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Apr 9, 2024

the bathroom chronicles

the bathrooms are crusty, i cant even go tinkle
Mar 10, 2024


Would not recommend this school it is rife with bullying.
Aug 28, 2023

No good

Bad school

Hi im from Auckland and i must say that im very disgusted and your behaviour coming from your students that are bullying another student that goes to your school that I have seen all over Facebook yous have not done nothing for the past 2 years one of the bullies parents had the cheat to turn around and say maybe that boys shouldn't be going there maybe use need to re correct that and start doing something about it because flat pool mother has now gone to Facebook which it's gone viral and I'm here in Auckland and I see that what a bad still you are step up your game will you be all over YouTube and Instagram and yes I do have a YouTube account shame on you😳😒😒
Jul 20, 2023

Ick. Just... Ick.

this school is a bit of a dump. there's trash everywhere, and wrappers of protective sexual items all over the floor outside. it's gross.
the students all complain about how their teachers hate themx, or just don't teach. not all teachers are bad, some can be great! but still...
either, it's a free public school. you get what you get, i guess...
Former Student
Feb 7, 2023

Teachers are often awful, no communication whatsoever

Awful. Some of the teachers definitely are nice, but there's also quite a few (Mrs Katia, Mrs Jones) who are insecure Karen's and take it out on their students.

One of my English teachers when I went here, yelled at me in front of the class because I went to another English teacher for help.

Students are also treated very differently depending on their gender identity or if they do well academically.

They also have borderline abusive ways of solving problems. To stop vaping in bathrooms, they locked all but one bathroom for boys and girls, and didn't bother to mention this beforehand. I was late to multiple classes because of this. The faculty is awful with communication.
Former Student
Dec 3, 2022


Pretty good school, good cultural and sport opportunities.
Former Student
Dec 9, 2021

Wairarapa College

Very honest opinion from an ex student.

Looking back as an adult I am discussed in the way I let some of these teachers and staff members talk to me and treat me. If you do not excel academically or physically and are just simply above average you have no place at this college. The amount of bullying and tragedy that has taken place at this college for the duration of time I was there is appalling. If you are planning on sending your child to this college I strongly advise against it.
Oct 3, 2020

My personal experience.

I'm just saying this off of my experience and how I view the school and or schooling system at my college.
There is no structure or opportunities for self development in students. In my school their is per subject each term you learn something for example... Term 1 maths you might learn algebra, term 2 math you may learn about graphs/tables. I think that for all subject students year 9 onwards should be offered 6-8 different term subjects courses. From there they may chose 1 course to learn each term because I've noticed that many students do not feel like they are at school to learn, they are just there to pass time and the end of term test. BUT if we offered other options students then have their voice to follow what they are interested in which can then push them to WANT to do better and also can give them a sense of independence which I'd hope can help students learn alot more independently because they have had their own choice. I do have other opinions but don't have time to get into it. Sorry if you don't understand what I'm meaning by more term options, I also think that the teachers as a collective should stop being Karen's and use their power to over run students it hurts
Former Student
Sep 4, 2020

Go here if you like sports

Average mostly. Strong sports department but severely lacking the same energy for the arts and academics. Progress is very slow the SLT is very out of touch with the students. Student voice is almost non existent and most students who excell are not able to meet their full potential.
Sep 2, 2020

i hate it here

#firemissmaybe2020 i don’t like it it’s a bad school for my kids they complain every day about mrs maybe
83 Pownall Street, 5810, Masterton
Pam Redpath (Acting)
06 370 0400

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