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Feb 28, 2023

Enjoying my time at this school

Awesome school so far. As a new student, the teachers have made me feel welcome. I got into all of my chosen subjects and looking forward to joining a sports team soon.
Former Student
Feb 21, 2023

Terrible school

I dropped out of this school in 2019 and I can easily say I learnt next to nothing in my time there. Students behaviour is out of control and teachers could never control their students. Never learnt a single thing in Math and science as the teachers were total push overs and unable to control their students. In my last year I ditched every day with little to no consequences and my punishment for fighting was to sit across the hall from her for a week next to the deans office where we just continued to fight. School is very divided and a lot of bullying goes on. Councillors was terrible offering no support apart from calling my parents. School was more worried about how there students looked than getting an education. I would not send your kids here, some of the worst years of my life and I have had to further my high school education outside of high school. There were also stuff all extra curricular activities and only a hand full of tech classes.
Former Student
Feb 3, 2023


the school cares more about the colour of your socks than your education. they’ve taken phones and music (headphones, airpods) away this year but they don’t realise that people use that as their coping mechanisms and that it helps people to learn. they are making things 100 times harder than it actually needs to be. most of the staff are alright but “gym shorts” are always an issue for the girls. “wear longer shorts” when their shorts are already long enough, and the teachers say it’s so they don’t provoke someone. honestly i don’t recommend coming here or sending your children here. also the wifi is always horrible and they want us to “byod”. the canteen lady is always lovely though and she makes the best food so definitely a highlight of my time at Tuakau.
Feb 1, 2023

Avoid this school

this school is complete garbage. the buildings are falling apart. school uniform is more important than students mental health and wellbeing, and detentions are given out for having one more earring than the designated allowance in the uniform policy. a select few teachers are nice, but theres no guarantee that students will have them each year.
Mar 10, 2021

Decent school

School, especially the Dean's do little to nothing about bullying and brush it off or just tell both parties to apologize, there is rarely ever consequences for it. The health classes have asbestos and have been down for demolition for like a decade but they still havent, school uniform policy is bad and unfair but the teachers are good I guess
Elizabeth Street, 2121, Tuakau
Christopher Betty
09 236 8521

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