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Aug 17, 2023

Anteater book And Boy Drama

To start off this is an only girls school but i see alot of boys there sneaking in without permission its so disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour for our girls. My daughter got her favourite anteater book taken out of her bag because it was “overdue” whatever that means and i got charged for it what bullshark (mind my language).
Former Student
Jun 20, 2023

Very Poor

Personally, some of the teachers are super understandimng when it comes to mental health but the princaple likes to make it seem that its your fault for feeling the way you feel. The school says they will take action onto bullying but they dont. They talk up a story but never go through with anything they say they're going to do.
Feb 22, 2023

Very bad

Rascist teachers don’t do anything about lots of bullying
Former Student
Feb 20, 2023

Not a great environment

Lots of expectations on clothing even when you’re out of uniform. When I was there a bunch of girls got sent home for wearing tank tops, even though it wasn’t an issue the years before. There is also a lot of pressure for excellences and not enough mental health support. There are lots of design resources and many different classes available, (no woodworking though).
Former Student
Feb 10, 2023

Snotty students

some of the teacher are absolutely wonderful, and some are not… a good portion of the students will come from rich homes and can be a bit snotty, cough cough, anyone who is unnaturally blonde. just my experiences..
Former Student
Jul 6, 2022

people in this generation need to harden up

the school is great, the grounds are great, the teachers are great but there are alot of white stuck up bitches that think a school is not for working hard and learning they think it is some type of playground where their mental health matter (your mental health matters but when you get sad that the teachers tell you to not dress like a hoe you probably shouldn't dress like a hoe because its a school not a club)
Jun 23, 2022

not great tbh

this school is awful. some of the counsellors spill uneccesary information to your parents without your consent and the school cares more if you're wearing black socks with the skirt than about your mental health. i go to this school and its super racist and homophobic and transphobic and the principal swears she'll do something about it but nothing ever happens. there's racist graffiti in the bathrooms which again gets nothing done about it. some of the teachers are really lazy our maths teacher last year didn't teach us anything and just went on his computer the whole time. wouldnt recommend it, not great for anyone who's not a wealthy white cishet girl.
Former Student
Apr 1, 2022

Slum school

Bullying is rife in the school and they do nothing about it, even with proof, it's seems it's the victims fault all the time. No wonder it has a mental health problem with its students.

Principal thinks she's above everyone else.She wants WGC 'the elite' school in Wellington bit doesn't come close. WGC are for principal/teachers/students who thinks they are better than everyone else. It tries to contend with Marden but doesn't come close

Feb 17, 2022


sohcahtoa is taught

I love WGC it's the best school ever
we learn sohcahtoa there!
Former Student
Oct 12, 2021

Below average

The principal is very demeaning. Bullying gets handled poorly with alot of things promised but nothing done. Education is standard but they definitely let down there Pasfika girls. Automatically assuming they will perform poorly in Ncea results and need extra help from the get go. Would love to see more diversity in the staff as well.
Jun 14, 2021

Paradise <3

Most of the teachers are nice and teach well but some of them are really lazy, my maths teacher for example has literally taught me and the class nothing this year and all he does is scroll through facebook (i saw). Before I was good at math, had no problem but now I'm getting a tutor. I don't think the school handles bullying/mental wellbeing that well, they talk about it but never do anything psychically to stop it. They seem very focused on the uniform, if someone has slightly greyed socks they have to go change them etc. I was wearing my bracelet which is quite special to me and I had to take it off because it apparently "violates school codes". In assembly one girl was wearing eyeliner and the principal told her to take it off, god it was great eyeliner. Basically missed the whole assembly. Academically I'd say it's pretty good, could improve some things. Also there is gum underneath every desk and sometimes on the's mad disgusting. Some students skip classes and the teachers do nothing about it and let them carry on doing it even though they know. It brings the students that are working in groups with them down, for some reason I'm always grouped with them too. School is pretty good but there is a lot of room for improvement.
Former Student
Jun 7, 2021

Not the best

Great academic wise but when I attended they were horrendous with all of the mental health stuff. Wasn’t a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t recommend this school to anyone else.
Mar 3, 2021

I hate it here.

I find WGC to be a literal shithole that sucks the life out of their students day by day. They claim they "put their students mental wellbeing first" yet do everything in their power to make them miserable. They take away everything that makes their students individual or unique all because of the reputation of the school. Well honestly they care more about what the people who don't go to WGC think about them then what the people who do go to WGC think.
Mar 1, 2021

Average school

Its kind of average. Good school but has its priorities in the wrong place. Uniform is a very big focus and often is valued over education.
Nov 8, 2020

Not impressed

Personally I don’t enjoy WGC. The teachers are mostly unhelpful uncaring and target those that are different. My dean is useless and I do little work and get away with it. All they care about is correct uniform even if that means missing classes to get the right coloured socks.
Oct 21, 2020

i hate my school

yeah it’s alright if you’re planning on failing
Sep 11, 2020

Wellington Girls College

Nice teachers, taught subject very well. Large range of different subjects. Definitely feels like a large family when you go to WGC.
Pipitea Street, 6011, Wellington
Julia Davidson
04 472 5743

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