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Oct 30, 2021

Unhappy middle school years

I attended in the 80's and felt forced to leave just before starting 5th form due to needing to escape the on-going bullying by Beryl Skeen, the music teacher. A few years earlier I was inappropriately touched by one of the dad's invited to a father/daughter sports day but didn't report it due to the lack of support between students and the senior teachers. The school has likely changed since then but after that episode I was never the same and disconnected.
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Former Student
Oct 24, 2021

Its alright but only cares about money

Honestly, academically St Cuths is a really good school, the students get scholarships and has an endeavour program that is better than most private schools.
The traditions and rules are great, it teaches a sense of pride in history whilst also keeping everyone looking uniform and clean. (I don't understand the uniform complaints? They're better than others and look fine on all body types)

The school itself is good with good classrooms and student areas (except the student bathrooms are disgusting, with leaks all over the floor, no mirrors in some, and missing toilet seats despite student complaints).

The main issue is diversity! In junior school there are zero Maori or Pacifica! The rest is about 80% Asian and 20% European. This is terrible! Surely there should be more than 2 racial groups making up a school, or at least a diverse range of students that represent all of NZ. In senior school, it's not much better, no wonder St Cuths ranks amongst the worst for diversity.

St Cuthberts only really cares about money, and the school demographic is literally 2 races and that's it.
I'd recommend (at least for a junior age) sending your kids to Dio or St Kents to be in a diverse environment where one race doesn't make up 80% of the class.

For a school that tries to pride itself on not being pretentious, it's got a long way to go to get there.
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Former Student
Apr 26, 2021

Don’t send your kids to St Cuthberts College

St Cuthbert's College has a great reputation and has just been named top high school in the country for 2021 but to be completely honest the only positive thing I have to say about this school is about its academic rating. Most girls succeed to a high level academically and there is a high percentage of UE Entrance and course endorsements.

As a former student of the college I can confidently say I have never talked to a single girl, current or past, who has loved it and most don’t even like it.

For starters it is extremely racist. The teachers, senior management, the principal, everyone. Multiple teachers have used slurs such as the n word and so has the principal with only one forced apology and no consequences. There is an assumption that all Asians have difficulty with english, that all Māori and Pacific Island students are poor, and that basically anyone who isn’t white is less than.
For the first 3 and a half years that I was at the college, the Te Reo Māori room was in a closet with tiny windows that were unreachable, holes in the ceiling and an electrical cupboard that was definitely not safe. All of the students could not fit at the desks and there were sometimes students sitting on the floor in the hallway outside. To shove the indigenous language of this country into a closet is testament to what the college is truly about despite what they will tell you.

Secondly, it is an extremely toxic environment for anyone to exist in. The amount of bullying that goes on in that school is almost shocking considering how much they promote their motto ‘By Love Serve’. I know so many girls who have left the college with body image issues as a result of the bullying they endure and the pushed ideal body type. It is a damaging way for a girl to grow up especially those who have been there since age 5 and from my knowledge the school does nothing about it.

Thirdly the homophobia. This is something that I found was never discussed. If you want to take a girl to ball, regardless of your relationship with them, you have to go to the school counsellor and your parents have to sign a form. There is no reason for this to happen other than homophobia which is disgusting considering how many girls identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, publicly or not. This can be detrimental to a students mental and emotional well-being.
I would also not recommend boarding as all of the girls have said that often the food is inedible and they’ve had to order food and sneak it in to avoid going hungry.

There is no freedom of expression. Girls are allowed to wear one stud earring per ear, no other jewellery, no dyed hair in any unnatural colours. None of these things impact education and only stop people from being who they are and expressing that externally. Everyone is made to look the same, do the same and be the same like robots.

Honestly that’s just the beginning. I wouldn’t want any student to go to this school as I know the impact it will have on their mental, emotional and even physical health. Especially if the student is a POC or a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. They are unsafe there and it is so wrong to make them feel that way. Keep your kids safe.
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Sep 12, 2020

not as good at it seems

people often send their kids to this school because of its academic rating and the schools's overall "good reputation" however as a student there, i can assure you its really not what it seems:
-racist isn't unheard of here, multiple teachers have used slurs and such without any consequences to doing so. no apology, nothing.
-again, racism. you would think that a school which receives so much support and half it's money from asian families wouldn't have any issues with racism against asians (especially Chinese) but there has been many instances of racism against Chinese students coming from school staffs. (assuming that their English is poor because of their race, telling students to 'take their Chinese ways back to china'
-self expression. the school itself is very traditional, almost to a point where its absurd and completely ridiculous. no nail varnish, no more than one piercing per ear, no bracelts, necklaces etc. hair must be tied up and no obvious dyed colors. How does all that affect anyone's education? it doesn't. schools will tell you to "be yourself. express yourself the way you want to" but then list more than a FEW of the things you're not able to do.
-money hungry. this school has beyond enough money yet they try to make a profit off everything.
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