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Apr 9, 2024


I believe every parent and student should be aware of the high level of assault that goes on in this school. Inside and outside. The schools policy’s are of that if a pupil is assaulted the perpetrator/s are protected unless in uniform and there is footage of the assault. If this happens outside of school then school has a right to do nothing about it.
Pupils aren’t safe at this school. There are a lot of students that aren’t speaking up due to them being scared of the repercussions. As the school protects the violent ones which therefore puts the victims at risk.
The amount of pupils that have left this school in the grounds of not being safe is outrageous.
The schools main priority is to protect their reputation at all costs. The amount of police work that goes on in the school is outrageous and is kept from the public and parents. I would highly recommend doing your homework before enrolling in this school.
Apr 1, 2024

IB Diploma, NCEA

You'll do well if you work hard

While the school may not be as strong academically collectively compared schools such as Westlake and Rangitoto, this is largely due to its small population. TGS students have much better results per Capita. The class sizes are small so the teachers can give more attention to certain students, and everybody knows everybody. The school also offers the IB Diploma which is another selling point. Not to mention, the library is stellar.

However, vaping is very prevalent and the conditions of the toilets are abhorrent. TGS doesn't bother disciplining any of its students(I missed like 7 detentions a single year alone without any consequences) unless they do something really egregious. Those in the accelerate class also have a tendency to look down upon mainstream students. Somehow you're beneath them for not doing well in the entrance exam. The quality of teachers is a mixed bag so you never know what you're going to get but the majority of them are great. Tuck shop line is also extremely long during lunch. Even being 30 seconds late to the line can mean missing out on lunch, you have to fight to buy food.
Jul 17, 2023

kinda gay ngl

the teachers here are annoying, many of them bully the dumb kids, they do not teach properly and are overall rude, they also dont allow us to eat in the library even though it is the only warm area in the school during lunch. half the kids here are asses and are racist, homophobic or sexist and the other half are annoying and act like toddlers. tuck shop is good but kinda overpriced
Jul 17, 2023

kinda gay ngl

the teachers here are annoying, many of them bully the dumb kids, they do not teach properly and are overall rude, they also dont allow us to eat in the library even though it is the only warm area in the school during lunch. half the kids here are asses and are racist, homophobic or sexist and the other half are annoying and act like toddlers.
Sep 21, 2022

Help this school sucks asscheese

Most teachers suck and don't care about any of the students. The deans are the most useless people ever, sexual assaults happen yet they don't care unless it threatens them. The principle is a robot only caring for school pride. One time a kid killed himself but and at the assembly she talked about him for two seconds before mentioning how great the rowing team is doing. The kids are all asses and homophobic. 90 percent of your classes you will be taught by substitute to which they are all 90 years old. Most teachers won't know your name and the only kids who do have their name known are the sporty popular one. Screw the deans and screw the school. My advice is just to get through it trying your best. Also the school has no supplies for anything and IB sucks at it.
May 26, 2022

Homophobia at TGS

if your looking for a good education Takapuna grammar ticks all the boxes, however, if you're looking for mental stability or even a modicum of support you'll be disappointed. Ive experienced all forms of bullying ranging from verbal to being followed home. when this was brought up to the deans nothing changed i had to get ridiculously involved before anything changed. there is no level of understanding from management and as much as they advocate for individuality they take any choices that could allow for said individuality. as a queer student their is a high amount of homophobia from students and even some teachers allowing homophobia. anyone trying to make an improvement in the school is guilted for it by higher management and it took years to get some rugby guys held accountable for their dangerous/homophobic actions. anyone who partakes in rugby, rowing, soccer ect immediately has immunity from their own actions.
May 26, 2022

My school parents

Mrs Branks and Mr V >>>>>>
Feb 10, 2022


Please don't send your kids here. If you have other options, send them to a different school. Takapuna Grammar has created a dent in my wellbeing, academic performance and mental health which has taken ages to recover from. Nobody there has helped me, if not for my family and doctor I think I would've been in a ditch by now. The environment is toxic, the students have created a terrible culture and pick on other students constantly which there is nothing done about unless you have explicit proof and its 'bad enough', substance use is common amongst students which not much action has been taken against (honestly in a school like that some of them can't be blamed) and both the regular & accelerate classes are poor for different reasons. Half of the classrooms are alright, furnished okay and are a bit clean. The other half are dirty, with poor equipment & doesn't have a nice ambience to learn with. Gum underneath desks are common despite the fact we are in a pandemic a lot of the tables and desks do not feel clean. The library is alright with a decent assortment of books and material for learning and entertainment, although that's one of the only redeeming qualities. Librarians are friendly and helpful which is a stark contrast to the teachers who usually do not have any understanding or empathy of personal situations. All of the teachers are individual people with their own personalities so I can't say for all of them, but in most of my classes I don't feel safe. I don't feel safe about my health issues. I don't feel safe about my circumstances. They will put up a front that they care but no action will be taken, same with the counselors (who are more helpful in assisting with school problems than emotional and health problems, which they'll overlook until they find out you've nearly died)
Also, the school doesn't provide many supports for those who are from poor families. The courses are entirely online, the uniform is expensive and so are the books needed. Which wouldn't inherently be a problem since books cost ... but the fact there is no support for those who cannot afford. Deficient education for those who can't help it.
I honestly feel sickened by the way this school is run sometimes. I really wish my opinion of it was more positive but then that would mean I'm diminishing what I and others have went through.
If you're a parent looking for schools to send their kids too please look elsewhere to ensure a more quality education and experience. No high school is perfect but this one isn't a good option
Nov 22, 2021

Garbage school, read my review

This is the worst school in auckland. I was once in the school bathroom and 20 boys came into the bathroom and started talking about what kind of vape they had. They proceeded to kick down the door to my stall and blew vape smoke into my face. Needless to say, it was very traumatic. What does the school do about this? They install some stupid camera outside the school bathroom that does absolutely nothing. Literally pointless.

