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Sep 20, 2023

Te awamutu collage student review

more like a prison. drugs, fights, all shit
May 26, 2023

I don't feel safe at this school

This is school is useless and doesn't give a shit about their students. I am constantly scared to walk from class to class in fear of being bullied.
Former Student
Apr 7, 2023


This school is shit, been fights that teachers have done nothing about it, some yr 11 got a penis shoved in his mouth and nothings been done about it, what a way to go ta college
Former Student
Feb 25, 2023

tac is interesting...

This School is not great, They are hiring new teachers who don't know what they are teaching, I nearly failed my subjects if I hadn't based it off of one of my previous years. I was severely bullied in year 9 and 10 because I didn't have a phone and just for being myself. I was severely insecure and I went to my male dean for help but he didn't do anything because he cares more about the 'sporty' people even though I was a really active in those years regardless of my disabilities. I went to my female dean afterwards and she was amazing! but naturally it did not fully stop.

the year 13 have a lot more priority and activities instead of any other year levels

there are fights ALOT too, there are teachers monitoring at all times but they never really stop it and only suspend them but that never works.
They lock the bathrooms at morning tea and lunch which is understandable because they want to prevent vapers but atm they have padlocked the doors open which I know makes many girls uncomfortable because many boys and teachers could peak in.
They mainly recognise the men sports and only recognise the women premier team captains

The canteen is the amazing though honestly!!
there is a free doctor that comes in every week, as well as a physio therapist
they do have the good teachers having tutorials every week and they have a wide range of committees including students against drunk driving and diversity committee

If you choose to send your child here it will definitely be a memorable experience, either negative or positive.
Feb 23, 2023

Not impressed

Poor school. Bathroom doors locked open with cameras right next to them. Horrible Uniform quality, Shirt goes See through in Rain, jacket absorbs The water which makes it completely useless, still makes Uniform top See through. Not Allowed to wear a top underneath, can only be white but there is no point as it also goes see through as-well. Horrible teachers who don’t teach properly and who are mean. There are some lovely teachers But way more Bad than good. Nice food provided at the canteen.
Feb 23, 2023

Not good

Locked Open bathroom Doors, cameras outside. Bad Uniform rules and horrible teachers.
Feb 20, 2023

I dislike TAC

We are not treated like equals, people can have bright pink hair but if I have a little stud in my nose it’s a big deal
Feb 9, 2023

Uniform Code, Piercings, War Poetry and Reserve Subjects

I feel as though some of the work may not actually help us. For instance, War Poetry we’re doing in English class. I don’t believe I need to do this in order to thrive outside of school. You might be saying, “Then why did you take English class”, I didn’t. I was put into this class that wasn’t even my reserve, which comes to why I deducted my second star. If I don’t choose a class, that means I don’t want to do it. So why would I be put into a class that wasn’t even of interest to me? I believe this system is faulty and that it needs fixing. To be honest, it makes me want to skip English because it’s not of interest to me and I don’t want to do it if I’m not thinking of a career in English outside of school. Another reason of why I’ve deducted 3 stars is because of the uniform. I’m in a senior uniform and I’m loving the skirt and shirt, but I HATE the rules on jewellery and piercings. Obviously, I don’t want to wait 4 years to get a piercing, so why are we only allowed 1 set of earrings in our ears? To me, this is stupid as I’ve paid MONEY to get piercings only to be told that I have to switch them for nylon or take them out. I use to do that in Intermediate but then they got infected and the school refused to accept it was their fault. I don’t believe having too many piercings is distracting to anyone, so why is it not allowed?
Former Student
Feb 9, 2023

Very excellent school

Great school. I want to be a teacher after being there for 5 years
Feb 4, 2023

Good school, when no ones there

Good academically. Not so great in other areas. Doesn’t feel like a safe place 100% of the time. Staff care more about uniform and image than actual issues including bullying or learning. Complaints about teachers aren’t taken seriously eg: I had to teach my younger sister 3 subjects after school because some teachers didn’t understand the concepts enough to rephrase. Many classes are taught from powerpoints but we aren’t allowed to do that at home. Very controlling and stressful environment depending on teachers. all Bathrooms are locked until as late as lunchtime to keep out vapers and waggers and there are no suitably sized dry areas to sit if it’s raining/cold. Many opportunities available IF you can play a sport well, otherwise next to nothing.
Jan 30, 2023

Good school

I am in year 12 at TAC and have been here since year 9 I have found the way the school is structured really enjoyable and I beleive most of the teachers care about their students and are knowledgeable in the areas they teach. A downside would be the state of the toilets its litteraly disgusting of course this isn't the schools fault but its somthing to know. The school definitely favors sports over the arts and other areas but other areas are still really good and have really passionate teachers. The food classrooms have amazing resources. The canteen is pretty good but they could definitely have healthier options. Overall the school is great for those wanting to exceed in academics however its important to note that course selections are slightly limited from my point of veiw like how they don't ofter psychology classes. The library is also great and the librarians are super lovely, and the student centre has great resources and remember to utilize your deans.
Former Student
Mar 2, 2021

My Experience.

I was a student at this school for a few years. The counselling service was great and so were some opportunities I got given here. I even made a few friends I still have now, years later.

Though, the deans are appalling. I can’t count how many times I had an issue at this school, and they’d go sweeping it under the rug or brushing it off. These issues included things like severe bullying and harassment by other students. And I know I’m not the only one who’s had this, because my friends at the time had complained about it to. One or two deans also had a really nasty attitude. I remember getting yelled at by one once for example for just saying hello.

The school can be very irresponsible.
For example. On athletics day a couple of years ago, we went to the outdoor stadium in town and it poured down with rain. The weather was overall horrible, there was even thunder. However, I vividly remember that we were instructed to just continue athletics as usual like that wasn’t the case despite some students (including me) wanting to leave and not get sick, while some teachers took refuge in the tiny indoors area near where the food was being served.

There are some teachers, mainly in departments like PE, who like to choose favourites and target other students. Their favourites I’ve noticed are usually the kids who cause the most trouble in the classes. I think the teachers just want to get on their good side, honestly. But it doesn’t do well for the rest of us and certainly doesn’t help the class function. It’s kind of selfish, actually. I had a male teacher in my first year at this school who will go unnamed as a good example, and he treated me awfully. So bad in fact that in the end, I just gave up on doing PE altogether. I’d do anything to get out of it. From not bringing my PE uniform so he wouldn’t pick on me to just straight up ditching class. Going there was like a chore, I didn’t enjoy it at all. He’d make fun of me for actually trying to take part despite my medical issues at the time, and then yell at me when I didn’t want to anymore because of how badly he treated me. Other students even started picking on me in that class because of him constantly targeting me. It’s disgusting behaviour. And I once again wasn’t the only person who had this experience.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking of sending your children to this school; please be aware that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be despite some of the good opportunities here. There’s a lot of bullying in this school from teachers and other students, and there’s a lot of favouritism at play.
Feb 20, 2021

Year 11-12

Teachers are not the best. They definitely pick favourites and don’t pay attention to kids that need it most. I have ADHD so focusing and learning is very hard for me and the teachers just didn’t understand that I needed different ways of learning something and thought everyone could learn from the same strategies. Deans are understanding though but bullying is very prominent
Oct 6, 2020

Is okay

Did well at school, had to get outside help as some teachers didnt care to help a child falling behind.
Former Student
Aug 23, 2020

It was alright...

Overall good school environment, but teaching staff have favourites and pick on single kids. Large bullying culture, though deans are focused on trying to extinguish it.
938 Alexandra Street, 3800, Te Awamutu
Tony Membery
07 871 4199

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