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Apr 30, 2024

its Allgood's

i be going to sleep in English
Nov 7, 2023

The school

Get me outta here!

To start things off, I was pushed from behind in an EXTREMELY cramp and vape smelling hallway and almost bumped into one of the teachers. He grabbed me by the collar of my hoodie and dragged me into the math department. Keep in mind I'm only 12! Without letting me have a say, he told one of the staff who was in there that I had just on purpose bumped into him. The staff member told me to 'GET THE H*LL OUT OF HER OFFICE, AND WAIT OUTSIDE!!' I did as I was told and 2 other teachers appeared out of the office. After the teacher finally let me explain he still didn't believe me! The other teacher then yelled at me get back to class. So as I walked into my class 20 minutes late, my teacher wasn't happy. At lunch just when I thought my troubles were over, the dean comes up to me and gives me a detention!!!

This school is terrible I am ashamed of the staff, how they teach and treat the students here. The classrooms smell disgusting, the back of the buses are drug stores, the teachers cant teach and are abusive, the bathrooms aren't clean, and there is so much more that I haven't uncovered that needs to be.

Unless you hate your child, I would 110% not recommend this absolute sh*t hole! I hate this school and if your currently there I would look at moving IMMEDIATELY!!!

GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Former Student
Feb 16, 2023

Good school wc - the cons

Wellington college is a good school and all the teachers give help the cons are that there’s a lot of bullying around around the school’s hallways and also a lot of students vaping they shut off the bathrooms to try stop it but people can go over to a corner of the school and vape there and the teachers do care
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

Poor Experience

Outdated values and teaching methods. Conformity is encouraged over creativity.

The bathrooms are very uncomfortable to use because there is always urine on the floor, vandalism, and vaping.
Jan 7, 2023


I have no idea where to begin. This is such a bad school. The buildings are absolutely disgusting with rubbish and mold everywhere. I once saw maggots crawling all over the ground. I definitely do not recommend going to this school.

My son goes there and I used to go there. Also the students are so rude, me and my son identify as wolves and we have gotten bullied and hated on so so much for this. This is not ok. The teachers have got to do something about this and teach their kids to respect people/wolves for who they are.

Another point I have are the teachers. They need to go back to teaching school because they are horrible at making our boys smarter. Especially Mr Zajko, he is too strict on them. This guys just has to loosen up a bit and have some fun!! *barks in excitment*


Kind regards
Dec 9, 2022

w school

Pretty good - you get to do loads of fun activities and competitions (for things other than sports as well) because of the big budget donations from old boys. Kinda sucks that you have to do English from year 9 to year 12 but other than that it's pretty great. It gets a bad rap for non sporty people but I actually enjoyed it a ton.
Nov 2, 2022

God school

Great school i am trying to get 20 characters.
Nov 2, 2022

Wellington College is ok

Wellington College is a good school with an interesting history but there are some vaping and hygiene problems in the school
Nov 2, 2022

education perfect

This school is aight I guess

Once I attended Wc and it was aight. The older groups were mostly the problem but once they all left it was ok. the teachers are fine, ( some actually care about your education and genuinely enjoy teaching,) while others yell at you for not shining your shoos. (This actually happened to me and many others.) Vaping is not as bad as high but is still a problem. I think our strongest card is the education with one of the highest SAT results in the country, but time will tell if their methods still work. They recently got rid of NCA level 1 tests for year 11s this could either boost WC's overall results or completely make them crumble.
Former Student
Sep 4, 2022

Taken over by a politcal agenda, no longer the college I knew

This school was alright when I first joined somewhere in 2014-16 but then suddenly starting somewhere 2016-17 onwards it began caving to a racist woke politcal agenda, starting with letting previously expelled students back who are of Maori and non-European descent, giving the image of as long as your not European(white) then your pardoned from punishment, which is not only racist as it's favouring one race over the other, it also encourages there bad behaviour as they know they will only ever be lightly punished for it.

next they allowed an underaged student to identify as a transgender women in an all boys school. How could a school allow someone under the age of 18 to make such a life changing decision to a unstable pubescent teen with gender dysphoria, and having a assembly to announce that this kind of underaged transition is ok and accepted has confused all the pubescent teenagers present at the assembly.

There zero tolerance policy rather than used to punish real bullying, poor treatment of women, and bad behaviours eg. smoking/vaping and physical/verbal abuse. It is being used to punish students (and possibly silence teachers) who oppose the aforementioned malpractice above, with threats such as suspension and even expulsion with the excuse of hate speech that uses cancel culture against them to ruin there image. This is corruption which undermines free speech and is a form of blackmail to instill fear so students, and teachers don't oppose and callout there unethical practice on underage pubescent teens and leave parents oblivious as students will assume there is nothing wrong.

School is a place for learning the very basic knowledge young adults need when they go out into the world such as English, Math's, Science, Language, etc.
NOT to push specific political agenda's and ideas into developing pubescent minds of a teenager.

