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Apr 8, 2024

i miss my friend

me and john nichol were best friends i miss him i blame taieri college for taking my tickle buddy away he made me feel things ive never felt with any of the other teachers
Mar 13, 2023


Omg I've been at some bad schools but when I started here it all changed they all worked around my adhd, I love how inclusive it us and how nice the teachers, but I wish energy drinks were allowed
Former Student
Dec 5, 2022


The worst school i’ve ever gone to, stalls in the bathroom don’t have doors or locked. Pee all over the ground, glass on the grounds in the changing rooms and instead of fixing the problem they lock all the bathrooms so students have no where to go. “Inclusive environment” the most racist and homophobic school i’ve ever been to a teacher once called a student the f slur. Not to mention my year 7 teacher is a convicted pedophile who said he would kill my family if i didn’t get the math question right (he did this dozens of times and only got a day suspension) Lance woods of year 8 is weird, constantly getting obvious erections in class and getting the girls to give him a dance for his birthday. There’s a reason why new teachers only stick around for a year or 2. The canteen instead of being a place for kids to get an affordable lunch decide to up the prices on the same products whenever they see it sells well, sushi used to cost 550 for example now it’s approaching 9 dollars. Taieri college is terrible
Former Student
Dec 22, 2021

Te Kareti Taieri

Personally, I like being a student Taieri College. If I were a parent I would definitely send my child here!! I have found Taieri has a really inclusive environment with encourages my peers and I to fully give it our all. Taieri College has taught me to take risks (that intentionally leads to a positive outcome). The Co-Ed factor of the school helps you learn basic and essential fundamental skills needed for development! This factor can teach you to be accepting of everyone, and minimising awkwardness between genders.

Things I think the school could improve on:
- Indoor & Outdoor facilities (allowing students inside, changing rooms need to be bigger (it’s very annoying when there’s 3 classes for pe and you show up late))
-Cultural Inclusivity, focusing on other cultures other than just Maōri
- Mental Health, more promoting needs to be done in this area
- Self Expression, @MissRoseavear allowing students to have a nose stud.
Former Student
Dec 20, 2021


I was there from 7-13 overall most of the teachers are lovely but some of them need to sort out their attitude. The bullying as absolutely disgusting the school counsellors do jack sh*t and the rest of the school is crap at dealing with it. The school board is WAY to stuck up at dealing with anything, the principal is only seen like 3 time a week walking round the school. Everything there is way to expensive and they will try and run your pockets out. Even mental health is dealt badly as the have TRAINEE counsellors who deal with teenagers & depression. The school only cares about sport and nothing else, barely anything goes into the arts, Eng etc as the would spend their money on new buildings for teachers. There is a lot of homophobic comments, racist comments, overall stigma at the school is terrible. The school overall cares about money and reputation than the experience and trauma their students are dealing with
Former Student
Nov 18, 2020


Society within the school is awful, not sure if it was the year group or just the coed side of things
Sep 21, 2020

Taieri college :(

Too many mullets, not enough style. Too many farmers
Aug 26, 2020

Bad very bad

It’s bad, they absolutely do nothing about bullying and just a very bad school in general
Green Street, 9024, Mosgiel
David Hunter
03 489 3823

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