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Feb 2, 2024

Worst school ever

Absolutely terrible worst school in the world. Do not give a flying f about anyone’s mental health or feelings. Care more about makeup and jewellery than their own learning. Worst teachers ever pick on students my daughter would come home everyday crying for hours which then I made the decision to let her leave. Many other students leave the school which is no surprise considering how disrespectful they treat the girls there.
Former Student
Aug 23, 2023

Villa Maria College.

Throughout my schooling life here, I have been faced with many different challenges and the school doesn’t do anything to help. They say they nurture the young women at the school but I beg to differ. When I was bullied, excluded, and facing many different teen battles, the teachers brush it under the carpet. When I was being picked on, I confided in my head of house. She told me that I don’t know what is going on in their life, and never followed it up. I was left to figure everything out myself and had no support which was hard and I often didn’t go to school because of this. Some teachers are lovely but I think the main problem is the school rules as-well as the head of the school (principal, deputy etc). I forgot to mention, no makeup, jewellery or tattoos are allowed. I understand this is school rules however they say that everyone is different so we should express this but if I’m being honest, they want us to all be the same. Feels like a literal prison/cult.
Mar 5, 2023

Villa maria

Bad teachers, absolutely awful girls, ** ******* is absolutely awful.
Feb 15, 2023

Extremely not it

They act like they care about students they really don’t they have strict rules making us all the same like a cult they don’t let us have individuality at all they seem like they care about different culture other than white but that’s not the case they try to include the Māori language but then ask a girl to take a ponamu off make that make sense also they butcher the language and don’t even try! Would not recommend this school to anyone
Former Student
Feb 21, 2021


the school is extremely homophobic. not only do some of the girls openly express that they think all gay people should die but the teachers do too. one teacher even pushed a girl over for being gay. i am not gay but when my gay friends complained they were told not to worry about it since the teacher was just “in a bad mood”
Sep 22, 2020

The real villa Maria

the school is bad with dealing with bullies, a girl brought an acid tab to school (a class A drug) and the school did nothing about it. The school isn’t right for most people’s learning style, as they push you do to subjects that you are not interested in. The teachers don’t actually care about the well-being of students, when they’re upset about grades, the teachers do not care. The schooling is absolutely appalling. We are not allowed any individuality, it is like they are making us all be the exact same.
21 Peer Street, 8041, Christchurch
Deborah Brosnahan
03 348 4165

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