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allg "TitLe MuSt bE BeTweEn 5 AnD 50 ChaRacTerS"

Student · October 17, 2020
Student · October 17, 2020
Many people might think that smaller schools with not-so-good reputations would be worse for their kids to go to, but I've really been given a good chance at Tamatea and they helped polish me up.

I wouldn't choose another school. The teachers care alot and I can tell, and they try really hard to snuff out any bullying. Subject selection could be a bit better- but it's understandable since only a hand full of students would even take the classes Tamatea doesn't offer. The temporary DP does her absolute best with what she has and she will help us shake credits out of anything haha. Wish she could stay DP imma miss her popping in all the time in all the classrooms

You wouldn't find that flexibility in a larger school tbh
and it's got a really good sense of community. Everyone seems to know everyone, but they're super welcoming to new people.I never thought I'd even do level 2 but Tamatea makes me want to do level 3.

They give out free food to those in need for breakfast and also that little basket thingy too which is great.

They're really understanding and are not afraid to help you in most areas of your life. I don't think you can get that in many schools.
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