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Feb 14, 2024


Westlake Boys High School is an absolute sham. They profess to be a school that offers an outstanding learning environment with a range of opportunities inside and outside the classroom to help boys discover their passion and fulfil their potential. This is only the case if you are a straight A student or your parents have something to offer the school. The headmaster thinks he is the head of a private school and will not tolerate anyone who is different or troubled or is struggling, he just wants them out. He is not fair, he has prejudice and is backed by a team of management staff who appear to be weary of him. There are a lot of good teachers but they are in a very toxic environment. In general the school doesn't know how to handle boys who are different. They would rather brush them aside to keep up appearances. I would give this school a very wide berth if you have your teenage sons welfare at heart.
Former Student
May 2, 2023


bullshit school, teacher always gave us bad grades and didnt give a shit about us
Former Student
Mar 16, 2023


Westlake No.1

Dr.K is the best biology teacher I’ve ever met, he’s basically the god of Westlake biology! Mrs Kumar is the best chemistry teacher, she teaches everything in a way that everyone has to be involved, and her class is the only one that gives me a feeling of “home”. Mr Naranji is the funniest physics teacher, he’s highly motivated and his door is always open for those who come to school 1-2 hours early🤣
Mar 10, 2023

Very clicky and political

Unfortunately I thought it was a good school. But after being there I have found it to be very political and if you aren’t in the clicky clan you won’t succeed. Sport is a prime example it doesn’t matter what talent you have you just have to be in with the clicky clan. If the teachers don’t like you you won’t get a chance. You have parents calling the coaches complaining that their kids should be in the top team so they end up getting in. (Not by their talent) the boys with talent miss out. The 1st XV is a prime example the coaches have favourites and it filters down to them coaching the North Harbour teams also. We are at club rugby now and thriving and have also been offered a scholarship I will never credit the school
for this as they never gave us a chance.
It’s time the school look at the coaches and their selection process. Year 13s don’t get a chance they thrive on making the top teams but the school puts in year 11s and 12s over year 13s. The sports academy makes no difference because you still don’t make the top teams. For the boys that are trying for top teams don’t get disheartened as you will succeed after school. If I have boys I will not send them to this school. There are so many boys that fall through the cracks as the teachers do not treat them equally. Such a shame. Boys are always vaping and fighting and only certain boys get punished. I know of a boy that was a favourite got caught vaping but no consequences still got to play 1st XV games. Another boy that wasn’t popular got suspended
Feb 20, 2023

Westlake boys

The worst high school in auckland
Jan 31, 2023

Poor quality school

Head staff have no respect for students. poor facilities, bathrooms/classrooms. Few to no places with cover to hide when it is raining
Dec 3, 2022

fuck the school

school gives more of a shit that their students have their shirts tucked in than the fact 90% of their students want to kill themselves, kids get bullied everyday and teachers don’t give a shit, and that students get stepped out and get the shit beat out of them for being lgbtq, do about 37484 tests a year most of which never even matter, no shelter anywhere so the second it rains half the school gets soaked, clear favourites throughout the school based off what sport you play, and most of the teachers are just cunts
Feb 24, 2022

Year 9

Six weeks at Westlake Boys High school.

I enrolled my son at Westlake after he had attended a private school somewhere, knowing that it was only the Government School that was local to our area, which is not an affluent area, but it had an okay name. My son had been at boarding school, and I wanted him to live at home so that I knew what was going on. The staff were rather snooty but unpolished at the same time. Emails to new teachers were not replied to, and it has rather clicking crowds who were not warm or welcoming. My son was not happy with the lack of "brotherhood" with these young men and I felt that we are not being looked after. I paid fees for six weeks but took him back out again as he was very unhappy there. We decided to send him back to boarding school where he flourished again for the next four years finishing year 13 with qualifications well above my expectations. The last straw for me with Westlake Boys High School was when I put all his full uniforms times two with shoes, coat and socks and the rest and they only paid me for a few scrappy items. I was never paid in full and the shop kept and held onto the money for all our brand new items that had only been worn for six weeks. Awful area to live in because it is reasonably rough but they are quite hoity. If you want to raise nice kids, I do not recommend this school.
Former Student
Feb 7, 2022


MUST READ - Don’t buy into the bullshit that this school says is has and does! The school acts like it has the best education with the best students yet it’s the complete opposite. Varying from lazy teachers who expect students to behave in a certain way, yet they fail to set the standards themselves or students who look like a homeless person and act like idiots are only some of the things that makes this school such a shithole. It amazes me how so many people actually believe the false advertisement that this school presents. If I could give you one piece of advice from my experience at Westlake it would be, don’t even bother considering it or get out of there quick!
Apr 13, 2021

An honest review after 5 years of Westlake.

The school is genuinely bad. Yes there are many options in it but the school cares more about their reputation than the students themselves. I've heard them even say this in assemblies. The facilities and environment is good but the teachers are just old, grumpy and money grabbing. They care more about your phone being out during your lunch breaks than you being able to get food for school. The school rules are unreasonably strict making school life just miserable for everyone. The kids all there rebel only half really try in school. I've seen drug deals happen kids using vapes all the time because this school is so depressingly bad and I don't blame them. The school is so out of touch with their students and its sad. Safety isn't much of a thing either because fights always happen there and what do you expect it's a fascist all boys school. Bullying isn't really a thing though everyone solves their issues in scraps. There is really only 2 things that make the school good and it is that academically and sport wise it's good but also the students are also alright and is honestly the only reason why I stuck around for 5 years, if it wasn't for my friends I would've left in year 10. Overall bad school unless you really want to learn but you might as well go to Rangitoto instead.
Nov 5, 2020

westgay boys

pretty shit school, don’t even let us hoon in the bathrooms. Fergie sinks baby cones
Forrest Hill Road, 0620, Auckland
David Ferguson
09 410 8667

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