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Former Student
May 21, 2024

Not that bad

Honestly I went to a different private school before this one and while a couple staff were on a power trip the rest were pretty down to earth and it was a million times better than a single sex school in terms of bullying. I achieved excellence in my final year which was down to the support I received from my teachers
Former Student
Aug 21, 2023

Shitty fucking school

This school isn’t even worthy of a rating as it is so terrible. I remember a few years ago my friend got SA by one of the peers and he only got 2 day suspension. The bullying is violent, passive and also online but the teachers refuse to put effort into helping those experience cyber bullying from other students as it is not in school. They do not offer much help with learning disabilities or mental health issues and expect everyone to make the school look good when it really isn’t. The only people who get recognition are Māori, musicians or good at sport. Everyone else is put into a minority and neglected with any type of issue. They deny all negative comments made about the school with excuses that don’t make sense.
Feb 7, 2023

Poor Educators at STAC Waste of Private School Fees

Extremely poor Educators at STAC. Requires a change of Board of Trustees and Principal. I would certainly recommend Rangi Ruru and Christ College.
Former Student
Oct 29, 2022

I was just a kid

I was so excited to go here, until the endless cruelty of the students bullying started “everyone hates you in our class “ i was just trying to fit in when I would get relentlessly bullied just cause I didn’t fit in with them and I wasn’t like them, being 13 at the time I wondered “what did I do to deserve this “ I didn’t do anything wrong ,little 13 year old me shouldn’t have wanted to end my life all because of being bullied that badly
Former Student
Aug 1, 2022


Systemic bullying culture. Only now do I have the courage to speak up. I left halfway through prep year 7 after being mercilessly bullied by nasty rich pr*cks and nothing was done. Unless you can pay your way to ‘make things go away’ don’t even try. Horrible school and culture bringing up people who think they’re holier than thou. Disgusting. I have to be honest that because they are a private school they’re facilities are indeed better than many but it doesn’t make up for the poor culture
Former Student
Nov 8, 2021

Systemic bullying, racism, misogyny

Don't send your kids here.

Systemic bullying issues that have never been resolved. Racism and misogyny are standard.

I recall a pervasive culture of bullying, even including a tradition of hazing 3rd-formers. The only kids who ever got support from staff were those that the school could use for PR, such as the sporting or academic achievers - the rest were just a source of revenue, left to fend for themselves.

Despite numerous complaints, staff ignored it, until the Commissioner for Children launched a ministerial inquiry that resulting in a damning report, which is available publicly:

The Commissioner threatened to close the school unless it made certain changes, hence all the PR by the school in recent years.

It's cringe-worthy seeing them promoting diversity. I remember boys calling each other the N word, or "woman", if they were poor at sport.

Some more links of interest, which may give a hint as to the true culture of STAC (what I found after a quick google):
Former Student
Apr 8, 2021

Watch out

Was great when I first started and steadily went downhill. By the time I graduated I couldn’t wait to get out. Any problems that I had were faced with the attitude that the schools image mattered more than student wellbeing. The music department is toxic and destroyed my mental health. Be careful.
Mar 28, 2021

Less than Average

to be completely honest with you. Less than average. The staff are chill, Kids act like they own the school, Asking for money every second, cares more about their image than the students that pay to go there.
Sep 15, 2020

I love my school

Some students are entitled which can be off putting. However, teachers are incredible, facilities are fantastic, and I feel completely catered for.
347 Papanui Road, 8052, Christchurch
Christine Leighton
03 940 2000

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