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Jun 4, 2024


Good school for anyone, no matter what talents or culture. Anyone can have a great time.
May 8, 2024

Highly recommend this school - great school culture

Our son started recently after we moved from another part of the country. The school culture is positive and encouraging of our son. He reports the boys are supportive no bullying, teachers willinging to help and make time to support students learning. Principal made an effort to make us welcomed. Boarding facilities are good, could do with more couches in the common room. We would highly recommend this school if you want a positive learning enviornment for your boy. P.s our boy isnt all about sports and he likes it.
Former Student
May 30, 2023

Boys ruin the experience. Shambolic conduct with no changes.

Decent school, lots of errors that need to be fixed up though.

Want to go here? Main thing you need to consider is: Are you interested in sports/play sports? If yes, great! You'd be a perfect fit. If not, then unfortunately you'll struggle to gain friends and relationships with most people.

Firstly the Pros.
The school is absolutely phenomenal on the discipline system. Nothing like it out there. Withdrawals from class teach students lessons, because barely anyone gets withdrawn nowadays as they know the consequences. Bullying? Bring it up with the teachers and the boys will be talked to and you won't have an issue.

The learning is also really good here, really easy to keep focus and teachers are extremely flexible if you are having problems.

Teachers are also really good to add onto that, really kind and outgoing but also strict on those who are misbehaving.

Great sporting program, really suited to mainly Rugby, Rowing and Cricket but other sports are appreciated too.


Bullying is a pretty big issue. Say something personal and the entire year group will be on your back within a few days. Boys can be extremely rude, stupid and mean causing mental health problems and all. Boys will make fun of those less fortunate, family members, homosexual and those of colour. Threats can be made and physical contact occurs occasionally but never any serious fights.

School is set in stone on Religion and Sports, Academic Achievement is barely recognized. Majority of boys play sports and get recognized for it, and all have to participate in the faith, catholic or not you must be involved in masses and prayers etc. Very rarely are boys celebrated for academic achievement, probably primarily because the school is more focussed on sports.

Field trips are hugely low budget. Overnight trips can have rooms with extremely low quality and price.

Boarding school is the worst thing you could touch in this place. Buildings never maintained, spider webs, bugs, paint chips, broken things you name it. Boys will muck around all the time and misuse the facilities, throw wet toilet paper on the walls, even literal human faeces on the toilet paper machine. Pee steamed down the toilet walls, boys continually playing very loud music late at night in the showers and in the hallway, playing games in narrow hallways like kicking a rugby ball and even setting the fire alarm off occasionally. Boys can also be deliberately annoying, coming into you're room without permission, throwing things in your rooms, pushing your door open just to annoy you, stealing stuff, sleeping in your bed, flipping your bed because "it's funny". Year 9 and 10 placed in a room with bunk beds, half of each year group in two halfs of the building. Year 9s on one floor, 10s in the next. Year 11 and 12 placed In rooms on their own or with a friend. Year 13 placed in newer single rooms.

Overall verdict:
Boys are the main problem at this school. Add to the fact if you like having girls around then it's hard to be in a single sex school, but also the general tomfoolery by the boys can ruin your experience. Staff are fantastic but facilities not quite up to scratch. If the process at getting the right boys in was more strict so we don't have toilet paper throwing, bullying kinds of boys in the school the rating could be increased to a 4 star. Otherwise, something needs to change here.
Jun 2, 2021


I mean, honestly, almost everything is great. Only bad thing IMO is the Mathematics department.
Oct 29, 2020

lads on

good fellas , better vibes
210 Main North Road, 8051, Christchurch
Justin Boyle
03 375 0647

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