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May 31, 2023

Shitty tas

I go to Taipa and most of the teachers expect you to learn everything straight away with a shitty explanation of the work, one of the teachers are racist towards me bc im a different colour always using me as a examples for bad things and bies towards me
Mar 17, 2023


The absolute worst school.
Fighting,vaping,smoking and drugs in my sons year 7 class.
The school is not interested in solving these problems, Everything is dismissed.
It's a damn circus at that school.
The principal is borderline racist,Ignorant and arrogant.
Does not follow the policies, Has the worst communication skills.
Ther are some really amazing teachers in the school, Sadly will never be able to show their full potential, as the principal is a wet blanket and is a control freak.
That dampens students morale as well as the teachers, Which is a shame.
You can dress a mutton in a lambskin, Its still only a mutton at the end of the day.

A change of leadership is needed, so many codes and laws are broken by the school leaders.
Feb 3, 2023


This school is so fkn shit, the teachers don’t know how to teach and the children are feral. There’s fights almost every week that never get managed. The teachers don’t know how to stop or prevent bullying. They’re racist asf and extremely prejudice, the students talk a who lot of shit no wonder people are always fighting and arguing. ( yes the children have extreme behavioural issues and these adults can’t contain the fks) I would 100% Recommend that you DONT come to this slum of a school. Un-enroll your children and take them somewhere where they can actually get a real Fkn education. This school don’t give two fks about your children just your money and in fact taipa area school actually enrolls all there students race as Māori to get money out of the government. It’s giving very much pohara vibes. And the principal is a cunt!
Feb 2, 2023

Taipa Area School. My Favourite

good teachers cool kids tasty food and decent learning. everything you could ask for in a school and more. Much love to this school helped me out a lot with adventure tourism experiences.
578 State Highway 10, 0420, Taipa
Doreen Bailey
09 406 0159

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