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Aug 28, 2023

My daughter thought she was going to be expelled

I was absolutely shocked the day my daughter came home from school, crying her eyes out, saying to me: "Mummy, I'm going to be expelled because I haven't been baptized. I have to be baptized by the 10th of July or the school is going to expel me."
I didn't understand what on earth she was talking about. Expelled? For not being baptized? She pulled out a school notice from her bag, and I was appalled at what I read, it went as follows:

Unfortunately, school principal Mary Curran alongside the B.O.T representative of WDSG has come to the regrettable conclusion that starting from the 10th of July, any Dio student who has NOT been baptized are NO LONGER welcome in our school comformunity. We urge parents/caregivers to please unenrol their child/s from Dio before this date, and find an alternative source of 'education.'
If parents/caregivers do NOT unenrol their child/s before this date, we will be forced to expel them from our property, and if need be, file for a restraining order.
However, if unenroling your child/s is not suitable, Dio will be offering a MASS BAPTISM on the 31st of October, with an entry fee of $66.60.
This event will be named the 'Dio Dunk.' More info will be posted on the upcoming newsletter as well as our Instagram page.
We urge you to spread the word among peers, parents and our community.
Use the following hashtags on social media tp broadcast this news:
#DioDunk # MASSBAPTISM #GetBaptised #MaryCurran
We understand this may come as a shock.
However, the school nurse is absent today, as well as for the remainder of this term.
Blesses and prayers,
Mary Curran alongside the B.O.T.
(Mary Currans signature and the school crest was shown below - as well as a QR code to a playlist named 'Baptism party playlist')

I didn't know what to do. My daughter didn't know what to do. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the schools handling of this situation, many girls that day, just like my daughter, went home crying their eyes out, thinking: I hope this isn't true.
I wish I had not enrolled my daughter into this school. Unfortunately, this is only one of the difficult situations she has had to face, and only in her first year.
Former Student
Feb 19, 2023

Please don’t send your child here.

Extremely strict uniform code to the point where there can be no self expression seen from students. Many teachers push harmful view points onto the students daily, and also create a toxic learning environment through the way in which their authority is expressed. Little to nothing done about bullying in the school, troubled students, etc. Many promises made by school board which were never fulfilled. Only choice in uniform is a skirt and a blouse, no pants or shorts offered for students who may feel uncomfortable in said skirt, as well as the winter uniform being useless against the cold in winter time. It consists of thin stockings, the same short skirts, a thin long sleeved blouse, and a tie. There is the option of sweaters or scarves but they must not be worn in chapel or classes. Overall it seems their only concerns are not the students, but the schools academic reputation. Little attention and kindness is paid to lower scoring students.
Nov 18, 2020

Waikato Dio

Its pretty bad but there are alot of fun days and most people there are great. It really depends on what teacher you have if you enjoy the class, most of the teachers are bad or average but there are some really good ones there. Junior exams are pointless by the way.
660 River Road, 3210, Hamilton
Mary Curran
07 855 2038

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