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May 23, 2023

Not good

Lots and lots of bullying, Teachers are racist, and the school cares more about their image rather than their own students.
Feb 15, 2023

Not a good school

The school cares more about controlling the students than allowing them to thrive. Many of the teachers are culturally insensitive or just plain racists, rumours about the principal telling multiple black students to take out their braids, once even at a cultural event. The teachers do not work together and we always have no idea what is going on, including my ccm teacher who is supposed help us out. It is week three of term one and timetables still aren’t finalised, this school is useless. Bullying is a big problem here aswell and instead of punishing the perpetrators, they punish the whole school.
Mar 18, 2021

would not recommend

Lots of bullying and blame on the victims. Narrow minded teaching not suitable for those with extra needs. Very strict on rules that have no impact on learning and will take you out of you learning constantly to make these rules clear. Their focus seemed to be on anything but getting a good education. No school field or wood or metal work either?!
Former Student
Mar 7, 2021


Well below average

I went to sacred heart and it was not the vibe. The school seems to solely focus on sports and doesn't care about the arts. We never got to have a school production, yet we had a sports assembly every other week. No one seems to be on the same page and most of the teachers are very harsh. The languages are not taken very seriously either. Also, the principal once suspended a student who was being bullied and not the students who were the bullies. If that doesn't give you an insight to the sh*ttiness of the school, I don't know what will.
Feb 13, 2021


After transferring here I can say that this school is pretty average. There are a handful of good teachers who are great at their craft, however the gap between expectations from the teaching staff, deans and the principal are astronomically different. The subjects are pretty standard. I personally dislike the lack of discipline and detention at this school, and the lack of encouragement towards nonsporting activities. Overall, it's ok.
Oct 8, 2020


i’m half my way through schooling and absolutely hate it. Part of that is because it’s just school but also because of the way it’s run and the teachers, students and principle. No one seems to work together and everyone has different standards. Half of what we do is more modern way of learning and self led but the rest is outdated and ignores the issues we face today as teenagers.
52 Clyde Street, 3216, Hamilton
Catherine Gunn
07 856 7874

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