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Jul 15, 2023

What are we going to do

Just like a normal day one of you and I can still have to stay home with my family
Former Student
Jul 15, 2023

Good school. Why are the reviews so bad?

Honestly, this school is way better than Tauhara in my opinion. Wthin the first term in year 9 there were about 30 students in total that transferred from Tauhara. A friend of mine that transferred from Tauhara to nui said fights always happened and there were only a few teachers that would actually help her learn.
Fights do happen, but fights happen in every school, the teachers at nui sort it out pretty quickly.
Obviously, there are gonna be teachers that students dislike, however you can change classes if your teacher is not a good fit for your learning. The teachers I had were really supportive and nice, they had unique and fun ways to teach students. I’ve learned so much at nui.
The environment is pretty good, It all depends on who you hang out with. There are a good range of people to hang out with and make friends with. The vibe of the school is pretty chill as well.
If you care about school spirt, nui is a good fit for you. There is a wide range of activities through out the years, that help you earn house points.
Former Student
Feb 10, 2023

just send them to tauhara

send your kids here if you hate them and want your kids to have a bad time
May 4, 2021


Taupo Nui is an extremely toxic environment for any high school student. The support shown by teachers and staff members is all but a facade.
It may have half decent facilities such as the tuck shop and the music studio, but cleaners genuinely just don’t care. It’s a grubby place. The N block classrooms would often get to about 40 degrees Celsius before the school installed air conditioning on the upper floor (Air conditioning that was requested 5 years prior). The teachers don’t care, they’re in it for the pay, not for the students. There are 13 toilets for over 1,200 students, and the state of the facilities is disgusting. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE!
Mar 13, 2021

It is alright

In my experience it is a good school but definitely has a lot of flaws. As many other people say, they do not handle bullying well at all and a large number of teachers are not very good at teaching.
Former Student
Feb 16, 2021

Year 9 and 10

Don't send your kids here

Absolutely shitty the teachers, deans and dps have no regard for bullying
Even tho they say they have a zero tolerance for bullying
in the classroom or at break times, apparently the victim of bullying is the main person doing all shitty things when actually they'd rather suspsed a victim of serve mental, physical, and emotional bullying
So sad to see that people no longer care for students with mental health problems and bullying
Oct 29, 2020


the teachers don’t teach, they hate children
Aug 30, 2020


It's an ok school like the above said. My son hasn't performed well at this school despite studying tremendously.
Aug 30, 2020

It's ok

Teachers don't remember your name due to a large number of students. Fights happen too often teachers don't really sort it out. But the new classrooms are good

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