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Feb 5, 2024

nuh uhhhh

yall dont enroll your child into this school the classrooms are musty the bathrooms are musty the outdoors are musty you inhale 10000 new diseases from this school fr and the food is icky, and this school has a bad effect on your mental health from experience 😘😘 #livelaughlove 🍷🍷🍷
Mar 6, 2023

Just no

School funds have to be directed into someone's bank account as i don't know where the hell it is going, some teachers try to be strict and shit but that usually fails, a very small few are OK. the rest are just mediocre, the toilets are always disgusting the students, the education that they do are all good, the security is a joke, both indoor and outdoor environments are just bland, DO NOT TRUST THE SCHOOL MEALS, the information that the school gives start up lies, someone needs to demolish this school and restart
Mar 1, 2023

I need a pay raise

Those bloody students don't know how to pick up their rubbish and i hate picking up after them
Feb 4, 2023

Nys gng

It’s ass someone burn it down fr with all the goofys in it 🤣
Sep 18, 2020

Burn it down

Uniform is very poor quality, overly strict while at the same time incredibly expensive. Two shirts and pair of shorts will run you over $ an area of school with a high rate of child poverty. School canteen likewise is overly priced, not healthy and very poor quality food. School seems to direct funds out the window because idk where it's going.
Aug 30, 2020

where do we start..........?

it sucks.
student A posted a white supremist rant on her private instagram & the next day student B told her she wasn't allowed to hang out with their group any more. guess which student got in trouble for lack of tolerence? i'll give you a clue: (B) got to sit the in counsellor's office for two periods and morning tea defending their right to tell (A) to go away while she got to go to class.
teachers aren't given the resources to prepare for the myrid of issues their students are going to be facing & some of them just straight up contribute to them.
the school employs substitute teachers who are aggressively misogynistic, passive aggressively racist (in a Maori dominated school for christsakes), and blatently transphobic & homophobic.
how is this school supposed to foster a learning environment when it can't even make its students welcome, or provide them with a safe space.
76 Arawa Road, 3120, Whakatane
Adrienne Scott-Jones
07 308 8159

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