Not to mention there's some ancient teacher here who looks literally like the cherry bomb in plants vs zombies right before it's about to explode. His face is always red and he is infamous for just shouting random insulting remarks at students from halfway across the school just because they have a decent haircut. I feel like this teacher wants everyone to have a buzzcut like it's the marine corps or something.

The principle is absolutely pointless too. I think the school would function exactly the same, if not, better if the principle was just removed. The principle does absolutely nothing and ruins the entire school. The principle of Takapuna grammar is literally a robot who has no feelings other than "pride" for this garbage school. The principle and teachers do not care about anything other than their reputation and the school's reputation, and that's why they spent so long and so much money on renovating the stupid main building so that it looks fancy from the outside.

By the way, the inside of the main building is bad and it is the worst ventilated building I've ever been in I'm honestly surprised it isn't a health hazard. The main block toilets are filled with people who are just inhaling vapes like they are 70 and have covid and are on an ICU. Also, not a single bathroom in this school has a functioning lock. Hey, TGS, why not spend a few dollars on some working locks for the toilets instead of spending a few million on a stupid brick building that feels like you're in a rice cooker in the summer and also invest in some decent ventilation and AC, instead of the entire main building being powered by pointless fans pushing around hot air at the ceiling.

0/5, I would rather move to South Sudan than be in this school.
Nov 21, 2021

Great but the price is too much

my local dealer loves selling on site as he can be indistinguishable from other school kids. Takapuna Grammar also provides many great places for recreational use of such goods and services.
Jul 22, 2021


verbally abusive teachers and physically abusive students
Jul 9, 2021

Stay away from TGS! Opinion Experience

You can be perfectly healthy when you arrive at Takapuna Grammar School but be prepared to have an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

If you have the money to go elsewhere do so and if you are thinking to apply out of zone rethink your options.

Good luck to all students and parents.
Jul 8, 2021

Lack of genuine pastoral care

My child was in the Year 9/10 accelerate class and tried to commit suicide twice due to the pressure, once at school. The school did not report this to the Ministry of Education or allow my child to change classes. There are fantastic teachers but the school is let down by a toxic administration and pastoral care team, and parents are bullied into not making a fuss with threat of removal of their child to the northern health school. Sadly I know of similar stories for students ranging from year 9 to 13.
Jun 23, 2021


The truth

Honestly it’s really sad but it’s the truth! In my opinion the school doesn’t care about your mental health and so don’t most of the teachers. The are only a few teachers that actually do care and the rest don’t. The teachers treat you like trash half of the time when you try to speak to them about you and your well-being. The school thinks it’s helping our well-being when it’s making most of it worse. All the school cares about is the reputation for the school and to make sure u do a good role of it.
Jun 23, 2021

Don't go to this school.

Terrible school. Got told off and given a detention for trying to do my school work so I wouldn't fail a class instead of attending a haka practice. Their reason for this was that haka is more important than your grades because it's a part of our culture. DOn't go to this school, it's horrible and they clearly don't care about you nor your grades. They're just here for your money.
May 11, 2021


terrible, got put in the extension class for year 9 and 10 (in year 10 atm) and I've tried to kms 4 times. the teachers treat you like a test subject and in the acc class you're given numbers to rank you. don't go here
Mar 25, 2021

Taka grammar

The grounds are ok but some classrooms are really gross and there isn't much good equipment for stuff like art, media, dance, etc (really anything other than Rowing and Rugby). Most of the teachers are good but some are a little strange. They offer some good subjects but wish they offered more. Lots of amazing school activities and events
Nov 10, 2020

Academically advanced kids are heavily overworked

I feel like a guinea pig, because I am in the accelerate class, and they put so much pressure on us I am about the break! I feel like they put all their teaching and effort and everything into us and the rest of the school is just vaping all the time? I hate it here, but I think it’s a good school for people who aren’t nerds, because they expect us to lift their whole average!You’re either a nerd or a bitch, and the school seems to endorse this and make the gap between bigger and more hostile. There are a handful of good teachers, but the rest came from the knackers yard but for teachers. Many of the “cool kids” there are asses, and treat us like shit because we’re smart? I now suffer from depression and anxiety about tests and exams because of how much pressure they put on me on top of all that I already put in myself! This is to the point where it is getting dangerous for my health:(
So ya it’s kinda shite ngl
Former Student
Sep 23, 2020

"Don't send your kids there"

Takapuna grammar school is filed with some of the worst teachers in the world, I feel that from the very top down, the school has developed a culture of bullying that has bled into senior management, some of the staff and sadly, many of the students.
Aug 28, 2020


from my experience the school cares more about their pristine reputation than the wellbeing of their students. The school has a toxic culture and is not a pleasant environment to be in. Students get away with harassment of all sorts and create an unsafe environment for individuals who have been targeted, and the school doesn’t little to nothing about it.
210 Lake Road, 0622, Auckland
Mary Nixon
09 489 4167

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