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Former Student
Mar 6, 2023

Bad experience with the school-former student

Former student. Found that many teachers barely did their jobs or dealt with bullying.
Feb 8, 2023

Waiuku College is not a place to send your Queer, and kids of colour.

Bathrooms are disgusting. Went in one time, there was literal shit on the walls. Plus the amount of homophobia, transphobia and racism is ridiculous. As someone who is under the trans umbrella, and bisexual I have gotten a lot of hate. Better then puke high but not by a lot.
Former Student
Dec 6, 2022

Do not recomend

A truly crap school - DO NOT RECOMEND
most teachers are quite average
Crap computer technician (broke my school laptop whist it was in for fixing)
do not handle bullying well at all

slightly better than Rosehill College though to give them some credit
Apr 13, 2022


Shit school !!!

what a joke, the teachers dont care about any of the students, horrible bathrooms that smell like shit, trashed everything, take phones of students even in emergencies, mr kelly is not a good principal at all
over all just a really bad school do not recommed sending ur kid here
Apr 4, 2021

Great school

Good school, very good with sport and academics however do not handle bullying very well. There isn’t a lot of it but when there is can be better. Also the new whanua classes in school are creating a racist environment
Mar 5, 2021

where do I start....

pretty shit, teachers bad at their job, ****** *** ********** *********, school doesnt know what's happening, too many teachers going in and out, same subs getting hired with no knowledge on the subject, different leniency depending on the student. do not reccomend.
Feb 13, 2021


Toilets smell like shit , teachers don’t give a shit about the students, protect the bully instead of the victim. Have taken ages to sort the new timetable.
10/10 do not recommend
Sophie Byers
Oct 18, 2020

A very good school that cares

This school is truly amazing that words can not describe how spectacular this school is. I have met a lot of good people at this school. This school is accepting, loving, and understanding. It has a great community of great teachers, students, and staff who genuinely care about the students and other stuff. Waiuku College is one of the safest schools in NZ, sure there will be some drama and bullying but they tend to deal with that pretty well, and you are going to meet people like where ever you go.
Former Student
Sep 20, 2020

Waiuku college

Really good friendly teachers students not so much made online learning simple and easy to understand
Constable Road, Unknown, Waiuku
Thomas Van Der Laan
09 235 8139

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