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Former Student
Nov 26, 2023

for the love of God, do not go here

was there from 2014-2018 and within the first week was already begging my parents to let me change to a different school. the teachers, many of the girls and management are bullies, the scarce few good ones left - and i really don’t blame them. two committed suicide (2018, 2019) & we were given half a day at most to grieve before being told to focus on our exams. the physical education/health teacher turned out to have inappropriate relations with the younger students (shocker, at a religious school) - but that was hidden from the media. they don’t give a rat’s ass about you unless you’re christian & have perfect grades but won’t go out of their way to help those without them to succeed, you’re just expected to be perfect. economics class was often spent listening to the teacher go on about how they don’t believe evolution is real & the level of which ‘God’ is incorporated into everything deadass makes you feel like you’re in a cult. the noticeable cringe i often receive when mentioning i attended the school just goes to show it doesn’t have such a pristine image as it might like to think it has.
Former Student
Mar 13, 2021

don’t go here

This is a terrible school. I went to St. Hilda’s for four years. Discrimination and bullying is really common. If you’re different they will suggest that this school isn’t for you. Many bad things happened at that school and I wouldn’t recommended it.
Former Student
Mar 3, 2021

Don’t go here !

This was a terrible school!
They stopped me from leading ahead fo my year group didn’t have teachers that cared and a dean who asked me if I would be better suited to a different school. They then proceeded to give me scholarship hoping to keep me and not have to actually teach me. This school is not teaching they are years behind in their curriculum and don’t have exams at year 9 and not many at year 10. This is bad for learning to cope for NCEA ! I don’t recommend the stupid amount of money you pay to go to this school gets your nothing save it and go somewhere else !
Feb 10, 2021

Would not recommend

I have hated st hildas from the moment my first teacher told me that I would never be able to pass maths because I just simply wasn’t naturally smart. For a 12 year old that’s very damaging. Then only 2 years after this my teacher commits suicide. This brought me down heaps only for within a year my only supportive and favourite teacher also commits leaving me going down hill with my own mental health. All while this is happening I was getting bullied by all the girls in my year and some older years simply because I didn’t fit in. I am almost finished school here after this being my 6th year and I would not recommend this. Beside the skills of resilience and learning to get on with work despite the many challenges and haters in your way all I have gained from this school is mental health issues, lack of self esteem and no confidence to back me up anymore.
Oct 23, 2020

St Hildas collegiate

well aside from the student/teacher affairs and staff suicides i’m sure someone has some positives in there somewhere... however it’s not me and i would not recommend but each to their own I guess
Aug 25, 2020

St Hilda’s Review

Amazing opportunities available. Strong Principle and an overall amazing environment to be learning in.
2 Cobden Street, 9016, Dunedin
Jacqueline Barron
03 477 0989

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