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Te Puke High School

Student · February 14, 2021
Student · February 14, 2021
Been at the school for 4 years now and to be honest and to be honest, it's not too bad.

First two years (Year 9 - Year 10) is "meh", considering that literally most the year roughly 60-70 students are cramped in one of each of the six main classrooms. Trust me, I've been there and at times it stinks because of the amount of body odor is there in the room. Good thing it's not an all day class. Not to mention that before class starts, we'd have to line up outside, which is totally unnecessary in my opinion since we'd have to wait a long time just for one of the teachers to get us in and start the class, unlike Senior students (Year 11 - 13), they're allowed to come in freely without lining up for the most part (in some classes at least, or when the room is locked).

The teachers at school, well although some are pretty chill and help out students when they needed it, there are other teachers that are clearly the opposite and well, don't teach their classes properly. Last year I had a Math teacher who did just that, not teach the class properly and only gave the answers to the question without explaining through it and therefore, a lot of the students in class got confused and most students would just skip this particular class as a result. The same year I had a PE Teacher, who although gets straight to the point of the topic of whatever's they're teaching, most of the the time they're clueless and don't know what they're doing. Although I won't call them out (because duh), whoever's reading this review knows who they are.

The subjects there are alright, some of which I liked, while others I often question why I picked them, but it depends what the student likes in the first place. In my opinion, they have a decent amount of subjects to choose from, so it's alright I guess.

Since last year, the rules of the school had somewhat changed, such as the phone ban which took place towards the end of the last year which is unnecessary in my opinion because how would I contact my mum (she works most of the day) for personal purposes when I can't because of the phone ban? The only way you could contact someone is by the landline phone in the reception (office) but what if someone couldn't remember their landline number, or what if no one's available to contact them from home, then what's the point? I rest my case. There was another rule (which had been lifted at some point) that male students are not allowed to have facial hair, you have be clean shaven, otherwise you'd get suspended until you shave it off, which I don't understand how it affects other student's learning? Thank god it's been lifted now.

Although the school is culturally diverse, I would often get teased by other students because of my differences and the teachers couldn't do anything about it which is totally a shame because I thought they would help out.

In conclusion, my experience at Te Puke High School has been pretty average as of right now, first few years are basically being cramped in a room that's filled with body odor, some teacher's are pretty crap at teacher and don't help out for the most part, the subjects are pretty decent and there are lots of activities to choose from.

PS: If you're that kind of person that wants to bring your phone to school, you could but don't bother since if your unlucky, a teacher can take if off you and one of your caregivers have to pick it up, so don't bother


Student · August 25, 2020
Student · August 25, 2020
Open plan learning is rubbish, teaching is ineffective and students are far from thriving in this environment. Student population if full of cliches and are very uninviting. Bullying problem is not good.

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