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Former Student
Mar 3, 2024

worst school ever

this is the worst school you could ever attend. They do not give any cares about their students and how there well being and meant is they will just punish you for no reason. They girls boarding house is just so toxic and full of fake girls and the seniors are always targeting the yr 9-10s over nothing. all this school cares about is there reputation and what other people from outside care about them they will not listen to any of the students or anything the teachers are always up in your business and finding stuff about you and then proceeds to look at you like your a criminal and they told us not to snoop around and get in other peoples business but yet here they are doing exactly what they told us not to do. Do not send your kids here they will just turn out miserable and then turn into a even worse teenager then they could already be.
Former Student
Feb 20, 2024

International student year 9-10


Abuse of privilege from seniors and the school makes you go to school on a Saturday best thing I loved about this school is leaving. Never come here if your an international student the abuse is severe
May 14, 2023

Whanganui Collegiate

Whanganui Collegiate is an excellent school with an amazing amount of opportunities that promote character development. They also have an exceptional leadership team that establishes personal relations with every student and helps to grow them into leaders of their own.
Former Student
Feb 26, 2023

It's alright

Great on the outside, Average at best on the inside. Most of the teachers and other Staff are pretty good and want to help you it's more of the environment Inside of the boarding house where it changes , it has gotten alot better from what I've heard but there is still constant issues with the kids where it's bullying, vaping or other things
Feb 12, 2023

Whanganui Collegiate

Feb 9, 2023


Schools pretty bad would recommend
Former Student
Feb 2, 2023

Don’t send your kids here!!!

If you’re not apart of a past family, or a big family apart of the community, you’re pretty much an outcast. The racism runs wild throughout the school and it sucks to be a POC at a Collegiate. There has been too many incidents revolving around race where the school has taken the side of the offender rather than the victim. People will blatantly belittle and pretty much hate you if you’re not white, skinny and rich. It’s also sexist af and girls are constantly put below and belittle by the boys and staff. The amount of alcohol consumed by students and parents at school events is horrendous and just outright wrong. Sexual assault of girls and boys is swept under the carpet. The education and opportunities which Collegiate offers are genuinely quite good but it is not worth putting your child in that culture and environment. Collegiate prides themselves on old traditions but at this point it’s pretty much abuse and the culture is ******* horrendous. They have a very good PR team which makes it look like an amazing school but in reality it’s just a coverup for what is happening behind closed doors.
Dec 1, 2022

Great School

Very good. My son has been given lots of opportunities. He has become a lot more mature, made good friends and has a sense of belonging and pride in attending the school. He has been taught by good teachers who have enabled him to Excell. Send your child if you want them to reach their potential they will be given great opportunities.
Aug 20, 2022

What a Fabulous School!

Whanganui Collegiate School has been amazing! My son absolutely loves it there he has made some great friends and has received lots of opportunities to excel that I am sure he would not have got at many other schools. He says the teachers really care and help him reach his potential. As a parent I love the way they are strict yet caring and want all students to be successful. The teachers work hard to prepare students for the real world and assist them to be disciplined and self motivated young people who will do well in whatever choose when they leave school. The school addresses misbehavior swiftly and effectively and does its best to create a home away from home for the students. I have found the children charming and polite and the teachers approachable and helpful. Sending your child to Whanganui Collegiate is a great investment in their future.
Former Student
Jul 19, 2022

Amazing made great friends and memories

A very good school. When I went to Collegiate it was very good to the students and for sports. I'm not much into sports myself but I did have a lot of fun with my mates. My two younger sisters both go there now and love it. I made lots of good memories and friends that I'm still friends with now. Also good having 3 week holidays and half Wednesdays. Collegiate is a very good family school that involves the family a lot with collegiate weekends every term. The teachers are good and genuine who everyone has a nickname for. one thing I do recommend them changing is getting housemasters to actually care about the students and not be so controlling, but I guess that's what builds us as people. But Collegiate definitely lives up to its reputation of making lifelong friendships and having a good time. (food also isn't bad unless you don't like chips, burgers, cake etc.)
Former Student
Jan 8, 2022


Sexist. Draconian. Non-progressive. Perpetuates white privilege and elitism.
Oct 19, 2021


In my time as a student there, two of the male teachers were ******* **** ****. It made me really frightened. One has come back. creepy guy.
Aug 20, 2021

Wanganui Collegiate

Avoid at all costs

The boys club (and old boys club, for that matter) is a toxic presence in this school. Misappropriation of power has been evidenced countless times over the years. I was sickened as a parent as to some of the experiences my kids had at this school. Put it this way, the PR machine is strong but what lies beyond the shiny veneer is concerning. Smoke and mirrors. Even if all you do is google the news reports about misadventure at this school in the last ten years - that ought to be enough to indicate what lurks beneath.
May 21, 2021

Whanganui Collegiate

Collegiate is a school that is not at all focused on the students within the walls, and how they're doing. The school is focused on bringing more people in and having an illusion of control and orderliness. In reality, none of this is true. School is steeped in bias against boys, trying to make up for history, and refuses to admit it. Collegiate is a school that promotes over-working and gives no flexibility to students within collegiate. I enjoy my time here because I have good mates and I made it good. The school itself is poor beyond measure. It allows no freedom to students at all, and yet it still has a huge problem with controlling them. Unbelievably bad.
Former Student
Mar 11, 2021


I hated this school so much, the girls are horrible and aren’t welcoming, some of the teachers are nice but others are sexist and don’t care about you. They aren’t flexible with outside of school sports and you are forced to do everything, the lunches are disgusting, everything is so stressful, school on a SATURDAY! The ********* is so horrible, anyway don’t go here
Feb 28, 2021

High school

Whanganui collegiate school review

Whanganui Collegiate School is terrible towards students that have no family relation to the school. Teachers tend to harass students and house masters on the boarding side. Students tend to say how trapped and stressed they are. A number of incidents have been happening at the school including sexual assault in the houses boys with boys and boys with girls, substance abuse also goes on and racism/sexism. The school needs a real big change and I do not recommend sending your children here unless the school changes for the better.
Oct 6, 2020

Whanganui Collegiate

Good academics and offers a lot of opportunities, but the students can be very cruel. Homophobia, racism and sexism is present and teachers fail to address it.
Sep 7, 2020

WCS Review

Good sailing program, good people, decent atmosphere.
Aug 21, 2020

Personal Opinion

Not as good a school as it’s reputation suggests. Expects all students to meet to a fixed standard, and is not flexible in letting people develop personally and really learn something, apart from things that might of been relevant 165 years ago.
132 Liverpool Street, 4500, Whanganui
Wayne Brown
06 349 0210

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