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Nov 1, 2023


Lets hope the new principal coming in next year actually does her job and turns this school around, unlike the current principal who doesn't care about the school or its' students.
May 19, 2023

it's trying

As one of the students myself I can say with full certainty that the school is not all to good. As of late it's just become worse and worse since the school got rid of the male and female bathrooms and added non gendered bathrooms it their place. It is now basically impossible to go to the bath room without getting a strong smell of weed, vape juice or tabacco. Though some of the teachers are incredible and make the days you have them for a class amazing other teachers can actually drive kids out of wanting to go to school at all. But that doesn't mean that the students are all to nice to the teachers either since some can be rude and even just flat out not listen to the teacher. Most nice teachers stop being so nice becuase the students have just pushed them to far and they can no longer try. I also feel the need to bring up the school lunches because even if the students call them gross they aren't to bad but that's only some of the lunches. One day you can have an honestly good lunch and the next day? literal horse poop. I don't blame anyone fully the students, teachers and school are all to blame but if we are ever given an assembly about the problems at hand none of the students take it seriously and those who do are to shy or scared to voice their opinions or follow along since they don't wanna stick out and get bullied for it. It's clear that the school is trying to get better but nothing is really helping. The school is getting a new principal and I know that me and a couple other students are excited for there to maybe just maybe be a second chance for waihi college. But we know it take time for a miracle like that to happen.
Oct 2, 2022


It is difficult to write a review for this school. I am limited by the words and language we are allowed to use on this site. The bullying is discusting, as is the response of the school when it is bought to the attention of the management team. I'm sure there must be good teachers there, unfortunately, I met only one, the drama teacher. I should have taken note when prior to sending children there I was told the kids struggle to know what the principal looks like as he spends more time at the golf course.
My experience with the school is from approximately 4 years ago, based on local Facebook page comments I doubt it has improved. Good luck to the kids sent their and the local community. This school does not serve you in a way that it is reasonably expected to.

This is my own opinion based on my experience with this school and things I have witnessed at this school, I have no way to know if it has improved.
Mar 10, 2022

The school in general

The bathrooms horrendous of the stalls are burnt down and some of teacher are very slack.
Feb 23, 2021

Waihi college

There are always dramas in the school but who doesn't have dramas, the girls tolets are horable some people can be sceared to go in as they are filled with smokers and capers but I guess what school doesn't.
Nov 13, 2020

It's a good school

It's a amazing school with amazing teachers. The juniors just need to stop wrecking the girls toilets
Kensington Road, 3610, Waihi
Alistair Cochrane
07 863 8349

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