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Excellent local school - highly recommended

September 22, 2020
September 22, 2020
What a fantastic school. Great community spirit, with a caring and nurturing school teaching/staff team. The school roll reflects a multicultural background, and the school endorses this well by incorporating a range of culturally aware activities into the curriculum.

My child struggled adapting to a new school environment (both emotionally and academically) and I commend the school for their upmost support- to her, and in communicating back with us as parents.

The students themselves also model fantastic values. I often see senior students in and around the school keeping an eye out for their junior peers, and they do so with out expectation (they don't just do it when they know teachers/parents are watching, they do it unconditionally).

I would also commend the way Luis Echegaray and his team handled the Covid/lockdown restrictions in 2020. As alert levels were changing, they made sure that full and detailed planning notes were distributed out to all families in a timely and efficient manner. We knew what to expect as circumstances continued to change, which took away the uncertainty that I know families in other schools were experiencing. The Home Learning programme that was delivered, was executed exceptionally well.

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97 Broderick Road, 6037, Wellington
Luis Echegaray
04 478 7074

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