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Feb 12, 2024

Harrassment byvstudents

As a neighbour of the school, i have had the miafortine of veen verbally abused and harrassred by srudents. A rotten attitude upheld by admin staff and teachers who refuse to stop it.. Its become a part of the schools culture a d allowing bad behaviour as acceptable and a rtoxic playground where screeching sqyealing and screaming and angry voices dominate and not the sound of happy wellladjusted enviroment and present before during and afterschool where basuc rrules are flouted and antisocial behaviior the norm. Kids are taught bad is 'good' and bullyimg and harrassing are the norm and professional staff refuse to redirect thinking or activities to encourage a healthy happy safe playground and often during classtime. Failure by staff to teach right from wrong sets these kids up for a bleak futhre.
May 31, 2022

Honest blunt feedback

I am going to be quite diplomatic here as I am still unimpressed with how the school managed the situation.

Therefore my honesty will be direct to warn anyone who has purchased a house in the neighbourhood and stuck with this in zone school. My advice is speak to the children’s old school before switching them out, save the pain of having to fork out $100 for a school uniform.

Please note that the school doesn’t update their website, has quite a few typos on their website as well. So the curriculum information isn’t on there.

There’s some areas of the school that are nice like the office staff and they provide free lunches.

The biggest lack of investments is forwards and education and teaching quality.

My children started there and left there because of how bad it is. This ranges from lack of classroom management, education standards, bullying and teacher intervention.

I could write a lot and I have made a formal complaint and documented all incidents. In the meantime, I will continue to spread awareness for any parent who is panicking trying to find a safe space for their children who have moved to the area.
May 31, 2022

Not impressed with the teaching and the overall school.

I normally don’t write reviews but after forking out in a uniform and not having the right measures in place to support new students. I am going all in on all channels to highlight this. This is for any parent that has purchased a house and stuck with this zoning issue. If you can keep your kids at their old school. Please do so because I will list the things that I find extremely troubling coming from an educator and a professional. There seems to be a lack of discipline at the school, kids are overbearing teachers, they have foul mouths and swear a lot. They also hit and punch each other up in the playground. Not sure where the teachers are, probably on their cellphones or gossiping instead of minding the children. On my child’s first day, they were chase and hurt. They were even humiliated by the teacher and was forced to dance. I am sorry but any teacher who does that is definitely pushing the boundaries of a child and is not creating a safe space. Also if you highlight the issue, they gaslight the situation and have no self awareness. These teachers only have less than 10 kids in a class and they cannot manage that. Most mainstream schools have 30 and do a far superior job in classroom management.

Now the curriculum, they don’t update their website so you will see lack of curriculum. You will also see that they don’t manage their website because some of the pages redirect and are outdated. Also, they have a lot of typos on their website. Another red flag 🚩

My child was saying they only taught two subjects the whole day. Maths and English. Schools should have a mix of subjects each day instead of dumbing down the curriculum due to the social economical area. Your child will not be accelerating in education, in general they are not teaching. The teachers are also on their computer a lot, I have been told by my child.

My advice is, if you are moving local make sure you speak with your old schools. Don’t just switch to the school in zone. As it will disappoint a lot. Free lunches is not enough for a child’s education. Investment in bringing up the curriculum to the level of a mainstream school will bring up the value of the school.
Alamein Road, 1072, Auckland
Lou Reddy (Acting)
09 527 6345

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