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Former Student
Sep 21, 2023

A former student

In the junior school quite wild. Some good teachers. Has many skeletons in its history.
Mar 2, 2023


This school is useless. The only good teacher is daddy Davis. Mr duldlys life mission is to steal weed of students so he has something to smoke that night. Half of the students are either smoking or vaping at break, the other half are stepping out teachers and fellow students. The cafe is overpriced, they will sell diabetes but not sugar free energy drinks. If u have less than 5 bucks you might aswell starve. The toilets are like if a long drop had the smell of peach ice. The bathrooms are a art museum, full of all the coolest new art like toilet paper on the walls and someone adding personalality to the tits or ass tally.
Jan 31, 2023

Don’t go there

Very violent, no safety for kids and school focuses on looking good so will sweep under rug, know someone who got beaten up and stomped on the head and school tried to hide it, prefects are also bad with one being an 18 yr old dating a 14 yr old and majority being extremely racist.
Misha Phelan
Jul 27, 2022


This is my daughters first year and her last (year 13) she went to an out of zone school for years 9-12 then changed to Northcote.
Thank you Northcote College, what an amazing atmosphere. She's never been so happy and is really discovered who she really is.
Former Student
Apr 12, 2021

Great school

As a former student, I can say from my experience it's a great school. The school environment is nice, a variety of sports, clubs and cultural groups people can join. Student leadership is encouraged and there are a number of opportunities for people to explore different interests. Of course this school has some faults, like all do, but the thing that makes Northcote College special are the teachers. During my time there I can say that I only had positive experiences with my teachers. They were passionate about their subjects, students and the success of each individual. For me personally, there were a number who went above and beyond to support me during extremely difficult times, and I've still remained in contact with them since leaving. Sorry for the long review but I think this school deserves to be recognised for its positives.
Former Student
Feb 13, 2021

Decent school, not westlake

Not sure what the other reviews are going on about, I think Northcote college’s saving grace is the teachers. We are pretty shit at sport, average academically, small library but the teachers genuinely are interested in what they teach and care about the students (for the most part). The school has a really friendly vibe and in my experience handles mental health issues relatively well. The school doesn’t pressure students to achieve, you have to have a level of self motivation, although saying that, the teachers won’t let you fall behind too far. There are no detentions and I think the school has a really good way of dealing with pastoral care problems.
Aug 27, 2020

Northcote College

Only a handful of teachers that actually care for the students. The way that problems are handled at this school is completely disgusting. Sure, NC is better than other local colleges but it's still horrid. My final year at this school thankfully.
Aug 23, 2020

teachers not caring like they should

the school is very unprofessional. all of the students know all the teachers know that constantly, a block of bathrooms is filled with people smoking, vaping and other illegal things. but no teacher tells anyone off, busts them, or monitors people’s behaviour
Kauri Glen Road, Unknown, Auckland
Vicki Barrie
09 481 0141

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