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Mar 28, 2024

Bad behaviour on train by St Peter’s college boy

On the western line train this afternoon from Grafton to Kingland I experienced a St Peter’s college boy bullying other boys. If the other boys also from St Peter’s had retaliated there would have been a fight on the train which is not a good for the reputation of the school. He was a big boy & continually hit the other boys.
I was intimidated by him & I would have taken a photo of him but I did not want to be hit, I am in my 70s
My brother attended this school in the 60s
Mar 13, 2024

St Peter’s music

Hello, The music teachers have made my son feel angry every Thursday (the music days)
He doesn’t enjoy any parts of music at St Peter’s college, he just told me that he had to stay over his lunch break, he is extremely unhappy, i will be pleased if there was a change to this incident.
Thank you, sincerely
Oct 5, 2023

good school

good environment for learning. great people.
Sep 23, 2023

high tuition fees and the worst teaching standards and management

I can promise the St peters college is the worst schools that you can found in Adelaide, management and various rules of schools are devastating problem, for example, In this schools they have seven house in that school, some area only allowed the student that have same house to entry, but funny thing is, only da costa house student have the Microwave oven in their house, when other house student try to use the microwave in the that area, a "gentle teacher" will "gently" turn them out, So most students can only eat cold food when they are in the lunch break.And what's puzzling about this school is that in their sports day, everyone is required to participate in a sport, even though they may not be fit for excessive exercise at all. And when you participate in all the events you are required to participate in that day's sports meeting and ask to go home to rest first, the teachers will directly refuse your request, even when you tell them that you have an appointment to attend the clinic on time, they will not let you leave, which is very confusing, because after you participate in all the events, You don't have anything to do but sit there in a daze.
Jun 4, 2023

Not Achieved

When our son walked up the stairs for his first day at SPC, we waived goodbye and I remember a teacher saying “don’t worry we will take very good care of him”. I felt reassured that we had chosen the right school. Fast forward a few years and the experience has been devastating. Rolling out the same rule by fear attitude when good kids stuff up in a post pandemic environment has shown a shocking lack of understanding by this school. They will pay the price when they see the academic results of this cohort in a few years time! If you send your son to this school and they aren’t well rounded watch them very, very carefully or send them somewhere else. Boys vape to escape but the school doesn’t seem to know this. Subtle bullying occurs regularly and goes undetected. If you snitch you can expect a hard life. They need to ramp down the intensity dial and start building a rapport with these boys before it’s too late.
May 31, 2023

alright headmaster is a bit crazy though

the educationa great but the headmaster has threatened to take the students phone for 7 days if student is caught on it for any reason which is illegal
Feb 3, 2023

Exceptional 🌟

One of the best high schools in New Zealand. Exceptional in Sports, Music, Academics and brotherhood. St Peter’s build Outstanding men! 👍
Former Student
Apr 26, 2021

SPC builds outstanding men.

As a student it is very difficult to understand what an amazing opportunity it is to go to SPC. Does the school have its flaws? Of course. Just like any other school. But unlike most other schools, the teachers care. They strive to push you to get the very best marks you can. I remember my history teacher reviewing and helping with my history internal at 1am in the morning. The teachers make this school and frankly aren't appreciated enough. I would not hesitate to send my child there. Highly reccommend
Sep 7, 2020

Waste of time!

Very strict, a lot of stupid rules that make ZERO SENSE!, teachers are good some are extremely shit, I can’t understand my math teacher, I’m pretty sure nobody can, good transportation options, VERY BAD student utilities, ie. toilets, drinking fountains, some classrooms don’t have AC, 70% if the toilet cubicles don’t have doors. They make students go outside when it’s raining because they don’t want us inside EVER! so we all just have to Stand and eat lunch, very little seating.
Mountain Road, 1023, Auckland
James Bentley
09 524 8108

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