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Jun 5, 2024

This school sucks 💀

This school sucks it needs to be better
I saw a teacher and a kid doing something that is highly inappropriate the teachers suck and it’s not a good school
Former Student
Feb 8, 2023

Mostly negative but some positive review

I had a racist interaction with a teacher during break while the principal ( Fraser Hill) & her were standing side by side. Me & my māori friends were called "a bunch of monkeys" & all we were doing was walking around. I stood up for me & my friends & confronted the teacher.. Infront of Fraser & I was shot down & was told not to speak back. Another incident that I was told were, A teacher who's been at that school for a while now has been touching girls inappropriately. He was caught by a friend of mine holding a girl from the back and lifting her up while holding her in a unprofessional way. He also held his hand on my friends thighs near her crotch.. so many more incidents that had happen but nothing being done about it. Aswell as we had made our own petition for everyone to sign to get him fired for these inappropriate activities he's done but unfortunately it was erased & declined. Nevertheless there are good at this school by all means. The subjects are great the way some of the teachers teach are great aswell & they can be very understanding to some students who can't do some work due to struggling to understand or just need more practice. Most cultural subjects aswell are great. They have alot of sports to choose from, music classes, science/social science etc just the subjects are awesome.
May 16, 2022

not a good school lmao

schools vv bad dont even bother coming, teachers are fake
May 16, 2022

bad school dont come.

this school is horrible, dont come here, the teachers are very very bad teachers, they always have an attitude and they the deputys of the school are ver diffrent to diffrent student. There is so many fights and they never listen, the kids vape, talk smack abt eachother, fight, there never is any work done.
Nov 2, 2020

It sucks

This school is unfair and has favourites all the teachers are fake and act like care which is bull shit they give open days and make the school look good it always smells like fucking ass restore is a waste of time they treat us like their guine pigs when they trial something we which always goes to shit

Hi Fraser Ik this is Anonymous but tara rushworth I think u know me but year 10 in the senior yea she wrote this
Oct 8, 2020

My experience as a year ten

the friends you make are great!
Aug 29, 2020

Different from other schools

This school has been a great place for me for the last 4 years. It has taught me independence, self management, individuality and many more things. There are 2 things about the school that I would change: the school is always changing the structure of the timetables/schedules. They have changed them every year in some way, shape or form. The second thing is that the teachers that are higher up (principals, learning leaders etc...) tend to choose who they think the best "leaders" of the school are. Most of these people are nice but the thing is when the teachers are gone, these so called "leaders" are mean and nasty to others who they believe are below them. It seems that the teachers encourage it rather than stop it from happening.
Aug 21, 2020

Hard to learn in

Rototuna is full of racist sexist teachers, the learning style is horrible (It’s practically impossible to learn in.) They have none to little support for students who are struggling, The only upside to Rototuna is it’s modern environment. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard to learn there
Kimbrae Drive, 3281, Hamilton
Fraser Hill
07 854 0541

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