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Jul 11, 2023

dangerous school tbh

if i could rate this a 0 i would, this school is very inappropriate. ever since the principal Mr Robertson left, this school has gone to a complete dump. 2020-2022 were the years i genuinely liked i’ll give you that but as for 2023 there have been fights everyday, and a person getting stabbed ?!?? and almost nothing done about it. as a student i don’t feel safe at this school for example just walking down a corridor and accidentally looking at other students and them getting mistaken for a fight ? i think that the principal could at-least run more assemblies like we always use to do and teach some sense into some students. it hurts being at a school i do not feel safe in, this school has gone completely sick. also as for teachers i know they can do a better job at looking after their students, and for educational purposes they should speak one on one with each student to see their learning level and how they want to learn so they can stick to learning. i also feel like the teachers care more about uniform than learning 🤷‍♀️
Former Student
May 30, 2023


Sausage -

Conservative bastion, where rugby rules the day, and Gladys’s Knight serves biscuits in the school canteen.
Mar 14, 2023

You could do better

It's a pretty decent school.
I mainly love the kids there, I've made alot of friends. (and the teachers are pretty cool too.)
The bathrooms are horrendous and there's no time to go to the bathroom due to Vapers and kids hiding out in them.
Not to mention there's a lack of bathrooms around like 5 blocks.
The classrooms are dirty, messy and always full of little flies and sandflies .
There have been cockroaches found in the science rooms and cooking rooms.
The teachers are nice, mostly.
I enjoy the art courses and electives. Shout-out Whaea Ruth ✊💓
I enjoy school for the most part, pretty happy nonetheless.
Feb 11, 2023

Waiopehu review

It’s very good but the bathrooms and dress codes are a no but other then that I love the school
Former Student
Aug 17, 2022


Horrific - conservative stronghold.
Substandard teaching, and mind numbing ridiculous.
Former Student
Aug 25, 2020

Could be better

It is alright, it used to be good until the curriculum and timetable changed
Bartholomew Road, 5510, Levin
Mark Robinson
06 368 8303

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