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Former Student
Feb 27, 2024

shit school

this school is absolute crap!!!! on my first day of school i was told to wait for teacher who would help me get to class 30 mins passed and no one showed up i was going around n round the school feeling panicked and literally no person helped...the teachers are more concerned about the uniform than the science teacher was crap like all of them, they used to play videos from youtube excepting us to learn from the internet. The teachers don't know how to teach and the girls are vaping all of the time in the bathroom. No revisions are given before the test. If your child is smart trust me this school will change everything.
Jan 19, 2024


students are shitty, racist, already been in a scrap 1st yr here. bathrooms are disgusting. teachers are just straight up rude and entitiled (not ms emma tho we love her.) too focused on what our uniform looks like rather than our education. i only go to school for friends and attendance is shitty because i cant be fucked dealing with bitches every single day. they have good sport choices and thats why im giving it 2 stars. they barley deal with fights and just stand you down even if they hit you first and you were just defending yourself, don't send you child here
Nov 8, 2023

dont go to tgc

their are many racist teachers at this school and also them banning phones is supporting the national government which is run by corrupt white racists phones isnt the problem on why academics are decreasing its idk maybe about the global pandemic that went around or the cyclone or maybe the fact that we have a racist government who dont like people of maori descent
Aug 29, 2023


un enrol yourself.

Aug 28, 2023

Don't enrol your daughter in this school - for her own safety.

Tauranga Girls College doesn't deserve any stars. This school is full Teachers/Deans that don't care about anything. The teachers are highly racist towards any white or non maori student. My daughter has been there for 3 years and never once seen the Principal. She's been bullied for months and made multiple statements about the harassment but the teachers never take her seriously. Today, my daughter got beaten up TWICE by students of TGC after the Teachers assured her these girls were only talk and would never physically hurt her.
Aug 8, 2023

Horrible school

The deans say they care for you, but all they really care about is our uniform. If your being bullied they will listen to you but they wont do anything to change it. The toilets are horrible They have no locks on the doors. The teachers dont care one bit about your mental health, they treat us like little kids, there more interested in telling us off for our earings then wanting to teach us.
Aug 8, 2023

Don’t send your kids here

Hello if you are thinking of sending your child to this school I highly suggest not to. My child is no longer a student of this school because they don’t actually teach anymore it’s more about telling children off for wearing more than one piercing or if they are wearing the wrong socks.
Aug 8, 2023

Don’t come to this school

This school is not good! It is an unhealthy environment for your children. I am an ex student of this school and left because of this school. The bathrooms are atrocious making students not want to go until they are home, they are dirty with locks that don’t work and toilet seats falling off. The teachers are unhelpful and rude and spend too much time correcting students uniforms then teaching the class. When you are there it feels like your in a prison no opinions, and no freedom. The deans don’t do anything about situations that need to be worked on bullying, harassment, none of it gets solved because they assume it’s just more girl drama when it can be more severe then they think. They just get you to write on a piece of paper and tell you they will talk to the people and fix it THEY DONT. It is a draining prison that no kids should be put in. For your kids mental health please keep them away from this school.
May 26, 2023

Tauranga Girls' College

Go on, send your daughter here. I dare you.

It's an alright school. I've been here for two terms now and I somewhat enjoy it. However, there are a lot of strict rules and the teachers are hypocrites. Like for example, we are not allowed to wear jewellry. Meanwhile, the teachers turn up with big dangly earrings and like twelve bracelets on. And they have the audacity to say "Oh you can't wear jewellry." What exactly does it restrict? Sure, you probably wouldn't wear jewellry when playing sports, but why is it such a big problem when all you are doing is sitting in class doing nothing?! I find it very hilarious also, how teachers think they have all these incredible rights to how you act and live. They degrade you, pick holes in your work, and they threaten you with bad emails to your parents, even if you've done nothing wrong! You're not allowed to speak back, you aren't allowed to go to the bathroom more than once during a lesson, you aren't allowed to buy cheaper lunch from a supermarket that is ACROSS THE ROAD from the school! The canteen is a rip off, it's like $8 for 4 chicken nuggets! 4!! It's outreagous! I miss my old school now, back when I thought my old school was bad. This school makes my old school look so much better now!
Mar 18, 2023

