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Jan 30, 2024


Had a very bad experience at this school. Not recommended at all. State schools do much better. Please think twice before going to this school. They dont pay you for the amount of work you do.
Aug 19, 2023

Dont waste 25 grand

When my parents told me i was going to go to kents i was excited and happy, looks like a good school from the outside. BUT NO.
6 months in and im looking at schools to move to.
People are b***** and toxic escaplly the popular girls, they look down on you.
Teachers are just weird i have 1 good teacher.
1st 15 is top priotiy and we have assembles on them.
None of my friends like st kents all wanna move.
English teacher tells me im dumb every day.
Dont waste money.
Badges are for rich kids, 500 dollars for a 40hr famine one, impossible to get any others.
Have to do ce every year including y13 which means u lose an importsint subject and u have to do chapel like all the time.
Aug 19, 2023

terrible school

ive been at this school for god knows how many years now and ive hated every second. The teachers are all super racist and homophobic and crappy to all the kids except the super smart ones or the ones in prems teams. the only good thing at that school is sport and only if your in the top 2 teams. the only thing i enjoy is their netball program seeing that they put effort into that. every review i read or every person ive spoken too has told me that ever since theyve joined their mental health has been declining for ovbious reasons. the teachers give out detentions for the most unrasonable stuff, get angry at you for not being able to do something even before they explain it and get angry when you ask for help but then get angry when you dont. i
Apr 30, 2023


People r great one teacher i have had is great and all the other r mid
Its js the teachers who make this school ass. Gives mental health issues
Former Student
Mar 9, 2023


I highly recomend this school it has made me go from hating school to really enjoying and trying very hard and acheving very well. The teachers are super suprtive and are willing to put extra work in if you do not understand something. I moved schools this year due to personal cirumstances and it has no where near as good although it is deemed to be much better I feel far less supported compared to my time at Saint Kents.
Feb 19, 2023

Saint Kentigern College

Extremely expensive for what its worth. School spends most of its money on the rugby field. Good facilities but no support for people not in the first 11 rugby team. Tuck shop food very expensive and not good quality.
Feb 18, 2023

Managing accounts, KiwiSaver, saving for when you’re older stuff that you’ll actually need

Saint Kentigern college review from a NCEA student

First of all the classes are rigged, and we get told it’s formals the day before. Because they’re so late In actually organising it. And so what if I have guy friends they put us in classes together I’m allowed to to walk places with them and god forbid that I hug one of them cause his dog died I’m not a slut if I have guy friends so why to the teachers treat me like one. AND PLEASE PLEASE TELL THE MALE TEACHERS TO NOT WEAR TIGHT PANTS I DO NOT NEED TO SEE WHAT THEY HAVE AND IT BULGING THROUGH THEIR PANTS IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE.
Feb 7, 2023

kinda sucks

way too focused on sports and money. teaching is ok but teachers are harsh, past the strict line- plus they eavesdrop and grade unfairly. some teachers mainly in the arts departments- drama, dance, art, music- they're nice but the arts barely get recognition- its all athletics day cross country swimming sports and shit PLUS its absolutely ridiculous price
Dec 9, 2022

Student at SKC

Pretty decent school. Really like how we're encouraged to be independent and aren't treated like little kids. Some events can be quite boring and are mainly just to make the school look good and can be annoying knowing we're forced to attend. The premier teams are the only teams recognised in the school, other teams get no recognition at all which is pretty stink, makes kids feel unwanted and not good enough.
Nov 15, 2022

Good Opportunities but trash students ( not all )

I have been in SKC for about 3 years now, this school gives a lot of opportunities but there is alot of harassing in the school I have been asking my parents to transfer but they don't understand people are like wild animals here ( not everyone ) you literally can't make them shut up fuc* up, it gets me sooooo annoyed i think if you are thinking about going to this school think again, plus i think you can actullly save some money for your parents. If you went to a school i suggest maybe BBI, summervile or something thats like these school
Aug 19, 2022

I dont like this school

I dont like this school.
Aug 17, 2022

mental health is not a thing

The school is very trash. A lot of teachers are racist, homophobic, biased, and sexist. There is one teacher who gives lectures abt bullying and other crap, but she herself cant even listen to herself. This teacher has been my tutor for 2 years and i've heard her multiple times being racist and bodyshaming other students. An example is " You have so many red and gold dragons on this (name), you spent too much time with the chinese community. She even told me off one time on online class, where she made whole class open cams and mics, im fine with that, but my cam was not working and i told her, and another student who wasn't asian also said her cam was broken, the teacher told me off and said thats just excuses and said she expected an email from my parents abt y my cam wasn't open, the other student got away with it. This school is literally bs tho, they dont care abt u they say they do but they dont. My mental health eversince ive joined the school. Like i cant even sleep at night anymore.
Aug 17, 2022

The school doesn't care about children's mental health

Went to this school thinking it would be a really good experience due to the campus an co-curricular activities. As I finished my first week I realised all the school cared about was sports (mainly rugby), fame and money. They don't care about the students mental healths. They way they treat them. SEXISM, RACISM happens in this school everyone on the outside thinks is good. Once I got more used to this school I slowly started getting worse and worse. All those sleepless nights thinking of the pressure of all the tests that the teachers didn't teach properly on and how this school is living hell. Year 7 tutor only was nice to the girls who got consistent e grades and is the most sexist person I've experienced before. Year 8 PE teacher gave all asians even a mixed girl M's everyone above no matter who was at least an M+. Year 8 english teacher made life even harder by filing out dt's for the ones that did not complete reading plus the most useless website on planet earth.
Aug 17, 2022

