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Jul 27, 2023

Selwyn College is a great school

I am currently a student at Selwyn college and I love it. The co-curricular’s are great, especially in the arts and sports departments. If you want to be pushed just ask your teacher and they will help, apart from the few no one likes. I found everyone really welcoming and friendly and my friends are amazing. Although I know some people don’t have the best experience with making friends. Like any school there are assignments and teachers I hate, but if you are a motivated student like myself you will be fine at Selwyn. Selwyn is the best school for me.
Former Student
Feb 7, 2023

Not at all a good school

I went to selwyn for four years and it was absolutely terrible. The teachers don’t know how to teach. Everything is outdated and honestly would recommend you take your family far away. I also know many people with the same terrible experience as myself.
Feb 6, 2023

Selwyn College, too many shutdowns

Selwyn college seems to be constantly closing down. After the longest school holidays since lockdowns, first day back is a Teacher Only day. Then the government shuts schools down due to flooding, other schools opened early, not Selwyn. In fact our child still didn't go back a week later because Selwyn had orientation day, while other schools in the area moved their orientation day.

At a point our teenager was home at least 2x a week last year for many months (not including lockdowns) school shut down with nearly no notice, frequently.

On top of that, every Wednesday the teachers have a meeting and school doesn't start until 10. Why can't they have their meeting after school, no other schools do this.

It seems teachers don't want to teach. We would be lucky if our teenager spent half the year at school due to shutdowns last year. People who work full time, or have problematic kids that can't be left at home are left pulling their hair out to find solutions for child care. Causing endless stress to families.

Not good enough Selwyn, do better
Former Student
Dec 1, 2022

Good school, but not without it's flaws

Good school. I attended all 5 years and my learning saw improvement. It's important to note that Selwyn is a school who will give you the resources to learn, but will not push you to do your best, unlike other schools who track your progress and kick you in order to step it up. For some students it's beneficial, but for other's they're not at that level yet.

Subjects are relevant, and taught to the expected curriculum levels. Like other schools however, the last 3 years of NCEA is mostly preparation for good test results, rather than focusing on the students and their actual learning.

I would say it's too academic focused compared to the extra curriculars. They also over celebrate performing arts and the drama sectors, but they don't give areas like technology enough recognition.

The house system is a good idea, however it is flawed in some senses. Students have never felt truly passionate about their house. House leaders and student executives say they do, but they actually don't. Selwyn celebrates those who speak highly of their system.

Selwyn has implemented countless mottos, acronyms, systems, posters etc. While one or two are helpful, there are too many and students feel like they're forced into them. Some could compare it to a cult.

To finish on a good note, the mentor system is fantastic. The relationship between the teacher and the students from all the levels is beneficial, however this may just be my experience.
Apr 18, 2021

Review from a current student

Teachers are nice but the students are arseholes. I’ve been there for multiple years and I’ve been bullied by a lot of students here. Some teachers are really good but the school is overcrowded and the sports are shite. If it wasn’t for the students and overcrowding, it would probably be a 3 or 4 star but a lot of people here are arseholes and has ruined my experience of high school.
Feb 12, 2021

Selwyn College

Not great....

Old school teachers don’t understand or even try to comprehend that some students cannot learn the way the teacher wants them too. Honestly the best teachers are the arts and media studies teachers and a few of the English teachers and maybe 2 of the maths teachers currently teaching at selwyn. Last year I had such a horrific experience with 2 teachers telling me that I would flunk bc they thought I wasn’t focusing in class yet refused to listen when I tried to explain my learning style, bc although it seemed I wasn’t doing much, I feed off of my peers. I had huge anxiety in those classes bc of those teachers and declined many opportunities because of their impact on my life to the point where this year I refuse the idea of being put into those subjects even if they are not my teachers.
Feb 12, 2021


Selwyn is the worst college ive been to and ive been to 5 different colleges as ive moved around the country a lot. teachers always pick on students and do nothing about anything that goes wrong.
Oct 24, 2020


Selwyn has cause me and my family nothing but trouble ever since I first attended there. The teachers and deans have no compassion for students whatsoever, and I have learned close to nothing as well. If you are thinking of enrolling your kids here please please please reconsider your options!
Oct 16, 2020


I love what they are changing to Selwyn College and I love being in the hospitality class because i get to cook and learn new recipes
Oct 10, 2020


Really focuses on education, and getting involved with extra curricular activities, but they don't really encourage any other career path unless through the school. For example, I am dancing part-time and I am way from school 2 weeks a term for my future career but they really discourage that from happening
Oct 5, 2020

Don’t recommend

kinda sucks, teachers are really bad and old school don’t really know how to teach different types of kids properly like they came out of high school themselves and weren’t trained properly.
Kohimarama Road, 1071, Auckland
Sheryll Ofner
09 521 9610

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