If I could move schools I would

Personal experiences some of the students are really bad and don’t get punished at all when they should, some teachers aren’t the best and the toilets and bathrooms are externally in hygienic and graffiti everywhere. If I could move schools I would
Mar 12, 2023

Tauranga Girls College

The school overall is good they try their best but the students make things hard. They trash bathrooms and draw over all the tables and it's a guarantee to find gum underneath your table and plenty of it. The teachers I've had so far have been amazing with a few exceptions but if the students had better maintenance of school facilities and less of them were bullies the school would be much better. Personally I have not been a victim to the bullying but have witnessed more in this school than any other and I've been to a lot of schools. The education for me is good but then again I'm in an extension class so at year 10 we do exams and internals for older grades but that can be kinda stressful having that type of pressure so being in a normal class is advised. The school is a good option as long as you havent been a target of bullying and you dont mind a bit of vandalism and gum. 🙂
Mar 10, 2023

This school sucks.

I go to this school now and can’t stand it. I hate everything about it and I wish I could move schools. Yes, I have friends and all that good memories and stuff. But I have so many bad memories here and I’ve been here for a year. I can’t stand the students and even some of the teachers, the education is well, but they fail to make sure students are okay. They don’t give two fucks about how students feel and could care less if one started crying hysterically because ‘it’s not that bad.’
I hate this school so much, words can’t even explain it. I will never send my kids here when I’m older, I am so sick of it.
Now, some teachers are great and are so good at understanding stuff but others just can’t get over the fact that it is no longer the 80s.
Things are different now, things change, y’all need to get over yourself and suck it up.
Former Student
Feb 26, 2023

It sucked

This school was overall a bad experience. I hope its gotten better but I struggled to feel like I fit in anywhere withing the school systematic system as a young queer māori student with generalized anxiety disorder. The school itself was not supportive or accommodating, especially with mental health issues in their students.
Feb 22, 2023


xox chicken nugget :)
Feb 22, 2023

Its a 50/50! Depends on the teachers your girl has.

Its a 50/50 depending on the classes you are in. The girls behind me on the bus constantly vape (unfortunately our school is RIGHT next to a vape shop) but the class I am in has good teachers, but this is probably because I’m within a special program. The school has a lot to offer educationally and I believe that if you are in classes with the right teachers you could learn a lot. However there are some teachers and faculty in the school who just give out worksheets and then go on their phone. I’m not in one but three of my friends are in a class similar to that. I would be VERY cautious about what teachers you get your child if you plan on going here.
ex, try getting them in a maths class with miss Robinson, or in a cooking class with miss Odyssey, it’ll benefit your child greatly!
Former Student
Feb 19, 2023

Not the best

I went to this school from 2016 to 2020 and yes I have many good memories with friends at this school but I have so many more bad memories. When we had sports with other schools (usually tauranga boys college) the way they would try to get us to go was telling us that we should go to distract the boys so our team could win. Bullying at girls college holy cow the teachers could not less, oh and the individuality that this school claims to have is non existent, you cant colour your hair, cant wear jewelry and have colored nails, they only gave us pants and shorts after years of asking, and finally not shutting up about it. Oh and what about the tops, all see through but arnt allowed to wear a white or nude singlet underneath and if you read the uniform contract you also arnt allowed shorts under the skirts.
not many teachers care enough to try help the students who are falling behind, if you are struggling you either get told to be better or told that you will be getting put in a different class, not helped or talked to, and the counselors at this school have the conclusion of your a teenager that's the issue, oh and the ability to just leave during school hours, i didnt ditch but if i wanted to SUPER EASY , teachers dont care about that either. Otherthan these negatives, they offer alot of sport options... but ofcourse alot of students have to miss out because they cant afford the joining fee that all the sports have, on days athletics day, if it isnt your thing or you dont feel well you are forced to participate, evem if it causes you pain, my last athletics day I was already in huge amounts of pain from endo, I was made to do high jump, this coused me huge amounts of pain that they didnt care about until I passed out in a field. I really hope that this school has improved since I was there
Feb 1, 2023


Either amazing or disgusting

School teachers are 50/50 they are either amazing or absolute shite. School buildings themselves are disgusting with pealing carpet and cockroaches in the library.
Jan 31, 2023

Pretty good. Music department is amazing and easy to join.

