while I was there (3 years) I dropped out half way through my fourth year because of how much it sucked. I’m a bright kid and have lots of potential, I just needed extra help due to learning difficulties, but I never received that.
Former Student
Sep 27, 2020


alright school if you excel at school work. if u struggle with academic stuff you don’t really get any extra help. the teachers favour the smart kids and send any one who annoys them slightly to referral and doesn’t try help them. p.e and drama teachers are really nice and helpful. a couple of good english and history teachers. math, science etc not so much...
Sep 13, 2020

Papanui HS

Very inclusive. Comfortable environment. Most teachers treat you with respect. They care for the students.
Sep 4, 2020

Papanui High

I find that the school itself is really inclusive of all kinds of students and their different interests, the teachers seem to have their students best interests at heart. Could probably work on etiquette because it doesn't have the best reputation or high acedemics.
30 Langdons Road, 8053, Christchurch
Jeffrey Smith
03 352 6119

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