SchoolParrot Review Guidelines

SchoolParrot is a platform for people to share experiences at their school and read others' experiences.

There is a “Report” link next to all User-generated content on the SchoolParrot website that allows SchoolParrot visitors to report any content as inaccurate or offensive.

We do not edit any User-submitted content and we do not filter or remove negative reviews. However, we sometimes moderate and delete inappropriate reviews after they have been published.

The following is our guidelines for reviewers:

  • Inappropriate Content: Review includes offensive language, in particular, language that contains racism/bigotry/hate speech.
  • Personal Information: Review references specific personal information in a review – e.g. email address, birth date, or name.
  • Naming Individuals: The review negatively references an individual by name.
  • Threats: Review references specific threats of harm to self or others.
  • Not understandable: Review is clearly gibberish or just simply crap content.
  • Third-Party Links: Review includes links to other web pages, social media links, etc.
  • Self-reviews: For example boosting your score if you work at the school or a student creating multiple reviews in a short period of time. Also creating multiple negative reviews is not tolerated.
  • Bad language can be a reason for removing a review.

FAQ - General

What is the mission of this website?

The mission of SchoolParrot is to provide a platform for users to share their honest and constructive feedback about schools worldwide.
We aim to empower students, parents, and educators by offering valuable insights into educational institutions and fostering open dialogue.

Who can post reviews?

Anyone who has firsthand experience with a school, whether as a student, parent, guardian, or staff member, can post reviews on SchoolParrot.
We welcome diverse perspectives to provide a well-rounded view of each school.

Why are some reviews locked?

At SchoolParrot, we are committed to providing valuable insights and a rich experience for all users.
To enhance your experience, we offer a premium subscription model that unlocks exclusive content and features.
While reviews will become visible to everyone at some point, a select percentage of reviews are initially locked and made available exclusively to our premium subscribers.
By subscribing to our premium service, you gain access to a broader range of reviews and enjoy an even more comprehensive understanding of schools.

What is allowed to post on SchoolParrot?

At SchoolParrot, we believe in promoting open dialogue and allowing users to share their honest experiences and opinions about schools. We have a high tolerance for a wide range of content, and we encourage users to express themselves freely.
However, we also uphold certain community guidelines to ensure a respectful and constructive environment for all users. It is the responsibility of the user who writes a review to consider the impact of their words and to adhere to these guidelines. We have zero tolerance for content that includes name mentioning, hate speech, racism, or any form of discrimination.
It's important to note that SchoolParrot serves as a neutral platform and does not take sides or defend specific opinions. Instead, we defend the principle that everyone has the right to express their opinions. Our role is to maintain a fair and inclusive community where diverse perspectives can coexist. We encourage users to engage in meaningful and respectful discussions while following our guidelines.

Who is responsible for the content listed on this website?

It is ALWAYS the responsibility of the user who posts a review that are responsible of what they write.
SchoolParrot AB is responsible to act on content, reported to us, and within a timeframe, to remove content that violates Swedish law.
More information can be found here (external website Lag (1998:112) om ansvar för elektroniska anslagstavlor)

What is the process of when a review is posted on the website?

A review can be posted to SchoolParrot in 2 different ways, either as an already registered and logged in user, or by first submitting a review and then verify the review with email, Google Login or Facebook Login.
A review can be have a few different states:
  • "pending_verify": The review is posted to us but the user has not yet verified ownership of the review.
    In this state, the review is not publically visible on the website.
  • "pending": The review has been posted to us and ownerwhip has been sucessfully verified, but the review was stopped in one of our automatic filters for manual screening.
    In this state the review is not publically visible on the website.
  • "active": The review has been posted and verified and has not been stopped in any automatic filters.
    In this state the review is publically visible on the website.
  • "rejected": The review has been in pending state and after manual screen been set to "rejected" by us.
    This means the review violates our guidelines and the reviewer are notified to update/change the content of the review before it is activated.
    In this state, the review is not publically visible on the website.
  • "deleted": The review has been in active state, but deleted by us due to violation of our guidelines.
    In this state, the review is not publically visible on the website.
A reviewer will always be notified when a review has been set to "active" or "rejected" state.
We do not notify users if a review has been set to "deleted" state.

