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Mar 26, 2024

Great School

Great school, great teachers, great education
Sep 12, 2023


Bill :)

Very good

Bill is best teacher
Former Student
Dec 27, 2022

Excellent school.

A great school and learning environment with dedicated teachers. Did enjoy my time at WHS and still have good and positive memories.
Former Student
Jun 1, 2021

Loved it.

I loved my time at wellington high, I felt I was supported and accepted and was pushed by my teachers to achieve the best results possible in my classes, and ended up getting excellences in most areas. The science department (especially physics) is excellent, as is the art department.
Former Student
May 14, 2021

Good school with certain flaws.

Wellington high can often be a mixed bag. It offers a unique laid back environment for learning, I found it really enjoyable and during my last few years. Allowing students to leave school grounds from year 11 onwards means I didn't associate school with negative, controlling connotations. On the other hand there's no sense of school unity, there's aspects of nasty and toxic culture and a fair amount of bullying.
May 4, 2021

WHS as seen by an enthusiastic year 13

Like everything, schools work for some people and don't for others. This school works for me. I have found so many friends, I have learned so much about myself and the world, and throughout the trials and tribulations of being a teenager I have always felt that WHS was there for me. As a junior I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them, there were periods with many friends and periods with few, and I discovered that "Hey! I can actually enjoy Maths!" (An entirely alien idea at the time). I spent year 11 figuring out NCEA and joining as many clubs as I reasonably could. Year 12 was chaotic, Covid-19 certainly made sure of that, but despite the pandemic I made many new friends and eventually found myself applying for leadership opportunities and trying to implement changes in the school. I am now a year 13. My time at WHS is coming to an end. I hope that these past five years aren't the best time of my life because that would mean it's all down hill from here but I like to think that Wellington High has given me a good solid foundation of experience on which I can build my life.
Mar 31, 2021

High school

Wellington high

WHS I a very accepting and kind school I highly recommend and has great club and sport options
Mar 11, 2021


Teachers are really nice and you'll feel welcome strait away
Former Student
Nov 18, 2020

WHS review

The teachers are rude, they don’t teach any discipline or educate those with harmful opinions.
Oct 25, 2020

Welcome to wellington high

Meh it's okay. Same old same old. Nothing new really. Ooo the sports are nice.
Sep 11, 2020

Worst school

Wellington High gives no shits about the students there. Any kid who tries standing up for themselves just gets stood down or expelled.
Sep 8, 2020


If you're being sexually harassed or bullied even for a very extended time the school councellors/mediators/deans won't care and will put off events between the parties in conflict that may help to potentially fix things. Many teachers don't understand how to deal with mentally ill/disabled students despite the school having an inclusivity policy to these types of mental states. The physical aspects of the school are also not great, constant leaks and mold in classes and linkwells along with extremely limited accommodation for students in both the inner and outer areas of the school - including the majority of classrooms being locked during breaks with limited seating anywhere else. Classes are often mixed of year 11/12/13 students all in the same subjects which causes major issues with learning environment for some subjects and works 'ok' at best with others. As mentioned earlier, the councellors are unqualified and generally not nice I'd say, and students get told to leave the councellor's searing area remarkably often despite the area being put forward toward students as a quiet, warm, enviting environment for students to relax if they need it. Teachers also may have multiple duties that they aren't equally qualified to perform in (e.g a mediator who also teaches art and has little to no idea how to be adequate at either). Additionally, the higher-ups of the school ladder often flaunt the statistics shown by comparing the rate if students passing a year successfully when they do/don't take extracurricular courses - despite the stats being that about 69% of year 12 (ncea level 2) students will pass successfully when none of these courses are taken, yet when students take 2-5 extracurricular courses it skyrockets to about 71%; and they act as if this is significant enough to mention at least 10 times a year. There's also the additional (and common) complaint of the general school system - especially how exams work - being severely dysfunctional and perhaps outdated. Relying on students to memorise all the information for an entire year of class learning overnight and then forget it all after the exam is over; however this isn't WHS specific.

So in summary, I'm not particularly enjoying my time here, and most other students I know feel the same way.
Taranaki Street, 6011, Wellington
Dominic Killalea
04 385 8911

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