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Former Student
Mar 11, 2023

Health Issues

I was diagnosed with idiopathic anaphylaxis and more severe health issues during 2022. I was in and out of resuscitation room, and for that reason could not attend school regularly.

We sent med certificates and med notes, and told them what was happening with my health and made sure they knew.

Their response was they wanted me at school 100%, and that me going for 3/4 periods a day wasn’t good enough even though that was the best I could do.

The dean ended up removing me from their timetable and then getting attendance advisors on me, and then proceeded to get the police involved which they turned up on my doorstep which didn’t get very far because they both sided with me and couldn’t see why they had been called.

This whole experience disrupted my learning for weeks, there was no support. There was no help whatsoever. There was no adjustments to even try to help me in anyway.

Awful school, awful people. Disrupted my learning just because they didn’t get their funding because of justified and proved health issues.
Feb 23, 2023

Great school!

Very good school, great teachers, great community Whanu vibes. Students are kind and haven't been bullied for the 3 years I've been here! Only reason it isn't 5 stars is lack of subject options, really wish their was Economics and Education for sustainability, also more computer subjects. Overall would highly recommend.
Feb 20, 2023

Ease up a bit.

Waitakere college has a good idea of what it means to be a school. It’s a bit up tight though and shouldn’t consider fun days such as mufti days as a ‘disruption’. I understand its concerns but I think they should understand it would be nice for the students to have some sort of fun.

Also since the teachers are able to celebrate certain days/months such as black history month or pink shirt day.
Feb 19, 2023

Poor quality education

Too many behaviour issues with students that takes teachers away from actual teaching. I wouldn’t recommend this school for quality education.
Former Student
Nov 21, 2022


The education is actually really good for students. Teachers will have high expectations to allow us to learn more. However, teachers tend to not care when students "give up" on their work or struggle with their work or simply can't be bothered doing their work as there are many other things that could end up distracting them. Once a student falls below expectations, teachers will not care what they do and they will not care if they give them an NA grade. Dean's and principals here abuse their authority especially with people of color and tend to pick on the students who've been in trouble before to the point where they will chase them each week over really small issues wheres if a pakeha student does the same thing, they get excused. Some staff are really good but the high ranking staff WILL use their authority as an advantage to ruin a record of a student who's struggling. They will show no sympathy because they do what they want. If your kid gets into trouble for things they did not intend, DO NOT send them to waitakere. It will make their lives miserable and for the people of color, do think again as if you make a mistake, the Dean's and principals will not leave you alone!
Apr 3, 2021

Amazing School

I seriously love this school. It has provided me with so many opportunities and I am so thankful for the teachers, staff and students. The staff are so supportive to to every single student and the principal does an especially great job at making a connection with pupils. This school has an incredibly rich culture, with students and teachers from so many backgrounds and walk of life - it is a thing of beauty. The fact that it is a public school helps with this, and I am honestly so grateful that I chose to go here instead of a private high school. Too the best of my knowledge disciplinary action is always fair and well managed, which is aided by even the strictest teachers having good rapor with students. There are very few things I could fault about Waitakere College, and I highly recommend it.
42 Rathgar Road, 0610, Auckland
Mark Shanahan
09 836 7890

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