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Feb 14, 2024

A great school!

My 3 kids loved their time at TAS, all going through to Y13 then onto university. The care and commitment shown by management, teachers and support staff was unwavering. It’s a good size - lots of opportunities but small enough for all students to matter. My kids weren’t perfect, but I found they were always treated fairly. Pastoral care and discipline was always consistent and appropriate. I recommend this school without reservation, through all primary and secondary year levels.
Aug 18, 2023

Our kids love Taz

Our kids are both juniors at Taz and love it. Early on my daughter experienced some bullying but her teacher sorted it out quick smart. My son loves the play based learning and is learning at an level that's appropriate for him without undue pressure. The junior teachers have all been great and very accommodating. All in all my kids are happy at this school, it's not perfect, no school is but it is certainly rates with our family.
Jul 31, 2023

Former parent

Poorly run school wouldn't send my kids back there in a million years. Teaching young children the wrong stuff about sex and suicide completely unacceptable
Feb 27, 2023

Worst school in northland

Please avoid sending your child to this school!

Students have almost drowned on school trips due to bad management, cameras in the bathrooms, teachers threatening to CUT necklaces with a bolt cutter because they don't like them, all these things and worse will happen to your child and they won't let you know about any of it, school to parent communication is terrible.
Former Student
Feb 26, 2023

Year 1-11

Lost my motivation to continue studying

Teachers teach outdated information and let their personal opinions corrupt the lesson.

One example is:
At that school I was basically taught that if someone tries cannabis they are evil and will be guaranteed to be addicted to harder drugs. It's not a catholic school.

Have no idea how to "use" the government services, took me months to get a KiwiBank account. Had never heard of IRD or WINZ and all the rest until going on the benefit.

Worst of all, I went there since year 1 and still can't swim, the only song I can play is hot-cross-buns on the keyboard...

I can't believe they put Mr Kelly as a counsellor a few years back (might still be) his anger is 100x worse than mine!
Feb 16, 2023

I was a highschool student

Don't send your kid here

Lots of drugs going on. Bullies ignored. I've had teachers be racist towards me. During the time I was there, the stupid Canadian math teacher had her classroom be ice cold and she fat shamed all the volley ball girls. Not to mention the articles of cameras being installed in the girls changing areas of the bathroom. So glad I left that school.
Former Student
Nov 3, 2022



Horrible school, Horrible teachers, Out of touch view on education, besides the bullying problem the administration dose their best to try hide they don't offer nearly enough variety when it comes to classes, almost every other NCEA school in northland will offer a better education then this garbage dump of a school
Apr 4, 2021

How I was treated

I feel that the school does not take bullying seriously. Multiple times I was told to get over it or ignore it. They don't allow for mental health to be a factor into doing work and had forced me into multiple situations I wasn't comfortable being in.
398 Tauraroa Road, 0178, Maungakaramea
Grant Burns
09 432 2643

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