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Feb 20, 2024

Concerned Parent

I actually think this school is quite feral. One year, there was a kid that st@bbed another student with scis5ors! Also, numerous fires have been started in rubbish bins, and we all know the Shirley Boys' incident from 2023-
Former Student
Feb 10, 2024

don’t get me started

Where do I even begin? Shirley Boys, oh you have managed to disappoint me in ways I never thought possible. From the moment I stepped foot on your premises, it was clear that mediocrity was your middle name. The teachers seemed more interested in their own personal dramas against avonside than actually teaching us anything worthwhile. It felt like being trapped in a never-ending episode of a bad soap opera.

And let's not even get started on the facilities. It was like stepping back in time to the dark ages. The classrooms were dingy, the desks were falling apart, and don't even get me started on the bathrooms. I wouldn't be surprised if they were haunted by the ghosts of disgruntled students past.

But the real kicker was the complete lack of discipline and structure. It was like a free-for-all circus, with students running amok and chaos reigning supreme. Trying to focus on learning was an exercise in futility. It felt like being stuck in a never-ending tornado of distractions and disruptions.

I have to say, Shirley Boys, you have truly mastered the art of disappointment. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy. Save yourself the agony and steer clear of this place. Trust me, there are far better options out there for an education that doesn't leave you scarred for life.
Feb 3, 2024

the only honest review here

k look. ima be straight here. everyone at this school has a little man complex. you see it everywhere you go. those reviews? the five star ones? ALL our principal and his alt accounts. something to do with being better than the all girls school we share the building with. its so embarrassing how he cares about his sexist flights of fancy more than his actual students. he sees those girls as competition to beat and he’s completely left us in the dust. now thanks to him i keep seeing kids here comparing these reviews on shirley to avonside as some bragging right.
but in just sick of the dishonesty. help your kids get higher grades than achieved instead of feeding them this misogynist bull💩.
Feb 3, 2024

i don’t recommend

i joined shirley boys because there were surely boys there. i couldnt be far from wrong. everyone there is homophobic and dont respond to ANY of my romantic advances. furthermore those who do only want me for my body 😢

not a good place to fall in love
Mar 16, 2023


The teachers are stern when need be and are friendly when they can. Of course here are always very strict teachers but they're all nice too. The outdoors is something they would everyone to experience as seen in years 10 camp when, we climbed the highest point in Canterbury. The cultural side is varied so there is always something to participate in culturally. Sports is a big thing that the school pushes but it's only if you want to do it.
Former Student
Mar 9, 2023

Inside the school

Left this school last year. It was ok on the outside but then when you go there you see all this stuff that parents and other keen student wouldn't see until they have joined. The amount of people smoking and vaping in this school is insane. I would say around 40 to 50 percent of the school is currently or has vaped/smoked in the school before. Alot of the people there are actually quite nice and but some can be quite rude and intimidating to the younger yr 9s
Aug 1, 2021

Good school.

Its good. The building is super nice. Teachers are good. Only issue is bikes get stolen by local crackheads and the company spotless in charge of cameras dont put cameras on the bike sheds. Dumb. And also being next to avonside. Its just teen baby factory over there.
Jun 3, 2021

Being next to avonside sucks

Canteen sucks now that they’ve moved in with avonside. Being next to avonside is just horrible but other than that a good school.
Former Student
Feb 24, 2021

Good school

Good school, great culture, good teachers. Did get rid of the cheesebread though
Nov 10, 2020

Drinking Fountains

The school has warm water in the drinking fountains and it's horrible.
Oct 31, 2020


School is good, Teacher's are lads everyone is chill
Aug 30, 2020

Shirley Boys is the Best School

The teachers are top quality. Great at teaching, easy to talk to and very fun to be near.
209 Travis Road, 8083, Christchurch
Tim Grocott
03 375 7057

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