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Student · October 18, 2020
Student · October 18, 2020
Sure it's a good school and it would be great if the timetable didn't change every week leaving students all messed up and stressed.

bunch of bad kids at this school :)

Student · October 1, 2020
Student · October 1, 2020
they don’t expel kids for beating others up, it should be taken more seriously

Don't fall for the fancy environment

September 23, 2020
September 23, 2020
All other schools, except for Fairfield college would offer a better quality of high school experience in Hamilton.

+ Brand New Environment/Equipments

+ Good / Average sports team culture

- Busy teachers due to an imbalance in the number of teachers in each subject. (5+ PE teachers, 1 or 2 teachers in each science subjects)

- Extremely low academic/sports results

- No school policy for basic events

- No/Poor support
- No gate class available
- No leadership development opportunities

- Poor information delivery

- Poor/No school-wide culture
- No recongnitions
- No graduation event

- Poor student quality (Check local FB group for more info)

- Poor public reputation

Amazing. Wouldn't want to be going anywhere else.

Student · September 4, 2020
Student · September 4, 2020
Amazing school. Zoning is very strict so quite hard to get into. Almost all staff are amazing the school's approach to so many things is sensible but progressive. The way the school is designed makes ot genuinely student centered. Students have a clear voice and teachers will adjust to make the curriculim fit what they want to learn. Students are treated with trust and resposibility giving them a safe space to learn how to manage themselves and work independently as well as many other very important life skills which most schools comepletely skip over.
A couple bad teachers.

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