How are scores calculated?

We use a method called Bayes Average when calculating the SchoolParrot Score for schools.
This is a little bit different method than the normal average most people are used to, and takes into account the number of reviews a school has, the average score for all schools listed on SchoolParrot and more.
With Bayes average it is impossible to get a perfect 5.0/5.0, as well as the other way around is also true. No school can get 1.0/1.0 in score.
The method tends to be a little bit slower in terms of score-fluxation compared to regular average, but more accurate and stable with volume of reviews and schools.

Are all reviews anonomous?

Yes and no. We publically never display or share any personal details of a reviewer. However, in the process of subittming a review we do collect some data about the user. Namely the following:
  • Email address, Facebook Id or Google Id (depending on the choice of verification)
  • IP number
  • User agent
We never share this information upon request with the exception if the information is requested by the police for investigation.

FAQ - Schools

How do SchoolParrot verify reviews?

Users who submit reviews on SchoolParrot needs to verify with either email, Google Id or Facebook Id.
Schools also have the ability to make review invitations with our backoffice, and in that case all invited members are already verified directly with email upon accepting the invitation.

How can I delete a review on my school?

Schools can not delete reviews. You can however report the review should it violate our guidelines.
To report a review you need a user account (which is free) and you will get an automatic notification on the action we take.

I found a review that is factual incorrect, what can I do about that?

You can reply to the reviewer stating what is wrong.
Keep in mind that often this is personal opinions and can be factual correct from one point of view, and factually incorrect from another point of view.
SchoolParrot does not get involved in disputes between a reviewer and a School and acts as a neutral part.
SchoolParrot is a review platform, not a regulatory authority or a court of law.

How can I report a review?

To report a review, use the "Report" button located near the review. Follow the prompts to submit a report. Our moderation team will review the report and take appropriate action if necessary.

I need personal details about a reviewer, can you share that information?

We never share personal details about a reviewer upon request. The only time we can share such information is if it is requested by the police.

I want my school to be deleted from the website, how do I do?

We dont delete schools upon request.

FAQ - Reviewers

How do I cancel my premium subscription?

To cancel your premium subscription, go to your account settings and look for the subscription section.
Follow the cancellation process outlined there.
If you encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

How can I delete a review I have posted?

You can delete any review you have created by logging in into your account, browse to "my reviews", and simply delete it from there.

Can I post multiple reviews on the same school?

Yes, you can post multiple reviews for the same school. However, we encourage users to allow some time to pass before posting another review for the same institution. To maintain the quality and fairness of our platform, all reviews submitted by the same user for the same school will be automatically flagged for manual review by our filters. This process helps ensure the authenticity and integrity of the content on our site.

My review was never published, why?

If your review was not published, it could be due to one of the following reasons:
  • Verification Pending: Your review may not have been published if you did not complete the verification process. We offer multiple verification options, such as email, Facebook login, or Google login, to ensure the authenticity of reviews.
  • Pending Manual Review: Some reviews are subject to manual review by our moderation team to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform. If your review was flagged by our filters, it may be pending manual screening before publication.
  • Guideline Violation: In cases where a review violates our community guidelines or policies, it may have been published briefly but subsequently deleted.

My review has been deleted from the website, why?

Reviews that violate our community guidelines may be subject to removal.

I forgot my password, how can I get a new one?

You can request a new password by following the "forgot password?" link from the login screen.

I cannot login to my account anymore, why?

If you're unable to log in, please ensure that you're using the correct login credentials, including your email address and password, and check for any typographical errors. If you believe your account may be suspended due to violations of our community guidelines or policies, please contact our support team for assistance in resolving the issue and regaining access to your account.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account you need to login to your account and browse to "my profile" -> "settings". Follow the instructions from there.
Keep in mind that you cannot delete your account if you are a premium subscriber, but have to unsubscribe first.

Will you share my personal information with schools?

No, never directly with schools. However, if the content of the review you have posted is illegal and your information is requested by the police, we will share the information.