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Former Student
Nov 12, 2023


If eny kunt seen my fat usless slob son mesage me lil kunt fukin raxed my wollet Lil fat ugly kunt wich I abortid yur ars
Aug 28, 2023



the teachers are very disrespectful towards the students many people feel forced to come to school, The rules that have been put down are awful and doesn't allow us to have free will around here
Aug 19, 2023

mini review of tghs

this school sucks words cannot even explain how bad this school is. firstly the staff all very rude and the male teachers at an all girls school all give off nasty vibes. teachers are rude to students and when students stand up for themselves they get in trouble because the teachers are “reliable” when most of the time students aren’t the problem, me and many other students haven’t learnt anything in the time we’ve been at this school. i hope this school burns down to the ground and I hope mr collins whos a little girl toucher belinda ewen one of the worst teachers students will ever have and megan turnbull an dog eater🤮🤮 all die a very painful death. i hope this school starts to become more aware and make changes around the school because it sucks poos
Mar 20, 2023

It's the best school

It's a great school and there's a wonderful teachers.
Former Student
Mar 8, 2023


There was very little amounts of LGBT acceptance grouped etc for those of the LGBT community like myself until my final year of highschool, and only because a friend and I really got cracking and started to advertise our group.
I was bullied a lot during my first few years of high school and felt that I couldn’t go to the teachers for help at all because they never gave off the impression that they would have been of any help.
I was stressed all the time, constantly wanting to leave and falling into depression, but there was good things too.
the library, my final year in school we got a new counsellor and she was the best person on earth i loved her so much, she really helped. a couple teachers there were good as well.
but they could do better in trying to sympathise and empathise with students, becoming a friendly face instead of the harsh authority figures you had no choice but to listen to without getting consequences, help with lessening the pressure of NCEA and Exams and making sure kids who don’t identify as female get treated as such and to make them feel comfortable around them. it took me until almost half way through my final year of highschool to come out to my teachers as non binary and almost all were supportive, but it’s a scary thing to do and i think if the school openly expressed that, it would help the kids feel less stressed about coming to school every day.

I also think there needs to be a better way to secure the school, considering in year nine my bike was stolen off the bike racks on school grounds and I was told there was no security camera footage because they didn’t face that way.
Feb 2, 2023


Average bit harsh and restrictive with there rules some teachers are a bit rude not enough opinion subjects
Apr 11, 2022


This school is foul.My child and her friends hav all been accused of vaping because they’ve gone in the bathrooms after a group of children who have and some of them have even been stood down.I’ve even been told from my child and many other parents that some teachers are very creepy and can get touching this is disgusting sort it out tghs.
Feb 11, 2021

It’s alright

Spent all high school there, uniform is terrible and the rules can be very restricting so students can’t feel comfortable or express themselves. Very limited classes and not everyone is friendly.
Nov 2, 2020

Not so good

I don’t really like the teachers they can be harsh and expect you to do so much and the wifi hardly works so I’m going all day without being able to talk to my mum and my friends from other school which just makes school horrible the students are horrible even tho it’s not schools fault but it makes school bad I don’t feel safe with students cause of past students and attitudes from students most classes I don’t learn it’s just a repeat and teachers mostly my science teacher is so bad at teaching she takes 20 mins to explain something and then you won’t even understand it
Aug 24, 2020

Dont reccomend

Went there for all of about 6 weeks in yr 11. Absolutely terrible. The teachers are rude and dont change there ways if people learn differently. The environment is not welcoming at all. Uniform is expensive and uncomfortable. The rules are to strict and the class options are not great.

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