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Mar 10, 2024

Brownie pricing

Honestly I have to say that this school just sucks.........
Nov 29, 2023

It fine ig

Well this is a pretty good school but I would like to express my complaints.

Some teachers do NOT know how to grade their students.
Some of the cafeteria food is overprice (Like the brownie)
And some teachers can be really mean
Students are also real mean

otherwise its a good school
Former Student
Aug 14, 2023

running rat/mice

I was sitting doing my thing and the next thing I know the people in the class next to me were screaming because there was a mice/rat running around everywhere.
This makes me feel scared and anxious.
Feb 1, 2023

Sort out the classes

Good teachers, but can’t for the life of them sort out classes for their year 13s even though that’s the most important year. They have a wide range of sports but also don’t support the sports with less participation as much or at all
Former Student
Nov 25, 2022

a joke

year after year the school is drastically reformed. it strikes one as a continuous HR meeting followed by quickly placed formal change. teachers are rarely on the same page. nceas are nightmarish for any student wishing to achieve. you end with a sloppy transcript of here-there standards with no formal subjects taken from their foundations up.

the school is absolutely leisurely, and suited to a small amount of academically challenged students. i'm completely embarrassed about my transcript, though i was all excellences, i never had the opportunity to take 'subjects.' it was always a random assortment of standards, which made university prerequisites completely daunting.
Nov 24, 2022

this skl is bad

its ong terrible we get sent to detention aka restore for going bathroom nd filling up water bottles.
Aug 17, 2021

A hopefully honest review from a year 11

Rototuna senior has its ups and downs. There are certain things they are really good at handling and things not so much but doesn't every school? Yes, our school is very open planned and self-driven but if you don't like that style go to a more traditional school. Yes, the environment isn't always the best, but your relationships with some of your teachers are sometimes the best relationships you will ever make. That's why I believe calling our teachers by their first names yes it might be rude to some people or they might see it offensive but I feel in this time and generation it really shouldn't matter as long as we use their names appropriately. I know our school is still trying to find ways to tackle the vaping issue but every high school is trying to tackle that the best way they can. Most teachers strive to help and encourage students but yes as always like every other school there is a small amount that only care about helping the students who a thriving instead of giving extra support to the ones who need it.
Apr 30, 2021

Its just really not good

The system in this school is thoroughly destroyed, students keep going to the higher ups and telling them what we need,but they dont listen.none of us even take this school seriously anymore
Apr 29, 2021

bad time

Please do not make the mistake of coming to this school. As someone who has been to three different high schools, this is the worst. The school changes how its education system works every year, leaving the students to be guinea pigs to test a new system. Due to the different class system, you cannot choose your subjects as freely as you can in other schools. Sometimes you are required to sacrifice one class for another just to fit it in the timetable.

The teachers and the school are very unorganized and they don't seem to have good communication, as each teacher will tell you something completely different in regards to the same question.

In my opinion, this school also doesn't have a good environment for neurodivergent students. Since there are no classrooms, and everything is open plan, it can be very noisy and distracting. Each class is also 90 minutes long, which can be hard for students with autism or adhd as they can have trouble concentrating on one subject/task for an extended period of time.

The only good thing I can think of about this school is that they are quite supportive in regards to mental health and wellbeing.
Former Student
Mar 14, 2021

Do you want your kid to be a vaper at 13?

Everyone who goes here just vapes and posts memes about the school. No one takes this school seriously and it's no wonder me and my family switched to a more traditional school. Sad to see that these are the kids our future
Feb 19, 2021


Low Academic Standards

Don't fall for the modern environment. The school has low standards for its students, resulting in awful academic performance. The learning environment has resulted in a breeding ground for unmotivation.

During my time at RHS, there was no emphasis on academic achievement, nor any leadership opportunities. There's little to no direction, and students are often left to play on their phones.

The child led learning approach is delusional.

A few pro's:
-The modern environment
-A focus on health and wellbeing in the school.
-Team building.

Please don't make the mistake I did in coming. It'll lead to an academic dead end.
Feb 11, 2021

The system is broken

Good teachers, but The system has been throughly tested and is completely and utterly broken. The idea did not work, the ministry needs to find other guinea pigs to experiment on.
Oct 18, 2020


Sure it's a good school and it would be great if the timetable didn't change every week leaving students all messed up and stressed.
Oct 1, 2020

bunch of bad kids at this school :)

they don’t expel kids for beating others up, it should be taken more seriously
Sep 23, 2020

Don't fall for the fancy environment

All other schools, except for Fairfield college would offer a better quality of high school experience in Hamilton.

+ Brand New Environment/Equipments

+ Good / Average sports team culture

- Busy teachers due to an imbalance in the number of teachers in each subject. (5+ PE teachers, 1 or 2 teachers in each science subjects)

- Extremely low academic/sports results

- No school policy for basic events

- No/Poor support
- No gate class available
- No leadership development opportunities

- Poor information delivery

- Poor/No school-wide culture
- No recongnitions
- No graduation event

- Poor student quality (Check local FB group for more info)

- Poor public reputation
Sep 4, 2020

Amazing. Wouldn't want to be going anywhere else.

Amazing school. Zoning is very strict so quite hard to get into. Almost all staff are amazing the school's approach to so many things is sensible but progressive. The way the school is designed makes ot genuinely student centered. Students have a clear voice and teachers will adjust to make the curriculim fit what they want to learn. Students are treated with trust and resposibility giving them a safe space to learn how to manage themselves and work independently as well as many other very important life skills which most schools comepletely skip over.
A couple bad teachers.
Kimbrae Drive, 3281, Hamilton
Natasha Hemara
07 854 0541

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