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Realtime analytics, google search statistics and comparison with national averages.

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With validated reviews your school gains trust within your school community.

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Trying to create an honest opinion of how the majority experience what it is really like to go to school is often difficult. But with SchoolParrot's tools it becomes simple, effective and transparent, which we believe creates trust in the long run.
Alexander Vasiliou - CEO/ Principal

Grillska High School

To know what the school's students think of the school is often perceived as very valuable. In times of the pandemic, restrictions and visiting the schools grounds has been harder. SchoolParrot becomes a very clear and good alternative.
Lisa Nygren - Marketing Director

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SchoolParrot increases your visibility in Google. By using our platform you will be able to get star rating in your search results. Higher engagement and visibility with your reviews. Make them shine!
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SchoolParrot is a review platform for schools. Increase your search results with us!
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Simple, smooth and effective

With the SchoolParrot dashboard your school has the tools to become successful with reviews online. Sign up now to start your review journey.
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Reference page

With our reference page creator you can create a unique reference page in seconds. Change colors, logo and text.
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