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Sep 19, 2023

this school sucks

this school is so sucky, this is literally the most whorey school ever, I hate it here.
Aug 27, 2023


This school is really bad fr fr
Apr 15, 2023

Don't enroll in this school

Honestly this school is just plain awful.
The teachers do nothing to stop bullies, all they care about is giving you all the homework in the world & what color your socks are. Faculty does not care about their students mental health and in turn my High School experience is just ugly
Mar 12, 2023

whanagrei girls high

It is a pretty horrible school, teachers treat the kids badly and they treat us like we are children
Former Student
Mar 4, 2023

Extremely disappointing.

Whangarei girls high school is not a good school, in class teachers would demand an answer to questions and if you couldn’t answer it you pretty much get shamed.
I had a math teacher that separated our tables into what she called the “dumb table” the “trainable table” and the “smart table”.
I played netball and was bullied by another girl on the courts I ended up with bruised ribs, a dislocated thumb and a sprained ankle.
Girls high told me it wasn’t there problem as it happened off of school grounds. That’s pathetic. I was dealing with a lot of mental health issues which were brought to the attention of my whanau teacher however when I broke down in class she sent me to the office. I was beaten by 6 girls on school grounds and still nothing happened.
My friend attempted suicide inside school grounds and when my dad called to say I wouldn’t be in school for the next few days girls high told him she was fine and that was not what happened, however we visited her in hospital and knew it had happened.
I would never ever recommend Whangarei girls high school and I will make sure any one I know I will tell to go else where.
Former Student
Mar 4, 2023


Extremely disappointed.

Girls high taught me a lot but nothing of which I needed in the real world.
I was often picked on by teachers when they would demand an answer in front of the class and when I couldn’t answer it I was pretty much shamed by my teacher.
My maths teacher had split our groups into what she called the “dumb table” the “trainable table” and the “smart table”
Girls high is not a good school, you don’t discipline bad behaviour, you don’t stop bulling, you don’t stop teachers fat shaming or picking on kids.
My high school experience was awful and I do not recommend whangarei girls high school.
Feb 4, 2023

Do not come here

This school is just just awful. Zero opportunities, and not only that, teachers will always get in the way of students who are trying to succeed academically. Students who attend here are plain rude, disrespectful, and disgusting, they spit gum all over the floor grounds, vape in the bathrooms and swear at teachers and even younger students. This school is just disgusting, words can not describe how disgusting this school is, please do not come here, it is disgusting and will ruin your entire high school journey.
Oct 22, 2021

From a year 13 student

Don't get me wrong, this school has a few amazing supportive teachers and they have great subject options. However. If your daughter has any kind of trouble intaking information and understanding what your supposed to do and you don't have a piece of paper to prove this even though it's on your records. Don't expect anything. I'm on my last year here and struggle with dyslexia so I have a lot of trouble taking in the instructions of what I'm supposed to do as I miss read them or don't understand. Only two of my five subject teachers actually put in effort to help me... because of this my grades have dropped a lot as I don't understand what I'm supposed do and I learn differently. This is very unfortunate. And it needs to be changed.
Jun 4, 2021

Like you wouldn’t believe

Students do not get treated equally and with the same respect as students who for instance and much more academically smart. Have come across teachers who will change your life for the better and you’ll never will be able to repay them for Their help. But yet again the majority of the teachers at this school quite frankly don’t care about you very much they just want to get paid and the day over with, some will speak to you as if your 10 when your nearly 18 and it is belittling and immature, some have no respect for some students privacy with their home life. We have a girls working for girls day and they take $20 from your pay that you worked out of school for to donate to the school for things such as a new area for winter eating or new outside tables or more water fountains or a walkway to the health block. We have not seen any of this money been used for what we asked it to be used for. It’s a total sham and the principal is never there so I don’t think she even needs to come in anymore. The best teacher is*** Moore’s best teacher ever so sad to see her leave and the worst, ************* and*********, the level of respect for you is a 0 and they both look disgusting and smell weird, it’s okay cause it goes with their immature and rude behaviour, if you want your daughter to attend to this school do not be surprised if she gets fed up with the teachers rudeness or that she’s behind because their not doing their job, because your daughter is right it’s not a healthy school for your overall well-being
Former Student
Jun 3, 2021


terrible school, was extremely detrimental to my mental health wouldn’t recommend at all. senior staff were not helpful in resolving issues ie bullying even tho they say they have a zero tolerance. staff focused on the unimportant things ie wrong colour socks, more than one ear piercing
Mar 10, 2021

Personal Experience at WGHS

Most horrible school ever existed, horrible education, teachers, students. Honestly, I find it embarrassing to tell people that I came here. Never let your students come here! Please do not ruin their futures by sending them here!
Oct 4, 2020


swag but stupid teachers don’t understand anything
Sep 24, 2020

Great school

Teachers are really good, great learning environment. Students are helped individually to achieve their goals.
Aug 30, 2020

I dont enjoy it

I dont enjoy it, some of the students are mean
1 Lupton Avenue, 0112, Whangarei
Anne Cooper
09 430 4460

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