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Former Student
May 26, 2024

people writing false reviews

The fact people have the audacity to write bad reviews about this school is wild
Former Student
May 26, 2024

fake reviews

false reviews by everybody else
Former Student
May 12, 2024

Why you should send ur kids to this school

To whoever is saying the school is bad, it’s not, it’s amazing.
Mar 13, 2024

I'm a sheep

Everybody else is leaving bad reviews so I might as well I guess
Mar 2, 2024

Principal needs to go!

Principal needs to go!!
Mar 2, 2024

Terrible school

Unfortunately Woodlands Park primary school has gone downhill since the new principal has been in charge. Over 20 staff members have left, and parents have uplifted and removed their children placing them into other schools.

Previous reviews state why this is.
Mar 2, 2024

Just a shock!

After my experience with the Principal and reading FB comments I have had to write this. I have inside word from school contact friends and families (some who are friends with teachers who have at some stage worked with her). It is clear, this woman is a tyrant, deceptive, disgruntled, all high and mighty and only out to serve her own purposes. She is not fit to be in education and should go back to managing her husbands building business.

All of us parents wondered why so much investment has been done in building new buildings, renovating the current buildings at this school? Well look no further folks, her family owns a building business and so she has contacts with many 'friends' that she employs to complete totally unnecessary upgrades to school buildings, signs and so on. While our children still don't even have enough water taps outside to drink from on hot summer days, not enough shade areas.

Over 24 staff have left since this 'lady' stepped in the door a few years ago. I personally know families that have removed their children due to her. She has created a culture of disregard for anyone that challenges her or has concerns about any decision she makes.

Non communication from the school is a well known strategy, as we have seen most recently when she decided to cancel Buzz Club with no consultation just out of spite. We are talking about zero information and zero response to queries, emails, phone calls. Basically they stone wall and show total lack of respect for parents and families concerns. She may as well have a sign on her office door saying 'Go Away!'

This principal and her team do not follow the same values they expect from their students. This principal is not inclusive of the community and is a narcissistic woman who thinks she is above everyone else. I am glad my son is now Year 7 and no longer in attendance under this so-called leaders watch.

This person is not fit to be a Principal of any school and should go back to shouting at people on building sites. She has zero people skills and is only out for herself.
Jan 2, 2023


The principal of five years, is extremely career driven, she is overseeing four schools, possibly more now. Once she was in charge the appearance of the school changed, the playground was untidy, lots of waste strewn about.
Once COVID hit the principal was very heavy handed with the guidelines, parents were chased around the playground or denied access. Yet I arrived several times at the school and the principal wasn't wearing a mask but quickly donned one when she noticed people watching her. Teachers who were elderly and health compromised were forced to have unnecessary testing to be allowed on site.
I removed my children from the school as I believe that children need to see facial expressions, they need to interact. We were not given any sort of send off or a goodbye, pretty sad for an eight and a six year old, and I don't believe we would have had the same treatment if the previous principal had still been there.
My middle girl still has friends at WPS so I thought it would be nice for us to collect them after school one afternoon. My friend's cleared it with their children's teacher so I thought it would be fine, they knew us afterall. No, apparently we are no longer welcome. My middle girl was very distraught about this. Why should they make us feel so unwelcome ? Is it because we did not comply ?
Woodlands Park Road, 0604, Auckland
Ngaria Stephenson
09 817 5140

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