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Aug 20, 2023


sancta is no

most of the teachers are so biased and its js such a boring school, like do better. people are so mean but around teachers they switch to different personalities like um what. js dont go there.
Sep 26, 2022

Not a fan of the teachers.

From a student perspective, this school is poor. The students have barely any respect, and some teachers have huge power trips. Only a handful actually care for your future and your wellbeing, whereas some are just here as a job and don't care. There is zero to no empathy from a handful of teachers, and it's practically unbearable to come here everyday. You as a teacher do not deserve my respect if you do not respect me, you are here to teach me and I am here to learn. We need to respect each other, it cannot be one sided. The fact that these grown adults can't grasp this idea is appalling, some students have more dignity, pride and respect than some teachers.
Jan 17, 2022

Do not recommend at all.

If I could give this school at 0 star rating I would . Do not send your child here
Apr 7, 2021

Year 7-13

A Year 13 Perspective

The school is a wonderful learning area and over the last few years they have tidied up some of the lingering issues that was present in the forms of bullying and harassment from students and teachers alike.

However for parents wishing to apply their children at this school, all I can say is be prepared for lack of communication and lack of feedback response. An example would be of the 2020 Level 2 Mathematics programme where only one class didn't receive any teaching of one of the test topics by one of the teachers resulting in most of the top scholar students in said class fail or barely pass the mock exams. When I presented feedback for the teacher the school ignored it as if the problem never existed and rather than re-assessing the students the current marks were their final grade. Most teachers are nice and take an approach to help a student with study but there are a few who I feel lacks the ability to teach, let alone communicate effictively in class, resulting in some students opting for self-study on brand new content for them.

Another issue is that if a "particular race" or group of students were to disrupt the class their actions are excusable however for people not assocoated with either category are subjected to normal rules and regulations. This hasn't changed since I joined in 2015 as a Year 7 but has only gotten worse under the supervision of the school.

Other than thosw two issues students that I talked with also agree that this school is a wonderful place for education, learning life-essential skills and broadening social interaction.
Mar 30, 2021

My Sancta Maria College Review

It's a Christian College, and they do cool lessons. Most teachers are chill, but some can get angry more easily. The principal is nice, and there isn't a lot of bullying either. A kinda poor thing about the school though is that you just leave your bag outside the classroom. It'd be cool if they added lockers or something like that. Quite a few teachers are a bit feminist but that's probably the worst of it. All-in-all its a pretty good school.
319 Te Irirangi Drive, 2016, Manukau
Louise Moore
09 274 4081

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