Made me hate school

If I'm being fully honest, I don't think this school is worth it. It's so expensive for nothing. There are some good opportunities but they prioritize sports way too much. the art department has so many opportunities but doesn't get acknowledged at all. I used to love school back in primary, but the teachers here suck. If your part of the LGBTQ+ community would reconmend to go to another school. So many teachers here are racist and homophobic. The wifi here is ass, and so are the computers they recomend. DONT BUY THEIR LAPTOPS. Theres a pick-me in every class and most people here are brats and are snobby because they think they are so supeior. My mental health has went down by so much. The maths workbooks have so many mistakes plz dont come to this school.
Aug 16, 2022

gave me mental health issue

Literally bs this school is so effing dumb. Fcking more then 20000 for some shi*ty ass teachers who are racist and homphobic (not all). The teachers are shi*ty af they dont teach nothing, to pass a test u use ur own knowledge. Tuckshop food is sooo expensive, and i dont understand y they bring noodles out near end of lunch, they say noodles come out when all hot food sells. This school literally makes me want to kms. Not to mention the amount of time they give u to prepare for assesments or tests. Gives me mental health issues. eversince i joined the school my sleep schedule has been so messed up.

Aug 16, 2022

No one in this school is mentally well.

Its just like a rich school with some racist and sexist teachers. The students are fine but they mostly care about the money you give in each year and making it sound like they need it for good charity. Also the christianity is basically pushed on you they don’t give you a chance to even think what religion, some teachers even push their own opinion on how people should believe in god and stuff.
Jul 3, 2022

Very bad );

The teachers do drugs.
Former Student
Jul 9, 2021

Please do not go here

Do not come here.
The school cares about 3 things. Sports (rugby), reputation, and money. They make a big deal about how your child will be loved and welcomed, when in reality all they want is your money. They enroll you, and then your just another number. The arts are severely underfunded, when it has the potential to be so amazing. And not to mention the students are all snobby, bratty, and entitled. They think that because they go there they are amazing. My mental health when at saint Kent’s was absolutely horrid. Yet, even though I was struggling with sever anxiety, no one noticed or cared. Even a academics comes second to the rugby team. Every full school assembly they insist on handing out sports awards, and make everyone watch. But, god knows they would never hand out drama awards. Please, look someone else, do not enroll your kids here. Also the tuck shop food is expensive.
Jun 15, 2021

mental health ain't a thing here chief.

mental health ain't a thing here chief.
Cares about sports and reputation above anything else with academics also being seen as important but anything art just is ignored.
The arts are underfunded and underappreciated.

Also the counselling is shit.
May 28, 2021


Good school for success but you will be miserable.

I love this school However it's not for everyone. Senior leadership is very harsh and unfair often giving punishments for very minor offense like going to the bathroom (even when on my period) And wearing a school jumper under blaser. I have witnessed more bullying done by the ******* and***** teachers than any students and the first fifteen are treated like God's and freely bully and torment other students with little to no punishments. Not to mention $400+ for a student car park.** Br*ght is the biggest problem to this school. However at SKC you are pushed to succeed at a high level and are offered many opportunities which I feel do outway the negatives. However I do not recommend to homosexuals due to the homaphobic nature of the teachers.
Former Student
Feb 11, 2021

school from hell

was relentlessly picked on- the school gave zero shits- teachers are homophobic and racist, all they care about is reputation and money- DO NOT GO HERE
Former Student
Oct 6, 2020


On god, this school made me want to eat my own faeces and die
There are two things that they care about the most, and that is money, and reputation. They bait in newcomers, and then as soon as their kids are enrolled, they are completely forgotten and uncared for. It really doesn’t matter what goes on in the school, as long as it doesn’t reach the public eye. Their mental health support is super minimal, the most they ever did was put a picture of a morbidly obese man wearing a shirt that said “I beat anorexia” in the library, and called it a day. As well as this, it took a student’s suicide for them to realise that they need to have more support for LBGT students, no matter how many times we had asked them for it beforehand. Two of their councillors are extremely under qualified, which happened to be the only ones I ever saw, and the only good councillor was always too booked out for me to even see them.
Now about the teachers. There were very few teachers there who were actually good people, and they usually left after one or two years of working there, because they couldn’t stand the toxic environment of the school themselves. The only teachers who stayed behind were fowl. There was this one teacher who was basically a pedophile, extremely predatory on young girls. He would bait them into his classroom, saying he would talk to them about “school work”, and then lock them inside the class with the curtains closed and stroke their hair, tell them how pretty they are, etc. Not to mention this other misogynistic teacher, who consistently told both female and male students that “women shouldn’t work, women shouldn’t vote, women shouldn’t lead. women should just be there to have babies and take care of men and be a housewife their whole life.” Most of the teachers in charge have no idea what they are even doing, they just enjoy walking around and looking important.
Departments such as the arts and music are extremely unsupported and forgotten by the school. Don’t get me wrong, the art department is amazing in itself, but it almost acts as it’s own seperate organisation. On the other hand, half of the music department is used as french classrooms, they don’t even have something as small and affordable as guitar capo’s, and half of the time they are extremely understaffed. The only thing that the school cares about is sports, and business. and that’s about it.
I was very unhappy, and leaving the school was the best decision i have made in my life. do not send your kids here.
Former Student
Sep 13, 2020

It’s alright

Good school, but they do care more about their top sports players than anyone else which includes giving them more opportunities than everyone else academic wise. This means giving them extra time if they don’t complete their internals. The teachers are mostly good but some can be rude and really not good. Very strict school.
Sep 6, 2020

Saint Kentigern

From when I started school I hated it I didn't want to be there. When I got to Saint Kentigern that all change and I was more encouraged to pass and to give it my all. I really like how there is also multiple sports teams other then just the first team
130 Pakuranga Road, 2010, Auckland
Russel Brooks
09 577 0749

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