When I grew up and became an adult, after therapy and counselling I realized my beliefs in the past which had almost ruined my life were born from this schools agenda, pushed onto me by the school through assemblies and peer pressured into me by brainwashed students

Now to the parents and students who are either planning to or currently enroll in this school I would suggest alternatives such as pulling them out, consider a different school, home schooling etc.
Former Student
Aug 22, 2022

mid school

This school while being better than others doesn't live up to the hype around it some of the teachers are good but most of them are pretty bad I hope for the future students to have better teachers and experience
Aug 1, 2022

best school

best school in wellington.
Jul 6, 2022

if you dont like go to the perfectly good school up the road

wellington collige is a grayte school, i have been hear since 2019 and the teachurs are good and there are alot of vapurs but atleast they share. i previously went to wellington high but at that school not many people would share their vapes which i did no like but it was safer for us not to hit their vapes that are riddled with stds
Apr 6, 2022

i love wc

wc is the best school in wellys by far. none of this shit people say about it is true.
Mar 7, 2022

WC from a student of 4 years

I enjoyed primary school more then this garbage excuse for a school filled with so many negative people that will stomp on you and bully you into they hope you can sink to their level. Most teachers (not all I met some great teachers that genuinely put effort into caring about their students, most of those people retired btw)

I couldn't step into the bathrooms and have some privacy without multiple people doing drugs and vaping looking at me awkwardly then telling me to get out. The school leaders know this but do not try any way at solving this major problem. All they have to do is have a guard outside all the bathrooms making sure no one is their to vape. Before you say that's unsustainable all they have to do is have rotations of multiple people a day that get chairs outside of each bathroom throughout the day, I'm sure they have the money and resources to do that considering all the funding from the government. Tbh that isn't the best idea and I'm sure someone could come up with a better one but whatever it would still work.

The Liberians are pathetic and I'm being serious. I don't even want to talk about the aggressiveness and down right bullying the Liberians put students through.
I would get yelled at while leaving the library by one of the Liberians because my socks were down.

One of the Liberians lectured and made one of my friends stay hours after school because he said something bad about left wing politics. This isn't a lie this is all true. But then again I don't care, I experienced it.

There were students watching inappropriate content that contained graphic, arousing images in class and I know this isn't exactly in the schools control but it definitely ruined the experience a lot for me especially me being young getting exposed to that disgustingness.

The way the school attempts to force political agendas on students during assembly's is embarrassing. Its not secret Wellington College has a bad reputation when it comes to the way students have treated woman and how it gets swept under the rug by the school pretending its not existent.

The school ultimately fails to teach students that are not sane and are prone to not treating woman well as instead of giving genuine advice about how to approach relationships and develop yourself to become a better person they just shove feminist propaganda talking about how the demographic of the male gender is the issue. Which to me is like WHAT!? where does that get anyone? and I don't want to go further because this a very scary and touchy topic for some people reading so yeah, anyway.

I met some great teachers keep the word "some" very seriously because before I go into the negative side of one of the most important things in a school (the teachers) I actually have positives to say about a few I had teach me during my time at wellington college and I will not mention names of the good ones, or the bad ones because there of the their privacy and guidelines.

I want to start of with teachers I thought were good there were teachers I met that so easy to get along and have a conversation with. That presents the learning quite well, everything they show you is useful to the assignment and provides so much quality material in google classroom I and many other students even less capable can do everything by themselves without asking for help. some teachers includes every student so well, they are able to have a good relationship with every student without leaving anyone behind. And I really apricate all of that.

That's all I have to say here, Wellington College is an unpleasant depressing experience for pretty much 90% of the students. I attended from year 9-12 leaving in 13 because of personal issues and any further education from this school not being useful to me or my plans for the future.
Jan 28, 2022

WC is a cool af school

WC is a good school I’ve been here since year 10 and most of the bullies have left but some are still here. The teachers a very helpful and nice the other thing is that there aren’t now a lot of kids vaping
Former Student
Jul 9, 2021

A place to survive, not thrive,

I spent years recovering from attending this absurd excuse of an institution. Despite some fine individual teachers who did genuinely love education, these poor folk were the exception, not the rule. I witnessed certain teachers tolerate and encourage open student racism, saw bizarre shame-based punishment publicly meted out in view of the entire school population (on one occasion) and grew heartily sick and tired of its self-congratulory attitude, empty posturing and insular worldview. A place to survive, rather than thrive, unless you fit their mould. Some people might do well there. What kind of people? Draw your own conclusions. Just look at the legal mis-adventures of a certain well-known old boy of late. Venerated as hero for years. What was he? Questionable at the very least. Do not subject your offspring to this place if you really love them.
Mar 14, 2021


Best school in NZ

The teachers are really helpful and there are lots of opportunities for everyone.
Feb 11, 2021


Wc is mean as

Its a mean as school , really welcoming to all , everyones friendly and funny and most of the teachers are welcoming as well
No homophobia no racism
No snowflakes
Nov 3, 2020


boutta fall asleep in maths ong
Former Student
Sep 28, 2020

Wellington College, best in New Zealand

There is zero bullying, excellent behaviour with zero tolerance for shenanigans. all the boys at the school are fantastic scholars and some even extraordinary athletes. overall great school
Sep 16, 2020

A honest review

Wellington college is the worst school I have ever attended or heard of
Aug 23, 2020


This school just isn’t great.
Many students vape openly, and sometimes smoke as well. The school doesn’t have a great digital or real enviorment with plenty of bullying happening all of the tims, there are yearly attempts by students to burn the school down, and the school has a toxic masculinity issue throughout.
Dufferin Street, 6021, Wellington
Gregor Fountain
04 802 2520

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