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Former Student
Dec 2, 2022

THS Review

This school didn't give the best pointers to their students on how to get the best grade possible. The organization for exams made everybody stressed which could have affected students grades even more.
Relationships between students and teachers did help understanding in class but not the grades for me.
Feb 11, 2021

It’s average

It’s alright some of the teachers are pretty awful I find though. They’re very good with special needs students I find. It’s a pretty average school with a super high focus on sports so if your not sporty your kinda just left to fend for yourself.
Oct 8, 2020

Good School

Good school, wonderful and accepting music department. I feel that there is a large focus on sports though which isn’t useful for someone such as me who is not athletic due to a physical disability, and some of the teachers miss certain social cues of today’s society unintentionally. However, the students are overall very liberal and open minded, and it is a forward thinking environment. The drinking culture is quite large, as it is in any New Zealand high school, but that isn’t something easily dealt with by the school. I would also appreciate healthier canteen options that cater to different dietary requirements as a diabetic and lactose intolerant individual. I believe that there does need to be some more interracial representation in the science and maths departments as that will aid in encouraging Maori participation in the science field, as from hearing from my Maori peers, they relate more to Maori teachers and so I think additional representation of Maori in science will greatly help the field overall and individuals.
Sep 10, 2020

Friendly and diverse

Overall, a decent school. Incredibly accommodating for students interested in the arts and the LGBTQ community. Some teachers are too old but that is the problem with a New Zealand wide lack of emphasis on teaching careers.
Sep 7, 2020

Yeah she’ll be right

So like there’s a few things the school cou work on. It’s a pretty good school tho. They need to calm down a bit with students and the way they present themselves. For example body piercings. Tattoos. All of that. Which is a way for students to express themselves. All though above all that the school is academically doing pretty well.
50 Murphy Road, 4112, Napier
06 844 2159

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