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Former Student
Apr 26, 2024


Terrible school I was there in year 9 and they did not take care when I was being bullied by other student I was told it will pass like no?! Do your job the school has favorites they only like people with good grades and are qoute "perfect" to any parent who sees this if your child starts attending this school and you see a change in them they could be getting bullied do not bother going to the school just take them out of the school I highly recommend Garin and nayland college
Former Student
Jul 7, 2023

Stude t

Pretty bad

As a student my experience was bad from my perspective lots of bullying lots of drug use a noticeable decline in innocence within the girl's throughout year 9 and beyond which is to be expected of people that age but it isn't in a healthy the way it happens like its become more degenerate the more genrations go through that school and the teachers don't seem to enjoy working there unless it's there first year doing so with a few exceptions sure you go there to learn but it actually crushes potential in students I know that alot of them become lost with themselves and unsure how to be in a world without school because teachers never offered any sort of true relationship between them and the class but what do I know about teaching for 30 or so years and using the same style of teaching for 30 years (which should change modern is better this isn't the 90s) more focused on academic rather than anything which if they wanted to include students isn't good for the more practical student it's just a bad environment other than that tho the school is trying but I think it needs to try harder for the students sake and not for it's sorry ass reputation oh and also if send your white child here expect them to have some Maori kids bullying them within a week and for them to be a pothead by the end of year 9
Jun 6, 2023


Honestly, some staff are horrible to students. Not letting my daughter home because she's sick and dosnt have a peice of paper to prove that is just stupid. But aswell as the bullying in this school is horrific, did you see that video of that poor boy being beaten up while so many kids where watching and all the school cares about is to stop students from going to a supermarket because their food is overpriced? I can't believe what this school has turned into!
Former Student
Mar 19, 2023

Racism & Bullying.

The school academically is quite good. Results Nationally are high. The main failure here is education on Racial tolerance, and Bullying. The 'N' word is used very widely here, and seems to be unchallenged. In this day and age it's surprising Policies they have in place are not put into practise effectively. Hence, sending the wrong signals to students. Bullying has been a real issue there too. Teachers do not patrol here so discipline and safe spaces are not created especially in break times. Bringing back Prefects could help teachers here.
Former Student
Feb 16, 2023

Waimea Is NOT a good school

Waimea College as a whole has devolved a toxic behavior not seen is most ordinary schools. The teachers are essentially useless, and majority of the students have got their ego so high it distracts them from learning.
The deputy principle chants "Waimea is a good school" when it's the furtherest thing from it. Get your kids out of Waimea it's a no good school there
Feb 11, 2023

A good school

Waimea college is a good school with great teachers, the staff are supportive ans act on bullying. Good for all students academic and athletic, easily one of the best schools in the country.
Feb 10, 2023

Very good

Very good very nice, look good in the day, look good in the night. Look they taught me to use commas!!!!!! 💥
Jan 14, 2023


It’s a good school. The principle is cool sometimes he plays handball with us at lunchtime when he is passing by.
Oct 27, 2022

Super friendly and helpful.

I moved here from Auckland. People at Waimea are way more friendly and the teachers are super friendly and helpful.
Oct 12, 2022

A good experience

A great school for my two teenage girls. One is sporty and the other is into dance, music and drama. Both love Waimea College and everything it offers.

The atmosphere of the school is warm and friendly compared to their previous experience at NCG.
Former Student
Oct 3, 2022

Yep its good

Yeah it’s gud I guess.
Oct 3, 2022


My daughter attended this school as an international student from Hamburg, Germany. She choose the school because of the outdoor education programme. She loved her time there and has a “kiwi” second family now.

Oct 1, 2022

Yup it’s good.

It’s a good school.
Sep 23, 2022


We enrolled our son here in 2021. It is a wonderful school. The school has strong systems for supporting student behaviour and learning and if there is ever an issue it gets resolved quickly.
Aug 30, 2022

Waimea is a Good School

Waimea College is a good school.
Aug 30, 2022

Waimea is a good school

I used to go to Nayland but I left because of the bullying. Waimea College is a much better school. The teachers at Waimea are friendly and they care more and the school is tough on bullies. Mr Smith is the man
Aug 30, 2022

A great local school

A great school. All three of our kids went there. Caring teachers and and capable senior staff. My kids all took different subjects but all succeeded academically. The sports and music programmes were great too. Recommended.
Former Student
Jan 20, 2022

Awful college experience

I honestly had an awful experience at this school. Waimea college is not a school of equal opportunity. When I started I thought everything was great as I was treated well by teachers and was given many academic opportunities as I was in their gifted program. Although this experience was good and I enjoyed learning, I found that other students were in no way getting treated with the respect that I was. I would talk in class, not get work done and be rude to teachers but it was fine because I got good grades whereas other students would get in a lot of trouble. I only noticed how bad this favouritism treatment was when I was in year 13 and as the stress of school began to get more intense I would more openly struggle with my autism and so would be discriminated against by staff and bullied by my peers. I realised that while I was a favourite of the teachers I was not a favourite of the higher up staff and so was denied access to the opportunities of these favourite students. You will only get by in this school if you are liked by the staff and I believe, if your parents are liked by the staff.

Waimea is also full of bullying that staff does nothing about. Students frequently get beat up and threatened.
Nov 15, 2020

Not too good

It's got great teachers but I just don't feel happy at this school and it's tiring I not a big fan of this school
Oct 23, 2020

Good for learning but bad school environment

It’s a good school for learning but the amount of shady stuff that goes on under teachers noses is unreal, there is so much drugs and smoking/Vaping going on inside of school grounds that teachers just don’t notice even though ever student damn know where it’s happening.
Sep 29, 2020


The schools is horrible they do nothing about bullying and it’s just useless
Sep 27, 2020

Would not recommend Waimea College

Would not recommend Waimea College as there is a lot of bullying there and the school does nothing about it! They avoid phone calls from parents that are ringing about there kid being bullied. They also lock students out of the classrooms.
For example my child went out of the class to get a drink go’s back to class to find the door is locked and the teacher won’t let her in.
Sep 21, 2020


kinda trash not going to lie. needs teachers that are actually capable of teaching
Sep 13, 2020

Teacher's having obvious favourites

It's pretty standard but most of the teachers have obvious favourites. which does actually effect learning and grades
Sep 3, 2020

Waimea College could be WAY better

Education depends on if you get one of the few good teachers or not. If you're anything except straight, white and cis then you WILL be bullied. Misogyny, racism and homophobia are MASSIVE problems. Teachers don't seem to care. Boys sport will always be prioritised no one cares for the girls sport... Girls literally have to set up their own teams, funding and coaches while boys get everything handed to them.
Sep 3, 2020

Good school

It is a good academic school
60 Salisbury Road, 7020, Richmond
Scott Haines
03 544 6099

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