Personally, there's alot the school could improve on. Equipment might be quite old or alot of chairs in science classes tend to be broken. Not all the instruments which the school rents out are of good quality or for a matter of fact even usable. That and you'll find gum everywhere you go (Except the music department !) However you'll find a wide variety of extra curriculum activities and opportunities. The reason I'm giving it 4 stars is mainly because of the music department. Teachers and students are all welcoming and there are plenty of music group varieties that could peak your interest. I soon found a really nice friend group once joining the music department and made loads of friends there. The head of music department can seem very strict and intimidating but if you aren't a disrespectful person she is great to you and really cares about her students mental and physical wellbeing. (Just keep her updated on what's going on and she'll be quick to understand !)
Dec 1, 2022

A good Feedback

What I like About this School Is That I found quite a lot of friends That I could talk to I mean At my first day I did not know anyone And I started Talking to Some people And Now I know Quite A lot of People, Not Only the students Who I made friends With Even the Teachers sometimes When they need something I Usaully help them Out Or They Would ask someone To help Out and I Want to help out. I Mean it's not that hard to help teachers, it's just that some people are to lazy.
May 9, 2022

School in need of an overhaul

This school provides an extremely unhealthy environment for developing young woman. The teachers are on the whole uninterested and incompetent. There are a few decent teachers but they don't last long there, they end up leaving because of the mismanagement of the school. The schools culture for students is toxic - its catty, tolerates violence and is more concerned with students wearing the correct shoes to school than the psychology harm that's happening to students in the school.
Appalling school, totally neglectful of responsibilities surrounding education and learning. If I could rate this school lower - I would.
Christie Smith
Former Student
Apr 17, 2022

Hated this school

Went here from 2001 to 2003, the last year wasn't that bad, teenagers are the worst, they just look at you when you cry, remember my first math teacher saying that with math she and this other teacher won't be able to help for much longer, but at the time I was undiagnosed with Asperger's syndrome autism, the first two years were the worst, but still was glad to be out of TGC at age sixteen.
Former Student
Jun 25, 2021

Gross school

Worst school I’ve ever been to, horrible and rude teachers, disgusting students they’re all fake and talk behind your back. Disgusting facilities always dirty. So much bullying. Never send your kids to this school.
Nov 17, 2020

how they delt with my disability

they were not good when i told them abkut my tics they told me off for it even though i cant help them
Oct 15, 2020

it's pretty ok in some areas

the only reason this chool is getting my 3 stars is because the English teachers are literally your best friends.. though I would not recommend sending your daughter here if you dont want her to be critisized every day from these year 9s and 10s :)
Oct 8, 2020


Honestly the worst school I ever attended, the teachers aren’t great, the students are horrible snakes, and the facilities suck. I would only recommend this school to people I hate
Sep 25, 2020


For those who a looking at this school, let me be straight with you, the handling of bullying at this school is TERRIBLE. When I tried (multiple times) to tell the teachers about it, I was blamed and told “You have been attacking her” repeatedly and none of the teachers believe me. They make no attempt to resolve the problems and falsely accuse students.
Former Student
Aug 24, 2020


worst school ever, teachers cannot be trusted and place false accusations against students. Whole school system makes absolutely no sense. I never once enjoyed a day at Tgc. I’m so glad I left this school i’ve never been so much better mentally ever since I left. The whole school
is just built on how we should act because they don’t want the school to look bad.
930 Cameron Road, 3112, Tauranga
Tara Kanji
07 578 8114

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