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Dec 5, 2023

Whangaparaoa College Review

The bathrooms have become more cleaner now because of the security cameras there are still some things on the walls but I don't really care about it, the bathrooms are still disgusting though. Teachers are nice but some of them are just questionable and a few of them are just rude and unfair. The outside environment is actually good there isn't really any rubbish anywhere in the school. Students are nice lots of them are also rude as they can be and don't have any manners what so ever. Apart from all of that it's an okay school.
Aug 29, 2023

This school smells.

Welp, it's-a me, Peppino Spaghetti. I came into this school and it is terrible. The teachers repeat the same thing every year, so you just learn (you barely learn anything important) the same thing every year. The device rules are so dumb, no phones in class, but you allow tablets and laptops? And don't even get me started on the bathrooms, there are CAMERAS in the bathrooms. CAMERAS. Even though there are cameras, there is still pee all over the floor. I hope you feel like smelling for the rest of the day and being called "smell-person". This also links to the amount of BULLYING in this school, I swear, this school is just full of bullies. The only good thing I can think of are some of the teachers, and most of them are just BAD. The only good teachers we have are the ACG ones, and we barely get to have ACG for more than 20 minutes because of the stupid assemblies. The school decides to have an assembly every Wednesday 3rd period (which is when we have a 1-hour long ACG period), and it hurts every bone in my body due to having to sit down in an uncomfortable position while being squished by all the people around you. And when we DO have ACG, the assembly is probably in the 30-minute mark of ACG. The uniform policy is so stupid too, any type of clothing without the school's logo on it, you're out. You literally can't wear anything non-WGP branded, or you get sent to the dean. If you want to feel like you're in a prison, come on down to WGP College.

2 stars for this school is being generous. If you really need to go to a school, look for any OTHER school first before deciding to come here.
May 8, 2023

I hate the school

I hate this school so so so so so so much.
May 8, 2023

This school is horrible!

This school is a hell-hole. They have done jackshit for the bullying and mockery, and even less about the bathroom situations. They claim to be "Accepting of all students." Yet teachers still call me my deadname. I have been bullied physically and verbally by the awful students here and the teachers have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And the bathrooms are horrible! There are disgusting flies in the bathrooms that make the semen and graffiti seem good.
May 8, 2023

This school is bad

This school is bad, aside from friends and supportive people, some of the teachers direct a group of people or someone that they are bothered mostly on. There are so many bullies, mean girls, disrespect and pathetic people. Honestly the teachers do nothing about it and just say ''sort it out'' only a few amount of teachers are good. Some of the teachers explain what to do but lots of them say ''just do that'' and do not actually explain it properly, you can't expect us students to just know. Also the toilets are disgusting and smell like piss, I would not want to go to some toilet with students just pissing on the floor like wth. Now lets get onto some of the students, disrespectful, mean, pure bullies. Other students can be angels and nice or decant.
May 3, 2023

Current Student Yr 10

The most okay school I've ever been to.

All toilets are just swimming pools of pee. No joke. If you plan on peeing at this school, think again. Unless you want to smell like pee for the rest of the day, DO NOT GO TO THE BATHROOMS!
Mar 16, 2023

It’s a good school

I am a student at wgp and I think it is a ok school, I don’t understand why people don’t like it but ifeel you will enjoy it more with certain teachers
Feb 27, 2023

the school is bad

this school is traumatizing
Feb 27, 2023

This school sucks.

This school Is terrible, Why you ask? Well I did make a presentation on it but I won't say that here. The main reasons are the students and teachers for the students there is a lot of bullying and about the teachers they choose a random group of students to pick at and they don't explain work properly, But there are some good teachers. This school ruined my mental health completely.
Former Student
Feb 18, 2023

Mediocre at best

Some very major flaws with this school. Serious bullying problems throughout the school, and despite countless complaints from myself and other students who were victims of bullying the staff and teachers turn a blind eye on most cases. The facilities are dirty and in some cases downright hazardous. The curriculum is mediocre at best, not a great deal of extra courses, though there are definitely some good ones. The food however, oh man it’s good. Great cafeteria with plenty of options, Food could be healthier though. Plenty of sporting options for athletic kids but the school lacks heavily in clubs and non sports related activities.
All in all it’s not the worst school in Auckland but it’s definitely not the best.
Jul 5, 2021

Its okay

It is quite a toxic environment and nobody seems to care. The teachers focus too much on the naughty students and not enough on those that want to learn.
Former Student
Mar 15, 2021

2013 - 2019 review

I know it's different now since covid 19 has affected learning but during my time at wgp college (2013-2019) I found that if I focused and listened then most of the time I'd be doing well except for a few bad relationships with teachers who seemed to have blatant favoritism with groups of students, being more relaxed and lenient with them while being strict and harsh with others.

Bullying isn't physically a huge issue, most arguments and disagreements do not end up physically but there was certainly a toxic environment.
During 2019, the head girl was put in charge of approving dresses for the school dance and she had uploaded confidental photos of a learner in a dress to her social media making fun of it.

Additionally, our school made the news when a video was spread of teenagers wearing the school uniform physically beating another girl
Feb 23, 2021

Current Student Yr 9

2021 Review

It’s an average school with average teachers. Though teachers who do not focus on the entirety of the class and choose to focus more predominately on one group of students, attitude in the class will change and so does the progress of work.
Feb 18, 2021

Cancelled NCEA level one

There is a lot of vaping around the school and in the the bathrooms that’s the teachers aren’t doing anything about. Also after lockdown in 2020, the school decided that they would essentially cancelled NCEA level one which denied us our certificate stating that we achieved level one. Where were only offered enough credits to merely pass and were only allowed to do one external exam. They claimed to have the best interests of student in mind but the didn’t seem to care about the students who wanted to do really well that year, only the ones who were really struggling.
Sep 8, 2020

Whangaparaoa college review

I have had many bullying experiences however they do nothing about it. I also have experienced bad teaching methods and teachers. There are also students smoking vaping and other things but they do nothing.
15 Delshaw Avenue, 0932, Stanmore Bay
James Thomas
09 424 9177

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