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Former Student
May 1, 2024

Bad school.

Teachers hard to contact and ignore emails, have horrible communication, and they also don't appreciate or support the students who run clubs or committees but arnet Prefects. They are homophobic and transphobic for the lost part, and the teachers who are supportive tend to be quieter about it. Students frequently get into fights or disagreements and the staff do next to nothing. Students actively act horrible to each other for no reason, and sisterhood is only present when students have a common goal (e.g disliking another school). Bathrooms are horrible and the classrooms in older buildings that haven't been rebuilt (e.g Top Field, English block) are FREEZING cold. Horrible school, unhappy to have gone, and would not wish it on my worst enemy.
Former Student
Jan 11, 2024

horrible school

Highly disliked this school. large amounts of bullying from both students and teachers. teachers are highly unsupportive of students needs, specifically in the drama/music department. would not recommend this school to anyone.
Mar 23, 2023

shit school

my friend got punched and beaten up its a shit school
Mar 21, 2023

east sucks

they make nothing seriously. at this point the students have more control over the teachers. they don’t care about the students and didn’t do anything about the bullying and racism. they just care about the school’s reputation. they care more about your uniform and piercings then your mental health or school work. f u east
Mar 13, 2023

Year 13s review

Lots of the students and people there are very judgemental and clickey and stick to theirs groups. Classes get boring fast and barely any support for people who have to miss a lot of school for sickness or other reasons. Some teachers are incredibly kind though.
Mar 4, 2023

Teachers don’t know how to treat me right

Absolute shit please so send your daughter here she won’t like it and there is a whole lot of kids that think it fucnny to have scraps
Jun 13, 2022

Current students thoughts

This school is terrible and racist with unqualified teachers and a lazy (and racist) principal.
Granted there are some great teachers that I've met. But as a black hijabi with social anxiety, diffinently don't recomend this school if you are POC
May 22, 2021


It was an absolutely horrible experience, I was bullied for a few years and when I had tried to inform the staff, They didn’t do anything about it so it kept happening.
Mar 20, 2021

My grades

It’s such a good school, most of the teachers are nice. But when I have my grades for economics one teachers mark my score and he just straight up telling me it’s bad... I already feel so bad when I look at my score, then when I look over to the comments that he wrote for me.... he straight up telling it’s bad and the only things that’s good it’s the picture that I find in google. so if you ever do economic at east, get ready to cry :))
Mar 11, 2021

Honest Opinion on WEGC

personally love the school! some teachers are a bit iffy and some i would call creepy. but then there are others that openly share how much they care about you and how they want you to succeed and support you. the hauora staff are useless though and always manage to make situations worse. the new building is the worst space to learn in because its so loud and echoey, the learning support at east is fab though and they have really supported me with my learning dissabilities. east only has a couple good maths teachers the rest are awful. in 4 yrs of going to east i have pretty much had to get taught the maths elsewhere.
Mar 7, 2021

year 12

in depth review of wegc

it's not necessarily an issue with the school more so the system. Their learning method needs to be improved. If your dyslexic, ADHD or just get bored they don't do a great job at keeping you engaged. If you ask for support they are good but so many people need help in class, many students fall behind bcs of this. If they taught in a way that suits everybody there would be fewer questions. The subject selection is weird too. if you chose a subject that isn't what you thought it was you can't really change. you're stuck with the subject for the whole year. The people are not super welcoming either it's hard to find the right people a lot of them are always going on their phones and are pretty self-obsessed. lunchtimes are really boring not very many people talk to each other or interact. There's not a strong sense of community. The school has a song about how great it is. No other schools do this unless there private/private wanna be schools. there's nothing special about this school- the song reminds me of colonisation to be honest. it's an old school so maybe they still think they are superior. but hey if you like the states you'll love this school. who doesn't love a selfish separated individualist culture *insert sarcasm*. some of the teachers are good but most of them don't get the students to take breaks during long classes. for most students neurodiverse or not after being bored/doing for ages your brain stops working and your processing time/work quality goes down a lot we need to take breaks. breaks that keep people engaged and enjoying the class. if they did this students will get more work done more efficiently. they should have a room where students can go if they don't want to go to class or their feeling low. they have wellbeing but it's not somewhere where you can hang out and talk to people. sure then people will just skip class people already skip class! normally bcs the class is overwhelmingly boring or bcs they don't understand. the school needs a social or worker or it needs more social workers and counsellors. they have nice spaces for people with severe mental health issues but we all struggle and have a hard time in our life so there should be a room like that for normal people to go to relax/talk. a lot of the students are educated on human rights to an extent and the school is multi-cultural wich is nice but they should cover more books written by POC in English and they should cover sex ed, racism, sexism, LGBTQ in ako (home room) but they don't.
Feb 15, 2021

Wellington East Girls College

year 12/13

its a great school and I love going every day
Oct 16, 2020

Needs improvement

Good school, teachers are nosy and don’t care about your mental health. Belongings have been stolen many times and I haven’t heard the school doing anything about it!
Sep 9, 2020

My honest opinion on WEGC

it’s a good school but some of the kids are doing dodgey stuff and are bullies but the teachers are amazing and always want the best for you no matter what
Sep 2, 2020

0/10 wouldnt reccomend

Did nothing about me being bullied, zero learning support for me being disabled. Didn’t care when I was mentally ill and in hospital, only cared about when I would be back at school.
Aug 26, 2020

yr 13's review

some of the teachers can fail to listen to students with mental health issues, disabilities, etc. many others are supportive and lovely and make you feel like you have a parent for a 90 minute class. the acceptance of lgbtq students improves the higher up in the school levels you get and there is a qsa. the cultural involement and recognition is good. they push you, sometimes a little too much, but most schools do. the food is tasty if not a little expensive. the new building is fantastic
Austin Street, 6011, Wellington
Gael Ashworth
04 385 8514

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