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Based on 7 reviews and 119 answers
Former Student
May 28, 2021

Terrible school.

I started school here in 2010. This school changed my life for the worse. I made a small mistake in Year 9 which resulted in me being a target at the school forever by teachers. I was made to go into the principals office once by the office ladies and was screamed at by the principal. At that time the principal was *** ************ & when i say she screamed, i mean she screamed, loud, close to me, in my face and told me she would****** *** ** ******** sounds like a crazy joke but it’s true. I was shut in a small room next to the principals office and told to think about my actions before i was allowed out. When the office ladies heard her yelling, screaming and swearing at me they simply closed the door with me in there so it would be less noisy i assume. Coming to school gave me anxiety and so i left a lot. They would ridicule me over the intercom. “ _____ if you even bothered to come to class and are at school come to the office” One time i had to go to the principals office and experienced a panic attack for the first time because i knew what was coming and was so terrified i tried to leave school and was told if i leave i will never be allowed back. I was so scared my body went into a panic. I was not consoled nor helped, i was told that “tears don’t work for me” and had a door slammed on me. They completely dismissed my mental health issues and what i was going through at home. I held a door for a teacher once and when that teacher asked my name she said in a condescending way “oh your ______ your name gets brought up a lot in the staff room” This school made me feel inferior. I would be stopped in the hallway looked up and down by teachers to check my uniform was perfect. I had incorrect school shoes once (which were standard leather black shoes but not the right ones apparently) and had them taken and was made to walk in socks. I was already suffering a lot at home and school was supposed to be my safe place. I was still a kid. Not a bad kid either like i was made to feel. I was kind to people & tried hard. I just needed someone to care and help me through. No one did. I will never forget that horrible experience. I pray to god it has changed because the only thing that school taught me is to not trust anyone. Please don’t send your baby girl here, make sure you talk to students and meet teachers before you make that decision. These years are important ones & mold you into the person you become as an adult. The school is not fully to blame for my anxiety and mental health issues but they certainly didn’t make it easier and seemed like they enjoyed doing it. It’s emotional and psychological torture.
Former Student
Mar 4, 2021

SHC Sisterhood in review

It wasn’t a grea experience, there’s a decent amount of bullying, homophobia, transphobia and racism that only gets addressed when people get called out on it, the teachers will push you but then never really seem to care, idk I felt really isolated and my mental health was at an all time low so you do you but your experience at the school will be different depending on each person
Oct 27, 2020

nice school

enjoyed time here. very qualified teachers, great education and nice friendly people depending on who you stick around. definitely worth it, but is quite an expensive school, costing more than a lot of integrated schools. I don't believe its run down compared to a lot of other schools, there is definitely nice new facilties but some do absolutely need upgrading.
Former Student
Oct 26, 2020

The school was good

It wasn’t for me personally
Sep 29, 2020

It needs improvement

I think the school needs to do some improvements to be more inclusive but soo does every other school. Overall though great school, some really passionate teachers and safe learning environment. Canteens a little pricey tho. Still not keen on the racism but only room for improvement.
Sep 19, 2020

Do not send you daughter here

a terrible school. the teachers don’t even treat you like a person. they treat you like an object. the school always tells people they are inclusive but they do not put this into action. i moved schools this year and it was the best choice i ever made. moving schools made me realise that sacred heart college is a terrible school.
Aug 27, 2020

Don’t send your children here

Half the teachers are racist and most are fake. They care more about their image then the actual students. The head girl and deputy head girl are full of themselves and fake. If they don’t get their way then they start complaining even when they are in the wrong. Most people think we’re rich but we aren’t and the school is run down with most the sport/music equipment donated.

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