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Former Student
Jun 14, 2023


Primarily a white school which is a FANTASTIC THING
Mar 19, 2023

Current student

Wakatipu is a primarily white school that can be very racist at times, if a white student and one of ethnicities got into a fight they would take the white students side and put the ethnic student down. They do try to help students but there is so much pressure to be great. There is many opportunities but generally a bad school.
Former Student
Mar 11, 2023

More education about feminism

Good school, they push a lot for excellence in academics, sometimes to the point that it’s destructive for students. We also need far more education about feminism and gender equality, and not just in history class, young men need to be taught about it.
Feb 27, 2023

Racist school

Open plan learning does not work. All students at this school would agree. Cameras outside bathroom stalls really is an invasion of privacy. School only cares about their image and being a rich decile 10 school. Canteen is overpriced and food is gross and undercooked
Feb 19, 2023

Wakatipu high student recuew

Great school definitely recommend to anyone into the outdoors or even just acedemic they provide a wide range of activités for all people a a high level
Feb 6, 2023


Only school in its populated area so the halls are astonishingly busy and crowded. The open plan layout isn’t ideal for work and consistently gets annoying with the ruckus that tends to happen from other classes or students walking the hallways. Lots of teachers are great for sure, lots of them do care for the students. The school as a whole, however, only think about the image and statistics of the school. Lots of vaping and such issues, but in all honesty the school can’t do a lot about that when student won’t listen or attempt to quit. The bullying on the other hand is something the school attempts and fails at fixing, But I will mention students can be pricks who will care less about any attempt to stop what they’re doing. Student stress is taken lightly and tends to be whittled down to ‘poor planning’.

Overall this school does offer some good opportunities but really lacks the student engagement and focuses on their academics, rather than them as people.
Oct 13, 2022

Needs improvement.

Food prices have gone up dramatically in the school's cafe, whilst the quantity and quality of it decreased. Not to mention the drug and vapes.
Aug 31, 2022

Waka-Mid-u High School

L + skill issue + bozo + you pave my roads
Aug 31, 2022

Cafeteria has gone downhill

The cafeteria used to have good food at a reasonable price. Now the garlic bread and everything else is completely mid, they don't even have waffles anymore. All the prices have gone up while the food has shrunk in both quality and quantity. Oh and there's a massive vape/alcohol culture which is never really addressed. The academics are pretty good though All in all 10/10 wouldn't do again.
Former Student
Jul 20, 2022

Worth it

Some people will hate on WHS but honestly it really helped me with my personal growth and I wouldn’t be who I am today without going there. The racism and homophobia should definitely be looked into more by the teachers and staff.
Jun 15, 2022

Shitty school

The school focuses mainly if not all on self image it use to have a cafeteria that had almost edible food but have now braught in a new company that sells cardboard burgers and half frozen ice blocks (Kumara fries are a nicety though) away from the cafeteria the bathrooms perfectly overflow with vape fumes leaving some bathrooms almost stained with the smell for weeks at no help to the cameras that are placed looking at every bathroom door in the school witch I wouldn't be so pissed about if the work that students were making in the hard materials weren't vandalised every day you don't have class there same applies for the outside car park and bike stand both out of camera view and both vandalised in the past month my scooter has been stolen and now has a flat spot that means I can't go down hills I saw a moped get hidden in shrubs a kids electric scooter rid on by 3 guys at once (plus battery drained) and I have seen people walking off to get food mid class in total a very bad school in my opinion and bad morel all around
Former Student
Aug 4, 2021

average school

huge drug and vaping problem with the school that is never addressed, all they care about is their look and what the statistics say.
Feb 18, 2021

Trash School

Could decent teachers principal would rather kids leave than make and changes that don't give them better statistics
Nov 1, 2020

Wakatipu Review

Awesome school, really enjoy the environment.
Former Student
Sep 8, 2020

Don’t Believe the Self Given Hype

Wakatipu High School is not the school that the school claims it to be. The school has a massive drug issue that is pushed under the rug far to often and will only deal with such issues if the public know. The school values how it is viewed over the wellbeing and success of the students. Some teachers are good however most are average. If u can, send ur child to a boarding school. The open plan learning is unideal to students learning.

Really stock standard school, Don’t believe the hype that it gives its self.
Former Student
Sep 7, 2020

Very average

Alright school, marginal culture. Inferior to many other schools.
Sep 6, 2020

Priorities in Order?

This school provides its students with excellent opportunities; academic, sporting and cultural. However, it focuses primarily on how it is viewed. The leadership team value the physical appearance and image of the school over the students themselves. For example, they would rather push students into achieving UE rather than support them in their actual interests and wellbeing, for the pure interest of boasting about 'the high achieving school'.
Aug 24, 2020

Wow it's a high school

Plenty of amazing teachers, academic opportunities and can also be very culturally fufilling (if one seeks to be). Good food in the cafeteria :D
Aug 22, 2020

Pretty good

Good school. Good academics. Some great teachers. However notable drugs and alcohol culture.
47-49 Red Oaks Drive, 9371, Queenstown
Steven Hall
03 442 7370

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